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New Date for Dr Skinner's IOP

New Date for Dr Skinner's IOP

Dr Skinner's IOP that was to have taken place on 18th April has now be rescheduled for Friday 26th April due to Dr Skinner's request for a postponement.

Just to remind you....

His next IOP is to be held at the General Medical Council, St James’s Building 79 Oxford Street, Manchester

As before, your previous testimonials for Dr. Skinner can't be used for this hearing, so it would be really helpful if everyone could write letters of support for Dr Skinner to:

IOP Panel,

c/o Mrs Elisa Summerfield,

General Medical Council,

3 Hardman Street,

Manchester M3 3AW.


Please quote: Case number ES/C1-462487326.

Please also send a copy to Dr Skinner at 22 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8BE or to

The hearing is public so anyone can attend. If you can attend, it will be helpful to Dr Skinner.

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I will be going to this one.



Hi Lyn,

How Dr Skinner survives all this hounding I do not know. I feel so dreadfully sorry for him.

All he is doing is examining patients and treating them until their symptoms improve. Wouldn't it be great if GP's did this...?

I did write to Ms Summerfield last time when I wasn't even Dr Skinner's patient, now I am, I think I can do a really good job of the letter.

I will of course get a standard, off the peg reply :-(



I have just sent in my letter

I also told them my GP refused to prescribe the treatment recommended to me by Dr Skinner and then when I saw an NHS endo he asked my GP to prescribe EXACTLY the same as Dr S asked and GP prescribed, I then said 'how sad is this???'


Love it! :-)


I'm not a patient of Dr S, he's only trying to help us as were being failed care by own gp consultants. They should be praising not hounding him.

All the best for 26th Dr S

Good letter nbd


i to am not a patient of dr skinner,i intend to be in the future. have sent a letter of support to him also e mail to afshan etc.all this man tries to do is help us < thyroid negelected folk>. which is more than i can say for gps and endos in general. brenda

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Does anyone know how it went as I have not seen any posts? I hope no news is not bad news


There's a thread here


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