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Thyro-Gold a non-prescription dessicated thyroid product

I have been reading about the above product formulated by Dr Lowe and his team. 'Freedom for the victims of T4 replacement". It is an 'over-the-counter' product.

At the bottom right-hand of the page there are Questions and Answers to click on and see what people have already asked and you can also ask a question of your own.

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Is it worth trying this, where can you get it, boots?


Im not sure where you buy it, is it like nutri thyroid that Dr P advises some people to try? although he does say that its ok if you have a mild problem but maybe not strong enough depending on how bad your thyroid problem is.

best wishes angie xxxxx


It may be called over-the-counter but that is its legal status in the USA, not literally where it is sold - and certainly not its practical source in the UK.

I think that link is the only source for it. They do offer to ship to the UK but be warned, as the cost is over £18 you are likely to find yourself charged VAT on the cost plus a charge for collecting that of somewhere towards £10 per parcel.



As Helvella states, this product would have to be ordered from Thyroid Science in the USA. Nutri Thyroid contains 130mg per capsule of thyroid powder and Thyro-Gold contains 300mg per capsule. The following is a question and answer similar to Angel54's.


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