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Please read my blogg, need some firm reccomendations, nero, says Im depressed, mmmmmmm?

Can you believe it, I went to see a neuro today as my g.p sent me because of muscle pain, stabbing, and brainfogg. I had a basic exam, testing for reflexes, or any nero problems all normal. I was then ask a series of questions about my health. He felt that antidepressents would be helpful and it could be pyscosomatic, what the hell? as all my test to date have been normal, except being hyperthyroid, constipated, excessive eating, heart problems and a history long time ago for depression and anxiety.

He referred to me seeing a phychiatrist last year who said I had health anxiety, but I put him straight with a letter and the nero reffered to his conclusion argghhhhhhh.

sorry if this dont make sence, but I am fuming, wasted appointment arghhhhh I mentioned about my high cortisol and my blood test indicating high thyroglobulin, trebbled within the last year and fluctuating T S h, my swollen left hand and sometimes ankle swelling, he wasnt interested arghhhhh

this is a sick joke and i feel Im being peanalised for going private, the nero felt that these private test look for deseases when there aint any.

I told him me being hyperthyroid would cause these smptoms and I feel I have vitamin and mineral deficiences, basically its antidepressants or nothing, Im not bloody depressed anxious maybe, how dare he refere to my past. He went on to say I have had loads of test and I told him I didnt want anymore.

I am at G.P on friday as she wants to see me in regards to my blood test as secretory felt she wanted to see me to discuss them and I couldnt have a print out until I have seen doc.

why do I have to see the doce if my test are normal( well I dont no yet) tested again for hyperthyroid.

I am fed up to the teeth with all this, please please give me a direction, I am not depressed but could easly become.

fuming fuming fuming, sorry ( tears)

what do I do now, I hope he dosent indicate its phsycosomatic, when My bloods indicate low iron, hyperthyroid, high thyroglobulin, PTH imbalance and perimenapause surely he dosent think I am diddling the results.( joking)

my bones muscles pain and its all depression.

kindest merissa

one upset p off patient who has hit a cross roads. xxxx

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I can quite understand your anger especially when you are going to someone whom you think will solve the health problem and make you better.

I also was sent to a neurologist for my aches/joint pains but I was given the all clear.

I am hypothyroid and eventually I changed my medication and am fine now.

Someone who is hyperthyroid will respond to your question and give better advice then I can.

This is a link re hyperthyroidism

If you haven't already had your Vit B12 or Vit D tested ask for these to be done. I believe antibodies are also tested to see if you are hyper.

When you get the results of your blood test post them on another post (including the ranges) and people will respond.

It is amazing we have sometimes to fight tooth and nail against the people who are supposed to know how to resolve our ill-health.


Merissa, I understand exactly how you feel. There is such a lack of knowledge in the medical profession - I'm tempted to say 'nowadays', but has it ever been any better? I don't know.

Thing is, endos don't know anything about symptoms of thyroid problems, so you can't really expect a neuro to know, it's not his field - or so he thinks!

I went to a neuro once and she had no idea that low thyroid could have caused my peripheral neuropathy. My gyny didn't know there was a connection between weight gain, fibroids, heavy periods and thyroid. The ENT specialists I have seen made no connection between tinnitus, dizzy spells, sore throats, coughing, losing voice, lose of hearing, lumps in the throat and thyroid. They all just said there was nothing wrong with me. But there was. It was my thyroid. I have Hashi's.

I do hope you one day find someone who recognises all your symptoms for what they are, but in the meantime, know that you are not alone.

Hugs, Grey


Thanks ladies, its a disgrace, I have all the evidence and still no joy, lets hope my blood test show abnormal on Friday. If not then my own referrals will be a option for me and I will bin the NHS.

battle ahead with g.p on Friday, maybe she will tell my my thyroid is normal. thyroglobulin antibodies keep climbing up, what stage do we get treatment?

rant over xxx love to all


Merissa, I don't think the NHS treats on antibody results. They don't consider them to be important. Fools! I think most GPs will only treat when TSH hits 10, because they consider that the TSH tells all. Sigh.

You're right, it is a disgrace. Lots of luck on Friday, Grey x


I am new to the site and after reading so much on here I'm a little confused. I am 14 TSH and my GP seemed to think that wasnt too bad! She only ever talks about TSH never any other test results (what is T3?) even though I can see a screen full of results and when I tried to look, she turned the screen away. So you say they will only treat when TSH hits 10 - for antibodies - what is this test please? Dont know anything about antibodies. Thanks.


So Your TSH is 14? Well, if your doctor thinks that is ok then you need to change your doctor because it definately isn't ok.

