Colin dayan. Has anyone seen him please?

I was seeing Dr Gordon skinner but he has very sadly passed away. I am very sick and not doing well on armour but no one wants to know. My gp won't prescribe any more armour either. I'm desperate and Dr dayan has been mentioned to me but if he is just going to suggest levo like every other endo I've seen then I won't waste my time or his. I'd really appreciate feedback. Thanking you all in advance

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  • Nikki, there are posts about him in this link

    Sorry about there being forum posts previously and asking members to PM you but we are asked not to discuss doctors on the forum without their express permission.

  • Sorry clutter I didn't know that wasn't allowed. I did a search but it looks like most replies are pms. I'll keep looking. Thank you x

  • Nikki, you've done nothing wrong :) Hopefully you'll get some PMs in the next few days. You could Google Prof Colin Dayan as he's quite eminent. I believe he may prescribe T4+T3 but I don't think he prescribes NDT. You could check with his secretary before making an appointment.

  • Thank you. I really hope I can get some idea of whether it's worth seeing him or not. I gave done some googling but there is so much out there and it's hard to know where to start. Thank you for replying

  • Some people with Hashi's get worse on ndt..happenend to me.

  • Me too. Much better off with T3 only.

  • Hi, I've heard somewhere that ndt not always the best for Hashi' should it be a mix of T4 & T3 or just T3 ....sorry if being a bit dim just muddled about it. Any more info re same would be helpful.

    Thank you

  • NDT doesn't suit everybody - it didn't suit me! I put on over 20 kilos whilst taking 6 grains! But everybody is different, and just because one Hashi's person can't take it, doesn't mean none of them can. Lots of Hashi's people do well on NDT. Just be warned and don't feel a failure if it doesn't work for you (because I did! and it took me a long time to admit that it didn't work and change.).

  • Thanks loads.....Don't want to change and then feel even less well!

  • Yes, but, if you never try, you'll never know. This game is all about trial and error. I've tried it all : T4 only, T4+T3, all the brands of NDT, T3 only. So, now I know, T3 only is the only way for me. It's not going to do you any permenant harm, you can always change again if it doesn't suit you, but maybe it's just the thing for you.

  • Greygoose do you recall how long to feel difference on NDT? I've started on nature throid yesterday and a bit nervous. I was doing fine on t4+t3 better than my years on t4 only but I wanted to improve some symptoms so not sure for how long I should try.

  • Dépends what you mean by 'different', I just got slowly worse and worse. I really can't remember détails, it was a few years ago - like 8 years ago I started on Armour.

    But I don't think I made the transfer from T4+T3 to Armour very well. My doctor told me to start low whilst continuing the T4/T3 and increase the Armour every two weeks whilst decreasing the T4/T3. Well, that's rather vague for someone with brain fog. lol And I think I messed it up, because I started putting on weight straight away. My doctor said it wasn't possible! Pft. I just know that after our first consultation, going home on the train - full of joy because I thought I'd finally found 'the solution' - my knickers were falling down! But on the second consultation a few weeks later, those same knickers were cutting in at the waist! I told him so. Oh, yes, he said, you have put on weight! Pft!

    I think I might have been better off doing it cold turkey, so to speak, and that increasing every two weeks was too much. I don't know if that would have made any difference. I just wish that people wouldn't keep going on that NDT is the only way to go. It isn't.

    But it does work for a lot of people, and you might just be one of them. You have to try to find out. How long, you should insist if it isn't working, I don't really know, but I would say no longer than a year. That is giving it a fair trial, I would think. But should you start to feel really bad, don't wait that long, go back to your combo where you felt well. x

  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Yes the combo was very good if compared to Levo only but some symptoms won't subside. So fingers crossed nt will do it for me. I went cold turkey. Up to Thursday on combo Friday NDT so today was my third day. I will try and record temperature, weight and PMS. Fingers crossed

  • Fingers crossed for you, Brubru! :)

  • You have to try everything and give it all can take years. But you have to do it.

  • Yes, I'm realising that....there is no easy fix.....on we go. Thank you

  • I have been at it since 2011 and i have had breakdowns and depression and a loss of trust in the medical community, it has made me feel victimized and helpless and has really changed me, isolated me.

  • I completely understand.......

  • Thanks so much. I feel less alone after finding this support group.

  • grey..I don't know how many pounds, 20 kilos is, but i bet a lot!! On 6 grs? It made you swell..flared up your inflammation and flared up your Hashis!!! T3 was such a good move for you..the only way you could go, really. Maybe, over time you will feel better, because you are healing. How long have you been on t3 only now?

  • Oh several years, now, don't remember exactly. I'm feeling better and better, but it's not just down to the T3, it's also to do with addressing my nutritional deficiencies.

    A kilo is 2.2 pounds, 20 kilos is about 44 lbs. Somehow sounds less in pounds. lol 3 stone 2 lbs - if I can still remember my mental arithmatic!

    I think it must have been that it flared up my Hashi's, because I started adrenal treatment before I went onto Armour, and I was taking lots of iron. Don't know about the other things, but those two must have been good.

    What I really kick myself about now is that I persisted in taking the NDT when it was obvious that it wasn't working for me. But my doctor told me it was the best (he had Hashi's, and he took it), and everyone on the forums I frequented told me it was the only way to go. So... I followed the herd! lol When will I remember just to be myself...

  • How can the number 44, sound like less than 20? I think 44 is much more dramatic!!! LOL!!! I poisoned myself 3 x wasting over a year on desiccated because of sttm, saying you would not get well without it. I even raised when i had hyper symptoms, like they said to do and i was toxic!!! I will never forgive sttm, for the biased, bad advise. There is no mention that it could make you worse, by flaring up your Hashi's on the website and to take at your own risk.

  • lol No, I meant... don't know what I meant. lol Never mind.

    No, I'm not a fan of STTM, either, for all sorts of different reasons. But it's heresy to say that! lol I also think they advise people to raise too quickly. I think they are the militants of the thyroid world, and most of what they say should be taken with a large glass of water! There's a lot of knowledge there, but I don't think that everything they say is right. Plus, I don't like the fact that if you disagree with them, you can be thrown out of their forum. Not democratic!

  • That's helpful and encouraging.Do you mind me asking did you work it out yourself or with a sympathetic Endo?

  • Sympathetic Endo? Tee Hee Hee!!! is there such a beast?

  • Just be careful....this sea is full of piranha...LOL....

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