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Concerned about my lump

Hi all ,Ive just had a blood test come back indicating that i have hyperthyroidism ,i also have a lump on my thoat , i have a consultants appointment this Thurs , However since yesterday ive developed a cough and a hoarsness in my voice this a common symptom ? ... my lump seems to have grown bigger too abit worried ..thanks for reading this Mandy

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My motto, never worry until there is something to worry about (not that I often live by this!)

relax and await your results, I know that's easy to say but if there was any cause for immediate concern your gp would have taken steps to hurry things along :)


You must have an unusually good GP moodymoocow if you have that much confidence in them!


My gp if anything is usually very much on the ball (in fact several in the surgery are). The only problem with continuity of care that I have had is when I get a gp who doesn't know me and works purely on figures (or not as the last one tried upping my dose without having my bloods done) lol


it is very common and not normally significant., thyroid probably enlarged with or without nodules. You will have an ultra sound and then likely a needle biopsy. It will just be a precaution , these are very common symptoms but best to make sure.

Best wishes,



Thank you for all your advice .. Not long to go until my appointment now


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