Has anyone else been to see Dr Chapman?

I have just made an appointment to see Dr Chapman on Friday following another disastrous appointment with my GP yesterday whereby he basically told me to go away and suffer (after saying he's tempted to start my on Thyroxine then deciding not to).My FT4 = 11 and TSH = 1.49 which he states are within normal range.He refused to check my T3 levels and to listen to my symptoms stating that my weight and worrying about how I feel is what's making me ill! He also stated loads more rubbish, all of which he contradicted.I am shocked by the lack of knowledge and compassion in relation to thyroid problems. I have read many people on here saying that they have seen Dr Skinner and just wondered if anyone has seen Dr Chapman? I feel so nervous about my appointment probably because of the way that my GP has made me feel like a hypochondriac and am just looking for a little re-assurance I guess. Thanks.xxx

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  • Hayley

    Aren't we patients a nuisance to the docs? My last TSH was 2.5 (I think) but I'm normal except pains must be ME, tuf! - (sorry if I've whinged about that a few times - still miffed!)

    Thought I'd reply anyway 'cos I hate to see no-one has yet - haven't answered the question, or got a clue, but hey! Good luck on Friday - hugs, Jane x

  • Thanks Jane.Hope ur ok.Hugs to u too.xxx

  • I've not seen Dr Chapman but I'm sure Friday will be much better than your GP.. Think positive.. Take your test results and a list of symptoms, someone for moral suppost and possibly post on here the ranges that your blood test was taken to show just how narrowly you are "Just within Normal Range" ...how I hate that phrase Especially when you are feeling so poorly.. !!! Even the professor that set the "Normal Range" has stated publicly that he feel's we are being held too ridgidly and the range is a diagnostic tool for use with symptoms... Your not alone with the Ignorance and attitude of your GP I was once told by a new GP at my practice that I needed to take more "Me Time" away from the family, and that I perfectly normal. I then went to see my normal GP when he was back from holiday and he put up my med's which made an improvement!! so Smile and wish a plague of boils on your GP and see Dr Champman with hope for a good result. Perks

  • Thanks Perks. I am hoping to get a copy of my test results so will then post the ranges on here.Your message cheered me up, especially the part about the plague of boils! Thanks again.Take care.xxx

  • Hayley - well? thank crunchie it's Friday!

    perks - I'm wishing! - but knowing my luck 'tho it will backfire on me!


  • Hayley

    I would ask for thyroid anti bodies to be tested for. If you have Graves', Ord's or Hashimoto's it will be caught; other tests are then just guides and no more. I think your normal range tests are good news in that they mean some nasty secondary thyroid problems pituitary humours etc are unlikely.

    Not a Dr so can only offer benefit of my experiences during the six years from being told I probably had Ord's disease in the US when taken I'll on business to finally being diagnosed by the NHS!


    <b>Updated on Feb 6 2011 8:43AM:</b> IPhone turns tumour to humour, can only love Apple's optimistic outlook; something we all need to emulate.

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