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sorry to sound anxious, but Im at the surgery tomorrow eve and I need interpretation of test results please?

I feel really guilty keep asking questions and I feel really dumb, that i can not understand my test results? I have gone to great lenghs to help myself and I have taken everybodies advice and taken action and I am still being fobbed off.

As I am seeing my G.P tomorrow could somebody look at my test results on the question page and give me a insight please, Clarebear has responded ( thanks).

I am asking g.p to refere me to Dr S, but would like to give her my reasons and show her that I am deficiant in iron and b12 and anything else.

what a journey, feel so sorry for the lovely people that are struggling and searching for answers, it saddens me greatly.

without you lot, I think I wud of been sectioned, as at times I think im going mad. My lovely children keep me strong.

As some of you are aware its been a sad wk for me and to top it all G.P just keeps me dangling on a string, at least she is acknowledging there is a issue.

Thanks to all for you support.


Merissa xx

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Hello Merissa,

Please don't feel anxious about seeing the GP. Keep reminding yourself that she is there to serve you and you need a positive response from her. I'm afraid I couldn't find the page with your test results, but you might find these 2 pages from the main Thyroid UK website helpful.

The first one is suggestions about what to do when you visit the GP

The second explains the test results

Would you be able to take someone with you to the appointment? Moral support can be very helpful. Make sure that person knows what you want from the appointment too.

Make a list of what is still wrong and put down as much as you can think of to tell the GP. Some doctors don't like lists, but stand your ground and don't let her usher you out of her office until you've told her everything and get some sort of satisfaction - in your case, a referral.

It is important to try to stay calm and polite, however frustrated you feel - I know that part is very hard.

Don't dwell on the fact that your friend has just died however sad you are (and I know you've had a rough week), as the GP may latch on to that as the cause of your visit, and put your illness down to depression. Put it to one side if you can and think only of yourself. Don't feel guilty about doing that either - your friend would understand.

I wish you luck tomorrow. I hope things go well. Please let us know.

Jane x


Cant add anymore than the excellent advice already given by Jane but just wanted to wish you all the very best for tomorrow.

Moggie x


Hello Merissa

It's one helluva journey for most thyroidians. Many years ago I saw Dr Peatfield and from then on was on the road to health. I found GPs to be unehelpful and ignorant of thyroid problems. A Dr Honeyman from the US is really great at helping thyroidians recover too. It will take time to get well Merissa. Read a website called Stop The Thyroid Madness or Thyroid About (Mary Shoman) they both have excellent information and advice too. Good Luck Merissa. Eve x


Can't add much to what has already been said, just wanted to wish you well. Don't give up, the wretched thyroid goes through phases and sometimes drives you bonkers.

Good luck with that appointment and try to be assertive, keep asking questions on here it helps to know you are not alone.




Please don't feel guilty about asking questions ever! When someone is suffering with whatever illness, the only way to cope is to learn as much as they can about it, and we learn by asking questions lol! With the best will in the world, a GP has limited knowledge about a vast range of things and thyroid illnesses are so complicated that we need to be able to tell them rather than the other way round.... So ask away as often as you need to, and one day you may be able to help someone else that's at the stage you are now. Cx


Just wanted to say hi and I understand, I've similar gp problem, and I now keep putting off going as I can't take being fobbed off anymore. I'm trying muster up courage to try again, bit tearful now so I'm not going at mo to be put down as depression.

All the best with ur appointment, and thanks to the people on here. X


Hi twinks, sorry youre sounding so aweful, I had a go at my g.p in a positive manner and she opologised and admitted she aint got a clue. I was like you I wouldnt go back until I had private evidence to support my case, it was intermated to me it was depression and I was so angry!!!! the problem is there seems to be a disparacy about nhs test and private, I use private test because nhs test wont order what I want arghhhhhhhh. I have days of crying and thinking there is no end and other days i feel confident to tackle the situation again. Tell your g.p that your depressed as the route cause of your smptoms are not being adressed? My husband comes with me now for backing. hope you fine a way forward I am sure we all will. Thank you for your comment.

love to all who have answered my post.



If your dr admits to not having a clue about thyroid why won't she refer you to dr Skinner? afraid that someone else would get you better? Keep pushing .

Jo xx


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