Hi, I've done some reading into nodules and goitre and I can feel a small lump on the right hand side of my neck. At first I thought it was a lymph node but when I felt on the left hand side there is no lump there. I have trouble swallowing at times and the only thing that comes up when I do a Google search is "ectopic thyroid tissue" or that my thyroid hasn't formed properly. Does that sound odd even though I have Hashimotos? I've been taking my T4 meds (75mcg) as directed by my doctor so I don't know what's going on. Can anyone advise?

Thank you :)

Latest thyroid test:

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone - 0.62 (0.2-4.2)

Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies - 245 (<34)

Anti-Thyroglobulin antibodies - 99 (0-115)

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  • Ella, When Hashimoto's attacks the thyroid gland it can cause it to swell. It may be a swollen gland or nodule that you're feeling but lumps shouldn't be ignored and you should ask your GP to palpate (examine) your throat and neck to check it out and if s/he detects swelling to refer you for an ultrasound scan to examine your thyroid gland.

  • Thank you. I spoke to the GP about this recently and they didn't examine me at all.

  • You shouldn't have to ask, Ella, but do ask anyway.

  • Ok. I thought it would be obvious to a doctor to examine my neck when I mention words like "lump" but it got lost in translation somewhere. I'm worried that if the doctor doesn't find anything then the chances of me getting an ultrasound ordered are pretty slim.

  • Ella, if the doctor doesn't detect a lump or swelling there's no need for an ultrasound scan.

  • I'll call the doctor tomorrow and see what they say. The lump is not on the other side of the neck and it's painful so I'll definitely be letting them know l

  • My previous GP insisted I came to the surgery so she could "have a prod". Don't worry about it Ella, it's common for one side only to be swollen or have a nodule, but it should be checked. Take a painkiller if it's very sore.

  • Thanks, will do. :) I have an appointment with the GP this morning for them to take a look.

  • GP found the lump. She thinks it's either a sprained muscle or acid reflux as I mentioned difficulty swallowing. She did not suspect a thyroid issue because the lump is not attached to the thyroid itself. She has given me Omeprazole for the suspected reflux and more painkillers (the one I took actually helped) for me to take.

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