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Travel Vaccinations - Autoimmune HypoT - Can I have them?

I'm gutted after reading that article about the flu jab and the possible debilitating autoimmune response reaction by some autoimmune hypoT sufferers.

My kids are just off my hands and my husband and I want to see the world but now I'm thinking it might not be wise for me to have all the jabs - and I'd need them all. Also what about the 10 year jabs like tetanus, polio, dip etc Will there be side effects for us with those. Last time I had a tetanus jab I wasn't hypoT. I don't think the GP will know anything about this or be able to advise me. He can't hardly manage to understand the symptoms for hypothyroidism as it is.

So, has anyone who is hypoT out there had travel vaccinations and if so what effect did they have on you? :-)

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I have had travel vaccinations including rabies, hep B, typhoid, yellow fever and probably others and can't remember having any side effects at all. I do remember feeling anxious about having them done though but so glad I did because seeing the world is a brilliant tonic in itself!


That's good to know. Yes I agree, travel is a tonic in itself. Last time we went away to a warm place it had a long lasting good effect all round on my hypo. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the post. I hoping to go to China in May so need all of the above, it never crossed my mind that there may be side effects


Hi all, My husband and I travel extensively with our work and I have not had a jab for thirty years (or a booster) and actually I am pretty certain that he hasn`t either. In the services it used to be hair cuts on Tuesdays and vaccinations on Thursdays and he has rebelled a bit since Gulf War syndrome. Vaccinations are usually recommended, but there are many that are not essential. Obviously it is important to follow guidelines about malaria and such. Our son who travels to Africa all the time is right up to date with all his vaccinations and takes malaria tablets as that is just common sense, but he travels well away from tourist destinations so it is wise to vaccinate if you intend to do that.

Since I have been hypo, we have travelled to Hong Kong, Israel, Vancouver, Dubai, Oman, Kuala Lumpur, all over Europe as far as Bulgaria and Turkey, South Africa (where surprisingly there were no essential ones) and we are just about to go to the Philippines where again there are recommendations but none are essential, except the yellow fever if travelling from prevalent area) I have also never had a flu jab as my mother (also hypo) had a dreadful reaction to one, preferring to try and keep my immunity as strong as I possibly can.

It is an individual call, but personally I would always choose if possible to go where there are no requirements for essential jabs and just be sensible about where you eat and drink and what you do.



I recently had to have the entire batch of childhood immunizations done (again) plus the flu jab...I had to have them done for visa requirements.

Do I feel any worse? Not really.

Please don't let this condition rule your life...I know how awful it can be but it's a tonic in itself to be out in the sunshine...Go have an adventure.



I have always had all the jabs, as a seasoned traveller. I won't be having any in the future, including the flu jab :(

Enjoy, wish I was coming!


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