Having a massive crash after 4 years of being well

I've been well and stable for 4 years taking NDT 2xarmour 60mg

After a prolonged (and still in going) period of stress at work my yearly blood results came back TSH 33

GP upped my armour dose to 3x 60mg tablets which I took for 6 weeks got retested TSH21 then I started to crash out badly started getting huge and overpowering adrenaline rushes almost constantly day and night and went from 8 hours sleep a night to 2 my hair is also falling out

So confused right now have I suffered an adrenal crash because of stress and an increase in my NDT has caused it to come to light


Is my NDT dose too high to quickly and my body can't tolerate it?

I've gone back down to my original dose of armour and am taking vitamin C and aswhaganda to try and support my adrenals as I don't seem to be able to tolerate the NAX at the moment to much adrenaline in top of my adrenaline I presume

Also waiting for a saliva test kit to come to see what my cortisol levels are

Can any of you experts out there give me any advice?

Thanks in advance

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  • Louise_H,

    You are undermedicated, not overmedicated, to have TSH 21. Dose needs increasing in 30mg increments at 2-4 weekly intervals until TSH is <1.0 with FT3 in the upper third of range.

    Fatigue and hairloss are due to undermedication.

  • I have been stable with 2x60mg tablets for the last 4 years though blood results 1.0 so why the sudden change?

  • Louise_h,

    Thyroid function declines with age and if you have Hashimoto's which causes 90% of hypothyroidism you may have had a catastrophic failure.

  • Wow what is that? And how do I rectify it ? By redosing and adrenal support?

  • Louise_h,

    Hashimoto's is autoimmune thyroiditis which causes 90% of hypothyroidism. I didn't say you had it. Have you ever had thyroid peroxidase or thyroglobulin antibodies tested?

  • Sorry not being clear I meant what is a catastrophic failure? I wasn't aware that I had hashimotos but I didn't realise the percentage of hypothyroid sufferers were.

    No I haven't had any of those tests done I guess you can't get them done at the doctors!

  • Louise_h,

    By catastrophic failure I mean your thyroid gland has probably packed up or mostly packed up.

    Your GP can order thyroid peroxidase antibody test. If that is positive it confirms Hashimoto's. If it is negative you can order private thyroglobulin test as some people are thyroid peroxidase negative but thyroglobulin positive.

    Your GP may be reluctant to do the test because it won't make any difference to your treatment. There is no cure or treatment for Hashimoto's, it is the low thyroid levels it causes which are treated.

  • Thank you for explaining that to me. I will ask the doctor if she will do the test.

  • You really do need to increase NDT, Supporting adrenal is definitely first step and try increasing by 1/4 and see if you tolerate it better.

  • Yes that's what I thought a quarter at a time whilst supporting the adrenals..

    Do you think the adrenals is what's giving me the massive adrenaline surges?

  • Have you tried Adrenavive? There's a product that's cortex only so no adrenaline and also no fillers. I've been taking them for 2 months and they have totally transformed my health.

  • I haven't no I was taking the NAX but they don't seem to be helping this time.

    I've read that adrenal cortex is good so I'll try it

    Thank you.

  • I've just had a look at them what strength do you take?

  • the-natural-choice.co.uk/Ad...

    I purchase them from here. I started on Adrenavive II (125mg cortex-only) and started with 1 a day at about 8.30am when I woke up. Dosage is personal and can only be measured by how you are feeling so increase dosage SLOWLY - every 7 days. I have built up to 750mg per day (500mg at 8.30am and 250mg at 1.30pm) but from the conversations I've had here and at tpauk, that seems to be a very high dosage.

    Remember that treating the adrenals can take a long time. Don't expect to see results within a couple of weeks. It took me around 4 weeks to start seeing a discernible improvement but my adrenals were in bad bad shape. Just remember low and slow.

    Are you also aware that you're supposed to temporarily halt your thyroid meds while you support your adrenals? FYG, this information is straight out of Dr Peatfield's mouth.

