Has anyone been able to get through to Dr. Peatfield?

Desperately seeking Dr. P...I spoke to him about 4 weeks ago and he suggested lots of Genova Diagnostic tests which I have done, my results have been sent Dr. P but I can't get hold of him. I've been ringing for 16 days now, left messages and now the phone line is constantly engaged...has anyone else had contact with him? Is he OK? maybe an extended holiday? Thanks

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Is that the Dr P that someone said was in hospital a few days ago?

Yes, he's unwell and in hospital. I understand he has a secretary and if you leave a message on the answer phone she could get back to you. I expect many people are trying to get in touch. If the phone is constantly engaged maybe try ringing in the evening and leave a message???

Dr P is very ill in hospital

"very ill" - oh dear - does anyone know what is wrong?

I spoke to his secretary, he is home now and resting until he feels able to work. He will look at test results first and contact with results. I hope he gets better soon.

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