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I had half my Thyroid (Left) removed in Oct 2014. Having visited the Dr today I now have a lump on the remaining half. I was given no medication after the operation as they said my thyroid function was fine. However I now have a lump. Does this not mean that the half left is struggling to keep up with its work and that is why I now have another lump. Surely medication would of stopped this.


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Welcome to the forum, Dam1964. I've reposted this as the site wasn't registering replies to your question. Apologies if you receive it twice.

Normal is a broad range and if your TSH is high in range it indicates your remaining thyroid is struggling. Ask your GP receptionist or practice manager for a printout of your results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) and post them in a new question for comment.

Your GP should arrange an ultrasound scan to note the condition of your thyroid lobe and see whether a nodule or cyst is causing the lump.

One thyroid lobe will often produce sufficient thyroid hormone. If your thyroid levels have been normal since your hemilobectomy it's unlikely your new lump is due to underactive thyroid. Thyroid hormone replacement wouldn't have prevented a nodule or cyst developing.

Goitre can develop for a number of reasons but sometimes there doesn't seem to be any particular reason and thyroid levels may be euthyroid (normal).



Thank you for your info....


Hi dam1964,

I'm definitely not an expert in this area but what I have learnt in the last 10mths with my own issues is that there is no thyroid test that can tell you everything is working 100%.

Just because you have a lump it doesn't always mean that your Thyroid is defective and medications don't stop the lumps from appearing it just makes up for the shortfalls of hormone production by the remaining Thyroid.

I had my left Thyroid removed in February and I haven't had any issues yet as the right side has picked up the slack (so far, so good).


Hi thank you for your info.. Just my luck to get another lump...grrr!


Hi Dam1964,

I had the same, left side thyroid removed 2013 because of a cancerous cyst, No medication because all was fine. The specialist found lumps on the right side and in my case, I had an aspiration biopsy done, these were just nodules, nothing to worry about and I'm being monitored. IMO if yu're really worried ask your Dr/Specialist if you can have an "aspiration" done. I know its a silly thing to say but try not to worry to much :-)


Thank you ..


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