    I'm here if you have anymore questions and will do my best to answer them - please don't hesitate!

  • Hey thanks for that info very useful..how long would you suggest I stop my NDT for if I'm going to start adrenal support?

    The thought is a bit scary

    I've got a phone apt with Dr P on Friday so hipefully he will be able to help me sort this mess out...

  • How did you get on with Dr P?

  • Yeah good when I finally managed to connect with him. He confirmed my thoughts that the stress I am under has stressed my adrenals and so that's why I e been unable to convert or tolerate more armour. He's put me back on the adrenal support and associated vitamins but keep on with the NDT and then I need to speak with him again in a couple of weeks.

    I've got more blood tests on Friday full panel so I'm going to see if I'm short on anything there too

    Always reassuring to speak with Dr P

  • Oh that's good to hear Louise. I'm pleased you have a plan.

  • Doctor rang me Monday's blood results are back TSH 0.11 T4 17

  • Your best bet might be to find a new job.

    Prolonged stress causes high cortisol and high adrenaline (epinephrine), and they both cause havoc with the thyroid. High cortisol can lower TSH and reduce conversion from T4 to T3.

    Some people seem to be able to maintain high levels of cortisol for years, even though it will make them feel awful and has lots of knock-on effects on other hormones, such as sex hormones.

    Other people seem less able to keep producing high levels of cortisol for years and their cortisol levels start to decline. Low levels of cortisol have a bad effect on the thyroid as well, although I'm not so sure of the specifics.

    If, on top of all this stress, you have Hashi's as well, then the fluctuations in antibody levels will add to the stress, and will add to the fluctuating levels of thyroid hormones and TSH.

  • Sounds like your body is telling you it's not coping with the stress. It's essential for your health to try to reduce it.

  • Yes you're right I'm working on it!

  • Just chiming in that gluten free can certainly help on another level with Hashi

  • I've been gluten free since I was diagnosed in 2013 and until 6 weeks ago have been stable and feeling well...just been knocked for 6 in the last few weeks Can't say enough for the support of everyone on this forum

  • So sorry 🙃😔. The highs and lows of this! Say no more.

    Lots of love and luck to 😊 Soon

  • I'm hoping so just keep treating those adrenals and hopefully the good health will follow

  • ....frustrating and sad when things have gone so well

    Is it purely physical or does emotional factors take over ive wondered this, the body is so complex

  • It's both I think they are linked so closely together. The major stress I've had has definitely been to blame.

  • Yes it's like the whole system upset knock on effects

    I lived through years of stress ( complex ptsd) still have it to less degree so I feel grateful I haven't been worse I guess

    I'm unsure what is meant by subclinical, do you know? X

  • How do you treat the adrenals?

  • I'm taking vitamin C aswaganda and holy basil along side an adrenal drink.

    I'm doing a saliva test this weekend and when I have the results of that I will use a further supliment such as NAX or adrenavive.

    Fingers crossed it will start to have some effect soon

  • Thanks so much for that

    Please let me know how you go on, have you had previous saliva test

    I had one in summer

    Unsure what it means exactly ( spiked at 11am then reduced and spiked quite late evening, theynjust commented it's good it's not Addisons but further than that I haven't a clue) lol

    How havenyiurs been xx

  • I'm doing it today how long did it take to get your results back?

  • Think four days


    Just said not Addison

    Let me know how u go

  • Thanks I'm using Genova will let you know how it goes

  • I'm doing my saliva test tomorrow and will let you know the results when I get them.

    Did you post your results on here? There are lots of very knowledgeable people with the experience to tell you what they mean.

  • His have yours been in past test? If had one?

  • I use to get these sort of symptoms every time I tried to increase my NDT. What worked for me was adopting the CT3M (circadian T3 method) discovered by Paul Robinson. If you search on my name what I did should all come up - if was about 5 years ago I think. Paul Robinson also had a website explaining it I think.

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