Lump under jaw not near thyroid anyone??

Hi ive discovered a soft fatty like lump under my jaw line by muscle. It is movable and has fatty type feel to it. i have ultrasound booked for my thyroid on saturday morning at 9.15 and they are going to scan lump too. im getting really nervous as to what this is i cant stop worrying. im wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this? I have underactive thyroid am on 50mcg levo thanks in advance x

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hi i have this too. btu so far when I have been to my gp about it they only feel the sides of my neck despite me tellign them the lump is under my jaw.hope to get a scan done myself .not yet diagnosed a s gp only going on TSH,and still not considering symptoms

I recently had a private ultrasound scan of my thyroid. They then sent me a report and pictures. I googled on line for scan pictures of thyroid so that I could compare mine(it is very atrophied- I have antibodies) One of the on line pics showed how thyroid tissue had moved along the neck towards the sublingual area!! Interesting. I also read somewhere that thyroid tissue can be found towards the sternum(breast bone) In neither case was the tissue malignant. It is only natural to worry, at least you haven't long to wait. I am sure you will be fine, best wishes

I find this interesting,i have had areas of what I can only describe as fatty areas around my neck and upper chest area and my gp said he had no idea what they were.

Thanks for replying, mine is by that gland i think ?! Will find out tomorrow morning im glad i have appointment first thing will post results x

await with interest, don't forget to ask for pictures and report!

Rod posted this link, which I found very helpful. You can see that the thyroid grows up toward the jaw, so if it's inflamed it looks like it could be felt quite near the jaw.

Update; had scan this morning my thyroid shows 2 small nodules and enlargement and also a lump on other side of neck which i cant feel. The lump under jaw is between wind pipe and neck muscle. Its enlarged lymph node apparently most people on thyroid medication have enlarged and inflamed nodes and thankfully nothing looked sinister so in happy and not so afraid of results from gp. Thanks to everyone who commented x

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