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You still OK on Armour?

Hi Clarebear,

Are you still on Armour Thyroid and doing fine?! I am asking because so many patients say they started to feel awful after the AT reformulation, and they have been desperately looking for alternative treatment since (NP Thyroid, Thyroid by Erfa, generic Thai thyroid....). Are you doing fine on "the real thing" (Armour Thyroid?) I am asking because that would be the easiest thing for me to get; however, after all the negative reviews about the Armour reformulation, I hesitate to order it..

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Hi, sorry not Clarebear but

Have you tried Armour? Nature Thyroid seems pretty stable and available, someone said it was 'nonallergenic' too.

I hope folk with information on any changes to Armour can chip in...

Jane :D


Hi...I have recently trialled Armour for a month not having had any previous experience of it.Officially I am on 75mcgs Levo/ 10 mcgs T3 which was prescribed for me.However,I was very happy on the Armour and having now ascertained from my Endo that although he can't prescribe it he is willing to monitor me if I use it, it is deffinitely the one that suits me best ...Have already reported this week that I am feeling much,much better.Went back on the T3 combo to confirm things and my joint pain increased again!....,,, so it's Armour for me......haven't tried any other NDT. though.

( I shall buy the Armour myself.)


I'm very glad to hear you're feeling much better marfit :D


I have only been on Armour since they changed it. I still have symptoms but that is Hashimoto, have to find the triggers!

Sorry, that isn't much help.



I have been on Armour before and after the reformulation and have been fine on it until very recently but I think that has more to do with my dose being cut from three grains to two and a half a year ago. That was fine intially but it's caught up with me. I feel completely exhausted. I will go and be retested on Monday.


Hello I take armour alone with t3 after finding I couldn't take thyroxine never felt better even my eyebrows are returning however this week my endo suggested I try t3 only as it my reduce antibodies hope this helps.


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