Yes, she only talks about TSH because she obviously knows nothing about thyroid. TSH is a pituitary hormone that is secreted to stimulate the thyroid to make thyroid hormone. The higher it is, the less well your thyroid is working. However, it should only be used in conjunction with the actual thyroid hormone tests, which are FT4 and FT3; and in conjunction with symptoms.

I am not a doctor but to me a TSH of 14 is hypo.

No I didn't say they will only treat when TSH hits 10 for antibodies. TSH is one test, thyroglubulin antibodies are another test and should be done to see if you have autoimmune thyroiditis - Hashimoto's disease.

So the tests your dumb doc should be doing are : TSH, FT4 (in an ideal world she would also do FT3 but this world is far from ideal!), and antibodies. Plus iron, B12 and vitmain D. If she says these aren't necessary, then I'm afraid a new doctor is very necessary!

As for her turning the screen away when you tried to look, tell her that you are entitled by law to a copy of your test results and you would like a printout, please!

Hope this is understandable, but if it isn't, please don't hesitate to ask more questions.

Lots of luck, Grey


I think they are possibly worse, in that there is so much for them to know that they have totally lost sight of the bigger picture and they are over specialised and of course the various specialties never speak to each other.


Grey, I do think "nowadays" have made monumental changes. Seventy years ago, our food was nutritious without artificial ingredients. Our bread was made with iodine instead of bromide and we would have been prescribed natural desiccated thyroid instead of lab made T4. I think doctors were not so greedy back then either.


Not so greedy, perhaps, but where they any more knowledgable? For fiftly five years, all those I saw failed to pick up on my thyroid problems prefering to give me anti-depressives, diet pills and recommend a trip to psy. Not much changed there! lol


Hi Merissa - sorry it didn't go well. The first time I saw my endo he told me there was nothing wrong with my thyroid and my problens were all being caused by health anxiety. My GP referred me to a counsellor who lent me a book on health anxiety and told me to stop looking on the internet (this was soon after I had found this site). Fortunately I came to my senses, stopped seeing the cousellor and found my way back to this site. Six months later the endo had to admit that it was my thyroid after all and not health anxiety (TSH was 59.0 by this time) - I felt so relieved that I was finally taken seriously by him. I would love to see the counsellor to let her know that she was wrong too...

Anyway - sorry I got a bit carried away then. How are your latest blood tests looking - has your fT4 come down yet?

Clare xxxx


Aww you poor thing, its not good is it, My private Endo lovely man, sent g,p letter and asked to do some bloods to check thyroglobulin antibody and another indicater of being hyper, I phones surgery very anxious indeed and asked was they normal, I was told they can not give me that imformation and g.p will discusss the results, what I ask, they usually tell me.

totally crap, in it, glad you are sorted, when i have more evidence, they are all having a letter, they are playing with my health, any way he is not a specialist in thyroid, not sure why my g,p sent me. Get results friday, other than that I may ring the surgery and ask if they are normal or not, so I dont have to go to see my g.p to be told normalllll.

in terms of internet, dosent everybody look at the internet including gp.s. I wouldnt mind Clarebear, but my right hand is swelled and its visual.

The diagnoses I have had to date are IBS, reflux, fybromyalgia, abnormal heart rthm, fluid around the heart, perimenapause, low iron, elevated colestrol, fluctuating TSH, high thyroglobulin, multinodular goitre, tinitus, weight gain/ loss, high cortisol all day, abnormal thyroid results( hyper) crazy PTH teeth and gum problems, lowish b12 low and high blood pressure. Where in my results have I had a muscle and bone evaluation, arghhh how dare he bring up my past, so much for my g.p.

sorry hunny, needed to express my health anxieties.


love. xxxx

surely this isnt health anxiety, maybe I should send this to my g.p arghhhhhhhhhhh


Hey hit the wrong button lol xxx


Hi Merissa - I really hope that they do get to the bottom of things for you soon. I can't believe what a relief it was when I was finally believed despite feeling very ill at the time.

Please post your results on here when you get them.

Clare xxxx


" I would love to see the counsellor to let her know that she was wrong too..."

I would actually send her a letter. These people are dangerous. They attribute all sorts of psychological explanations to physical symptoms. I used to see a proper psychotherapist and she told me that the human mind could do some very interesting things, but it could not invent an illness. However worked up people got about their symptoms, there was always a physical cause. For example, recently I read somewhere about cortisol (can't remember whether it was high or low) being implicated in cases of depression, which of course would be why many hypos get depressed.


will do hunny, thanks for all your support.



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