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Possible Hypo Results ?

To all you lovely experts with experience of Endos, my girlfriend, who has many Hypo symptoms - early menopause, cold and tired all the time, complete loss of libido, irrational phobias, memory loss and slow thinking, weak pulse, stress intolerant, previous surgery for Thyroid nodules - her 3 test results are:

1st test TSH: 2.0

2nd test TSH: 2.1

3rd test TSH: 1.1 (0.5 - 4.7)

free T4: 15 (9 - 24)

free T3: 3.5 (2.5 - 5.3)

Antibody: <1 (0 - 75)

All in range and so she is 'normal' and dismissed - a familiar tale. With all your experiences, could she be Hypothyroid with her FT3 and 4 in the lower end of the range and two of her TSH above 2.0 ?

Currently, she is having treatment with an Iridologist (successfully so far) who diagnosed low Adrenals (linked to Thyroid of course), but I worry that if she is Hypothyroid, she could be storing up trouble later in life with heart problems etc.

Any thoughts would be welcome, thank you.

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Well she is making T4 and converting it to T3, so if you regard hypothyoidism as being short of the hormones the thyroid puts out, then she's ok. BUT.....

there is another part of hypothyroidism that the doctors chose to ignore or dismiss, on the grounds that if the hormones are in the blood then all is well.

I think the best thing she could do is get a urine test, to see how much of the T3 is being taken up by her cells. It's no good having all the right hormones sloshing around her body if the cells are not able to use them.

Things that can affect cellular uptake are: low iron, copper, zinc, ferritin, D3, B12 and I'm sure there are probably a few others too....... It really is a process of illimination.



Thanks Nel, I'll pass that on, though she's lost faith in the medical profession. As I said, so far, the herbal concoction the Iridologist has given her is making her feel a whole lot better - not feeling cold any more and no more hot sweats.

Thanks for replying ! Alfiecat


Afraid I've stopped calling them the medical profession, the medical fraternity seems to fit better, many of them simply are NOT professional. :)


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