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What is a long time?

received a letter yesterday dated the 23 rd of December from my Endo reccomending I contact my GP to get vitamin D replacement. I rang the surgery and was told first availible appointment was 29th January the day after my next endo appointment and three months after I had the original blood test done. Does anyone else think that this an awfully slow process. Meanwhile I drag my overweight and wornout carcass about for another three days before I can even speak to my doctor. not suprised there isn't a more vocal/active protest lobby for Hypothyroidism none of us have the energy :(

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Phone and ask if your GP can leave a prescription for you. Your Endo would surely have written to him requesting Vit D replacement and explain to the Receptionist.



tried that, another GP intercepted message and said I had to see my GP that is when the receptionist offered me the phone call next week because there was a two week wait for an appointment.


Hi , that is ridiculous, do they not have emergency or book on the day appointments?What about the nurse? vit D takes 3 months to become established in the blood any way.have you tried e mailing the doctor ( your GP ) and if so make sure you attach a letter from the endo with it high lighted. I find e mails quite food for my difficult surgery as then you are not relying on messages! I hope you sort it out.



Hi, the receptionist said that my GP could give me an emergency appointment on Monday but they couldn't. I am hoping he will just put up a prescription as I only saw him last week. It is just so frustrating. Email does not seem to be an option.




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