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A huge thank you to everyone

Just over a year ago I walked out of my GP's surgery after being told he didn't believe in any treatment other than levothyroxine and that he would treat all of my symptoms separately. Thanks to having read posts on this community I had the confidence to come straight home and order some NDT on-line. I haven't looked back.

Again, thanks to this community, I learned which blood tests to ask for and which supplements to take. At first it seemed I was taking lots of vitamins etc. without knowing if they were really doing much good, but in the last couple of months I've started feeling so much better. The combination of NDT and the right supplements has transformed my life.

I want to thank everyone who asks questions and posts advice because, despite my name, I'm something of a timid mouse and being able to read so much here and follow links that have been posted has made a huge difference. The reason I'm saying this now? I've just had my Mum to stay and since Mum and tact are practically strangers her visits can be quite stressful. This time, however, I sailed through with a new found serenity so I know it's not just the physical symptoms that have improved.

Many thanks to all of you,


ps: I work from home and so after passing the TUK petition to relatives I felt at a loss as to how to find more people to ask to sign. Inspired by the members who have printed out leaflets I now send a request to each of my customers when I pack up their orders. I've even asked the gentleman at the Royal Mail delivery office who takes my sack of mail each day. If someone as shy as I am can reach out I'm sure we can all get some more signatures.

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Thanks for posting LuckyKat, it's good to hear when someone recovers their health and well being and it gives hope and encouragement to those who aren't there yet :)

That's a super idea to put a mailshot about the petition into your customer's packages.

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Thanks for sharing, you are very brave and I'm glad you got your health back it must be a wonderful feeling.


As someone who is considering jumping ship and self medicating it is really heartening to hear that you are doing so well. Also very pleased to hear that others haven't given up on the petition and are consistently getting it out there.


Good to hear you took charge and improved. How has your GP felt about your use of non-conventional NDT and supplements?

And which NDT are you using?


I'm using Armour. My GP did refer me to an endo who offered me a trial of T3 and T4 but then tried to put me off it by saying it was very difficult to get the dosage right. In fact she was so rude and condescending that I'd have paid not to see her again and since I'd already started taking Armour and the benefits were practically instant I wasn't going to switch. Her letter to my GP did, however, result in an apology from him because it stated that 'a small number of patients benefit from the addition of T3.' He now monitors me as he would have if I'd stayed on his treatment.


I feel so elated for you ....what a joy it is for you to recover a sense of well being and long may it last ....I agree with you that confidence can grow with all the support that we get from our friends here,for which we should all be truly grateful.

What a super idea to send a leaflet out with your business mail ..brilliant!!

Let 's hope you will inspire others ....it's so good to watch those numbers growing x


It's so encouraging to others who are still struggling and wish you well. Well done too for distributing leaflets with your orders.


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