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Thank you everyone for your advice, support and views on the taking of Anti Depressants whilst having an Under Active Thyroid. Lots of mixed thoughts and opinions on the subject and possibliy Anti D's do have a place for some. I certainly have accepted them as an option right now for a short term whilst trying to find the mental energy to get thyroid working. I feel fairly lucky that at moment my doctor is more determind than me to get my thyroid issues sorted.

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that's great to hear. Sometimes you have to lean on something for a while to get you back up

I Take 100mcg daily of Thyroxine plus 5mg of anti-depressant Cipralex which helps. It takes the edge off when you are feeling a bit low.

The important thing is that you're both working to do the best for your health and that your gp wants your thyroid problem to be sorted out. Sometimes the hardest part is making the decision.

There is little point in taking both as anti-depressants cancel out any thyroxine you take.


Not true. 200mcg Sertraline plus Liothyronine then switched to Levothyroxine and TSH was suppressed and FT4 good.

It is true doctors are PAID to prescribe anti - depressants and they cancel out any thyroxine. Doctors are PAID to prescribe them even though it is a SYMPTOM of hypothyroid.


GPs are PAID to treat patients. I had no SYMPTOMS of hypothyroid when I was first prescribed anti depressants after a nervous breakdown and bipolar diagnosis AFTER extensive testing ruled out physical illness including thyroid dysfunction.

Hi Glynisrose ....You mention that anti D cancel out thyroxine ....just wondering how that is??? What is in Anti D that has that effect?? Many years ago I was prescribed Citalapram for low mood etc etc and it did not seem to have any effect on my T4 TSH readings, in fact looking back it was probably the best I had felt for a long time.

Hey jayne777 just to second Clutter's assertion. I feel better taking ADs than not. When there is a choice between feeling edgy, shouty and glum ( not hyperthyroid, BTW ) and feeling equanimous I'll plump for the latter every time. Be careful of some assertions made here - Clutter can't find the time to gainsay them all ! :)

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