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Another Dr Skinner/Peatfield style case

Copy from my local newspaper yesterdayt 11/01/13

The case of a doctor who set up a cancer support charity but was banned from prescribing drugs outside of the NHS after a complaint was made against him, will be reviewed on Monday.


A General Medical Council (GMC) investigation was launched after an oncologist at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital made a complaint against Henry Mannings, who runs the Star Throwers charity in Wymondham.

Since then more than 2,600 people have signed a petition against the decision and the charity hopes that a second panel, due to hear the case at the GMC headquarters in Manchester on Monday, will reverse the restrictions.

An Interim Orders Panel late last year imposed conditions on Dr Mannings, who is NHS-registered, while the GMC looks into the allegation that he gave chemotherapy to two patients without authorisation.

Star Throwers remains open and continues to offer holistic therapies and one-to-one support and advice. However, Dr Mannings has been banned from prescribing drugs outside of the NHS, which has restricted his work at the cancer support centre in Melton Road, Wymondham.

See tomorrow’s paper for more.

A TV interview showed 1 patient pointing out he was doing 0.K. 7 months after being told nothing could be done. I believe he had been treated by Dr. Mannings

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Good doctors who are trying their best to relieve patients suffering are usually prosecuted due to complaint by a colleague, not by the patients or their families. I wonder if the patient who was doing o.k. had the treatment withdrawn.

This is a link, in which you will see that after the Shipman enquiry some recommendations were not implemented. Another doctor admitted 154 charges and about 94 patients died in her care and the court case(of 10 patients) found that 3 deaths were attributed to her but was still allowed to practice. Her brother was actually on the GMC panel but did not disclose she was his sister. One other doctor's patient was give three times the amount of drug Dr Shipman used.


This will probably turn out to be a case of medical professional jealousy... I sent him a message a few weeks back when I first saw it on my local bbc news and sent him the details of a number of medical journalists who help behind the scenes with cases like this.

Mary F


You can read a copy of the transcript here:

Interestingly it gives the complainant's name and


He was supported by a number of professionals one being Professor Dalgliesh who is an eminent doctor supporting and researching on vaccines for Cancer. The Professor was willing to help my husband when he was dumped by the NHS after their late diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Sadly his offer came too late. He was the only person that demonstrated compassion. He speaks very highly of Dr Mannings to the GMC and yet they still imposed conditions.

In some ways this GMC action against Dr Mannings has an even more profound effect because time is so short for these patients and their families. Now, those that had planned appointment and continuing treatment have lost their last hope of a lifeline.

The description by the complainant of what NHS protocols for chemotherapy this doctor is supposed to have breached is laughable if it wasn't so tragic - the ' services' my husband got don't resemble his rosy coloured view of cancer care he says is standard.

God help us all - this has made my blood boil.

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Hi editfmrt how do you find links of transcripts? Have searched GMC site but couldn't find any


Thanks ellarose, my question was not well put, it was for a general query for links, not for a specific one.


It seems the GMC don't always post the transcripts but in this case I did a google search with the words 'Dr Henry Mannings, GMC transcript' and one search result took me to others where I came across the link .

The good news is they have granted him an early review:


Thank you for that there is a local interested in.

Now I will have another go.


I started to read the transcript and thought would probably tire of it after a while, but no! I was transfixed.

It boiled down to this bloody oncologist who made great declarations about Dr.X, and how his (the oncologists)colleagues were all devastatingly worried about the situation regarding this Dr. when, in fact, most of them, if not all, were fully in favour of what this very caring and well qualified doctor was doing. Then went on to accuse him of using chemotherapy when the low doses were the same as that given to people with other problems and not considered chemotherapy at all. The lawyer was weighed down with support for Dr X from patients and doctors and consultants alike.

What makes me boil is that this twit can say what he likes without having to stand up in front of the same panel that Dr X had to face and prove what HE said was true.

It was professional reeks of it. Nothing to do with the care of patients because all Dr X ever does ( for free) is care for patients who have been chucked out of the NHS and told " you are dying, nothing else we can do for you."

I'm fuming and want to DO something and can't! Just imagine how Dr X and all his patients feel?

Even worse...this twit is in Norfolk so now I feel a bit responsible for the idiot!

Perhaps a card written to " The callous consultant XXXXXX of Oncolgy"

"Hope you are feeling good about yourself because no one else is!"

from an admirer of Dr X.

Childish I know, and will probably wear off as I try to wait 24 hours before I act when I lose it!

I'm sure it would make me feel better though.

Someone be sensible and calm me down please.

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I will write that letter for you anytime you like.

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Thanks Digby...I hadn't realised you had seen this. Have emailed you.


Do you know what - I was ranting about this for hours and my anger was so great I planned to send him the nastiest letter I could possibly think of.....

....then I saw the very restrained response from his team:

and decided to put on my sensible hat: attacking idiots like that too hard could actually be counter productive and swell support and sympathy for the wrong person.It might even make the GMC dig their heels in if they get to hear of attacks. Also people like him usually have inflated ego's that would mean it would be either chucked in the bin or laughed at.

Although it goes against my natural inclinations, i decided it was better to rise above it and not be a clone of his evil nasty nature. Instead, i sent letters of support for the review hearing and completed the petition.

I just have contempt for the likes of him.

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Can I now sue the NNUH for treating my RA with chemo therapy drug Methotrexate?


Delete "treating" it made me sick and did nothing for the RA.


OOOOH I do wish you could. They would probably tell you it's not chemotherapy...which it isn't but in DrX case it is! If you go to page 9 paragraph E it explains it all. Was going to copy and paste but there are names and wouldn't be allowed on here.


I believe you can copy and paste what is in the public domain, perhaps ADMIN can clarify.


Yeah, providing the material is already available to all you can copy and paste it.




How sad this all is.

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