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Anyone else been diagnosed hypo and not been?

So i got my endo appointment this morning saw doctors understudy first who wanted too test t4 level and for kushins disease sorry if i spelt it wrong. Then after a long wait saw actual endo who wants me on half dose levo for six weeks then tsh done if normal i just stop completely he seems too think i may have pregnancy related thyroid issue which may now be normal im confused ive been on levo for 2 years no gp has ever suggested this before i was actually told its for life. Also interesting fact he informed me is levo increases appetite and then weight explains 2 stone gain since starting. What i dont understand is ive not felt 100% since starting levo could that be because i never needed it?

Anyone else had similiar id love not too need meds for ever

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I'm not an expert, but I do read that thyroid problems after pregnancy can be short-lived. Sounds like very good news. I assume tests showed you don't have Hashi's antibodies?


Hi no the endo doctor only wants tsh done in six weeks no other tests and I was discharged no further appointments necessary seems too think gp can deal with all my care 😒


Have no tests been done ever for antibodies then? Your endo is no doubt right.... I am not questioning him/her - just that if there are no antibodies that surely makes it even more likely that you had transient hypo.

But if your Levo is reduced and your TSH returns to a healthy level, under two, and you feel fine - all will be well in the best of all possible worlds.


Thanks I have checked my blood test form and in six weeks I'm having antibodies test but not before meds reduction trial. Thing I don't understand my tsh is 2.57 according too Last blood test so surely that means 100mcg isn't working if nearer 1 is best I was expecting too leave with script for 125mcg . Not 50mcg


Sounds a bit as though your endo is talking through his backside, unless you have no symptoms at all. Cushings (very high cortisol) can cause weight gain and suppress thyroid function. can't see how stopping meds is going to help. Not everyone with hypo has antibodies

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I too think your endo is talking out of somewhere other than his mouth - or brain. His explication of why hypos gain weight is laughable! Levo never increased my appetite! And I was gaining huge amounts of weight before I started taking it - because I was hypo!!! But there are some people who will tie themselves in knots rather than accept that being hypo makes you put on weight - and it can be a hell of a lot of weight!!!

If you didn't need the 100 levo you were taking, your TSH would be suppressed, Not 2.57, which is still hypo. Some women do get temporary thyroiditis after the birth of a baby, but what grounds does the endo have for believing that that is your case? Think I would have asked him that. Still, if you half your Levo, you well soon see - and that in itself is ignorant. You shouldn't decrease more than 25 mcg at a time - 50 is too much, too much of a shock for the body.

I just hope your GP is more intelligent than your endo! But it's just as well your endo has discharged you, because you really Don't want to see him again!!!


Increased appetite is on the side effects list.


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