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T4 out - T3 in. Am I recovering?

I promised to let you know how I was getting on having started T3 (Triiodothyronine) only treatment for my Hypothyroidism.

My first blogs tell you how it all began almost two years ago. This site, you guys, Dr. Peatfield, Paul Robinson are my inspiration and support.

I have no official support yet from my GP (other than T4), but am now very keen to get an Endo in Sussex to help and guide me if I can. I don’t like the situation not having T3 treatment on my medical records. That is my next challenge!

This is my 10th week on T3 (Triiodothyronine ) only using Paul Robinsons CMT3 method.

Just to recap.

Was initially on T4 (Levothyroxine). Hypo symptoms got worse very quickly.

Dr. P. He got me back up and running by adding in Natural Thyroid Suppliments (NT) and Adrenal Support (NAX). I felt pretty good for almost a year.

After this first year I kept feeling Toxic, anxious, jittery, tight chested with breathing difficulties during the lightest of exercise. Further Bloods and Adrenal Tests ordered. GP Refused!

Adrenals were not so bad, cock eyed as to times of highs and lows but DHEA had dropped off the scale. Suffering with rt3 (High). That was in October 2012.

I stopped T4 and NT straight away. In November I stopped NAX. This was on Paul’s advice and went against Dr. P, he preferred me to stay on Adrenal support. I decided right or wrong, only time will tell to go with Paul to keep things simple.

On the 4th December I started on T3 Only. I was excited and scared all at once but not depressed!

Going cold turkey prior to taking the T3 I actually felt really good for a few weeks until the Hypo Symptoms of mostly tiredness, sleep issues, cold and low moods returned.

4th December 2012. Cytomel Arrives from Mexico.

I VERY nervously started my Mexican beans (T3) on the tiniest of doses 12.5mcg split into three.

My vitals at this time: Temps 95-96f, BP as low as 96/67, HR 50-59.

My doses were initially 4.30am, 11.00am and 4.00pm

The CM Dose 1 was not early enough or enough! I shifted this back as I get up at 6am most days. Paul’s advice to increase the CM dose had an impact on my sleep straight away. ?

He also had me take Basil and Zinc at 5pm to try and calm down my high Cortisol production at this time. I’m cockeyed!

If I don’t take both together I struggle to get to sleep.

Initially, every time I increased the dose by just 2.5mcgs I would get a mussy head, feel a bit hot and my HR would rise, but after a day or two this settled down. ?

Am I recovering? Yes I am. ? But its not bang on yet and its very early days. I have lots of questions to ask of you.

3rd February 2013.

Doses: 18.75mcg @ 3.00am; 11.25mcg @ 10.30am; 11.25 @ 3.30pm.

My vitals now: Temps as high as 98f mid morning but mostly high 97’s, BP 116/72 ish, HR high 70’s. ?

I did try a Dose 4 late evening but that clearly was not a good idea. I experienced high temps and high HR’s all day and then got the hot sweats and didn’t like being washed every few minutes so ditched that idea pretty quick. I was amazed at the impact this had during the day and don’t fully understand this! ? Maybe someone could explain this for me.

I do seem to get more headaches (migraines) using T3; I actually went quite a long time without migraines initially when I saw Dr. P. So that’s a minus at the moment.

I don’t like my HR going above 80 I feel out of control if this happens. So have been slow to increase any doses now.

But have my Hypo symptoms gone? Yes I am delighted to report that most of them have. ?

My brain functions, I can multi task, I no longer muddle my words and don’t forget so much. I feel happy and warmer! I wake most days’ refreshed, dry skin and Psoriasis has reduced, I have lost weight around my middle and definitely have more energy. I feel I have a metabolism back!

I no longer wake every two hours during the night needing to pee and in fact if I wasn’t taking that Dose 1 think I might sleep right through to 6am.

WARNING! I mostly don’t have any alcohol, but if I have even just one glass of wine or eat too late I wake at around 11pm and don’t get back to sleep. I don’t think T3 and alcohol mix well in my shell sadly! ?

What’s still not right? Not a lot just….

A sore tongue and ulcers still appears after busy days.

I still feel mussy headed often with neck tension. I have a mussy is-it now. But think it might be me needing that 10.30 Dose 2 earlier.

My temps crash if I do any bike rides or long walks and my HR struggle to come down afterwards.

I am getting the odd Adrenalin hot type flushes during the day.

Will I keep going? YES. Do I think T3 is for me? Yes I do. ?

I need some help now to decide what I should do to improve things still further and help sustain the good bits and get rid of those minor bad bits.

I do find this regime tricky but I read of others success and that spurs me on.

Thank you Thyroid UK and all in it and on it. Sorry it’s a bit long, the rest will be much shorter xx

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It is great when you feel that a new protocol is working. It does make a tremendous difference.


So glad to hear that things are improving with T3 only. I have never tried this protocol myself, so can't advise but do just wonder if your remaining symtpoms might clear up given a bit more time? As you say it is early days and your body needs time to repair itself.

I look forward to reading the next installment :) xx


Thanks CB and Shaws,

It is early days as you say and adjustments are on going. Just to confirm that. I wondered if the mussy head was maybe low T3 today having been for a bike ride yesterday. Resisted taking migraine tabs and after checking temps at 10 am and pulse they had dropped to 96.7f and 62 HR I took T3 1/2hr earlier today. Now 2 pm. Headaches gone so I'm off to watch our Lewes Ladies play football. Enjoy the rest of your day x


Yes I get a headache/strange feeling in my head if my T3 has dropped too low. Good luck to the Lewes ladies. I haven't been to Lewes for ages but remember the fantastic bonfire night celebrations there when I was a child :) xx


Lewes Ladies won 4-0. Excellent. Bonfire is still fantastic. We are lucky enough to live in full view of the main bonfire site. Always welcome to share our terrace any time. Stop overs available ??


Good progress so well done! Losing the brain fog is a terrific feeling isn't it, like a switch being flipped.

Be patient and hang in there.


Hi CG,

Yes your right it's not until you get your head back that you realise how bad it was before. Yep defienetly going to hang in there thank you. Going to increase CM dose tomorrow.

Hope all's well with you??


Slowly getting there. Still pushing the pedals but it's not getting any easier, boo!

Saying goodbye to brain fog has been a huge boost though.


Lets hope the pedals start responding soon. I was doing okay last year for a while but recovering after even a gentle ride never really happened. But hope hope. I did go for an 18 mile steady road ride 10 days ago and felt good on the bike and although my HR took a while to settle and Temps took a while to rise again the following days I didn't feel like I had flu coming. I'm hoping that means that the adrenals are slowly strengthening!


My temps are lower after I exercise, why is that, my husband's raise?

Nice to hear a positive story, I hope it continues.


I'm thinking that temps drop due to the extra strain I've put on the adrenals due to any activity.

Two months ago after a ride temp dropped to 91.7!

Last week slightly shorter but colder ride only dropped to 96.1.

I'm listing that as progress ??


Jacks - I have replied to your latest question in my old blog but fear that I forgot to use 'reply to this post' so you may not receive notification. Sorry!


okay I'll go look thanks


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