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How long is to long to wait

I posted this on the pa forum as well but they are a quite lot

Compared to us so could I ask here as well

Does any one know how long it takes for celiac screen bloods and instrict factor to come back after getting my endo to agree to do the test I'm still WIting results the celiac weredone three weeks ago I and instrict 2 weeks endo pa said they. An take a while but what is a while and at what point do I assume them



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My wife had one done recently . it took 2 weeks . Skeeter


She was told it could be as long as 3 weeks . Hope that helps .. Skeeter


Thanks skeeter was that the celiac or ifab


It was intrinsic factor , Consultant said ring for result in 2/3 weeks . Was back when she called just over 2 weeks .

Cheers Skeeter


they should be done in 3 to 4 weeks

a delay is usually with an endos secretary bothering to type a letter


Thanks really fed up is that for both tests I called endo secretary

And she said they still said outstanding


I think that either they get sent off to a specialist centre or they batch them together either way theres delays ...........I know when my granddaughters coeliac test was done it was back in 3 weeks


Blood tests at my local blood testing unit at hospital take 2 days to be shown on computer at Dr's which is how long my same as ur tests took. However, haematology results took forever- I found out you have to get Dr's surgery to request access to them as they were on system but didn't know until I chased after 3 weeks.


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