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What tests should I ask for?

Been on Thyroxine for 20 years. Doc reduced dose in August and I have had lots of trouble since. Fibromyalgia got worse, gained weight and am now having problems with my hands - very stiff and painful. Going to see Doctor next week and I want to know what blood tests I should ask for apart from T4 and T3. Should I get b12 and iron levels checked too? Any hormone tests (I am 55 and still menstruating but not regularly). All advice greatly appreciated.

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There is no reason for doctors to reduce your medication by referring only to the TSH result. They should ask how you are feeling. I shall put a link later on adjusting doses.

I think your dose may be too low and you are having other problems.

Ask for B12, Vit D, Iron, ferrin and folate. If they assume you TSH is in the normal range the may not test for T3.

If you can get a copy of your latest blood test results and post them here complete with ranges someone will comment upon them. Some of the links in the following may not now be accessible but there are other topics which may interest you at the top of the page. Dr Lowe was the Director of Fibroymalgia Research Foundation.

Cursor down to the question dated January 25, 2002


Thank you for your help. Having read a few more articles today I also wonder if there should be different treatment depending on your problem. I have Hashimoto's which is an auto-immune disorder and therefore not a thyroid disorder caused by thyroid removal etc. Does this make any difference?


No, there is not a different treatment. It is still a thyroid disorder as the antibodies have attacked your thyroid gland. This is an explanation:-

With Hashimoto’s disease, the immune system makes antibodies that damage thyroid cells and interfere with their ability to make thyroid hormone. Over time, thyroid damage can cause thyroid hormone levels to be too low. This is called an underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism (heye-poh-THEYE-royd-ism). An underactive thyroid causes every function of the body to slow down, such as heart rate, brain function, and the rate your body turns food into energy. Hashimoto’s disease is the most common cause of an underactive thyroid. It is closely related to Graves’ disease, another autoimmune disease affecting the thyroid.

It is important to ask your GP to do the other blood tests above as B12 can cause similar symptoms.


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