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Blood test results

On the advice of this forum I finally managed to get my gp to let me have blood tests. I had the whole lot, tsh, t3, t4, b12, iron studies, eSr, rheumatoid, fbc. The gp agreed reluctantly but I think because I am a nurse he decided to humour me. I rang today and a chirpy cheerful receptionist stated 'oh good, everything is normal!!' Er... no love, everything is not normal. I have requested a printout and will collect it tomorrow and will post it for you guys. I too, have started to try exercise again, I play for a netball team which I love but have not played a match for months as feel I am letting the team down. I also used to run regularly. I did a gentle run today and now am collapsed on sofa with leg pain! Also, I have tried to lose weight, had an alcohol free month and no chocolate or crisps and I have put on 2lb! I have a n appt with gp on Monday but I know where this is heading. Him telling me I need Prozac! Does anybody know anything about probiotics? Someone has recommended I try them, the opt Inca range.? She knows someone with m.e. who swears by them.? Will post results tomorrow.

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Hi nursey. When you post your blood test results tomorrow people will be able to reply more fully. I hope he doesn't prescribe Prozac but ensures you have a high enough dose of levothyroxine to have a low or suppressed TSH.

This is a link re weight gain:-


Hi. Well done with the GP! Do you know that on treatment the T4 should be in top two thirds and Free T3 ,usually near the top? It will be interesting for you to see if it is still"normal",!

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I do think probiotics are a good idea. Most of us have bad flora from processed foods and sugar which feeds bad bacteria. Nystatin will kill candida but needs a prescription and is safe.

I've tried several kinds and feel they helped rid me of rosacea.


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