So what is causing these symptoms?

Yesterday I attended an appointment at another hospital with yet another endo.

Having seen three at my local hospital (Truro), I was referred to Derriford.

I have been on T3 only for a few years (after starting on T4 then a combined T4 and T3.)

Over the last year or so the endos have insisted I add T4 (for my heart.) but every time I add T4 my blood pressure goes high and I loose my balance. Having stopped the T4 I had a twentyfour hour blood pressure test, which turned out ok. The endo. yesterday was of the same opinion. She has changed my prescription to 100 mcg. T4 at night and 10 mcg. T3 twice a day.

I'm happy to change to this if it works but it doesn't explain the high blood pressure and balance problems, and if it's not thyroid related what is it????

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  • Beaton,

    If you're fine on T3 only then it must be the T4 which is causing the symptoms.

  • Agree Clutter, will give the eight weeks see what happens but not happy.

  • I'm afraid your endocrinologist has had the operation. You know... The one where logic gets removed.

  • HB,

    Ah, the endologicectomy! There's a lot of it around.


    The above link takes you to many research papers linking Hypothyroidism to Blood pressure issues. There is even one from Greece !

  • Thanks Marz.x

  • Hope you found the links helpful :-)

  • Yes thankyou Marz. I'm reading through some of the articles. It's good to know I'm not alone. xx

  • Thought it may help you to be ahead of the * experts !! *

  • Yes Marz, will write up notes. x

  • Did you find Derriford better than Turo ? My hubbys 94 year old step-mother recently fell and broke her foot. She lives in Camborne. She was taken to Treliske by ambulance and then transferred to Plymouth for surgery. Can that be right for such and elderly lady - and in so much pain ? I despair ....

  • Derriford is bigger so more doctors maybe. Treliske does seem rather behind the times equipment is limited as is staff who work very hard under such strain. Hope that helps. xx

  • She is now in Bodmin for re-hab. I just despair that a County Town Hospital cannot cope. Transferring such an elderly lady so far astounds me.

    Thanks for your reply :-)

  • Well, yes, but do you want the most expertise, or the most local? Not everyone can have both, especially when they live in such a remote place.

  • Yes hard decisions.

  • Yes I moved here from Cornwall so know it well - a county full of second homes a plenty on reduced rates - harbours full of expensive yachts rarely used - fabulous eateries - a gastronomic short break destination - stunning beaches and so forth. OK it is at the most south westerly part of England but I would not label it remote - it should be swimming in dosh and be able to help the elderly in an Emergency ....

  • I disagree, its sparsely populated, and miles from major centres of population. Despite superficial wealthy spots it has high unemployment and generally low wages and low wealth. A few posh cafes don't feed an entire population. But the NHS serves the population, not the income. Its just that the population is spread out. Its not as if she hasn't received the care, just that they have had to transport her there.

  • Treliske is really the only proper hospital for all of Cornwall.

    Hope the lady is home soon. xx

  • Treliske is really the only proper hospital for all of Cornwall.

    Hope the lady is home soon. xx

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