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A Bugie on Trill ! And a HUGE THANK YOU

I would like to say a HUGE Thank You to everybody who helped me start to sort out my Health Issues. Please see my previous Blog entitled 'A Huge Moan but lots of Eureka I hope' if you would like to know how I started my quest to feel a bit better.

Anyhow, as suggested, I bought myself some Armour on line and started taking two tablets a day alongside my 150mg Thyroxine. I was also advised to take my temperature every morning and for the past two weeks or so was most suprised to see that it was hovering around 34.5 / 35 C. Also i had other problems which people said they literally wanted to scream at me B12 deficiancey. So alongside Armour I bought Jarrows Methyl B-12 5000mg and have been taking four a day by allowing them to melt unger my tongue. Also its fair to say I bought some Foliate tablets and Vit D of whioch I have been having one a day.

This is my FOURTH day . I feel like 'A Budgie on Trill ' . My energy levels are much higher. This morning my temp. was 36.8 C . I feel lots better in myself although Im still having aches n pains in my head, hip n legs but they dont seem to be as severe.

So thank you everybody for your support and direction. I know I still have a long way to go but I am so happy that finally I have an answer to my illness which has resulted in me having the very lower part of my Brain removed and years of Psychiatrict work , anti deppressants etc etc . Why ciouldnt they of made the connection earlier. My Mother suffered from Pernisious Aneamia from her early twenties and both of my Aunts had underactive Thyroids . If I thought I could sue for all the suffering,loss of my career etc and that of my family and friends who give thier continued support I would. But I think thats called mis diagnosis and not negligent.

Thank you all so much

Annie x

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That's good news and when you finally get onto medication which suits you it is amazing how well you feel.

There must be thousands who have been diagnosed with anything other than having a thyroid gland problem and have long years of ill-health due to ignoring clinical symptoms and the reliance on the TSH blood test alone.

Your blog will give hope to others on the same road.


So good to hear when someone is doing well. Thanks for posting and here's wishing you continued improvement every day!


So glad to hear you are feeling better :) But just wondering what dosage of Armour you are taking alongside the 150mcg of thyroxine? 2 tablets could refer to lots of different amounts, depending on the strength of each tablet. For example I am taking 4 tablets a day but these are half grain tablets so in total I am taking 2 grains. As you build your dose of Armour up you may need to decrease your thyroxine (as Armour contains T4 thyroxine and T3), or you may end up feeling over-medicated. xx


Hi Clarebear. Thank you for your reply. each tablet of Armour contains 25 mcg. Is that OK alongside 150 mcg of thyroxine ? x


Sorry I'm a bit confused about this. My Armour tablets are 30mg (not mcg) which is 1/2 a grain. Each of these contains 38mcg of thyroxine T4 and 9mcg of T3. Are your tablets actual Armour or something similar? Xx


Well done you for taking your health matters into your own hands and its great that you are seeing such good results.

Moggie x


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