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I have just changed consultants after over 20 years, my pituitary gland doesn't work and new doc asked me why i wasnt on vitamin d, he did a blood test and its only 17, not sure what it does and why its so low but any help would be good. Funny my last consultant didnt do a blood test for it. Maybe its the reason i am always tired like many other seem to be on this site xx

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  • Hi there, yes Vitamin D is very important - it's good news than your new doc realises this! GPs still don't tend to test for it, despite advice from the chief medical officer for England (and the officers for the rest of UK too) to recommend Vit D for 'at risk' groups inc Elderly and toddlers. I asked for a test but was refused so I paid £25 (city assays NHS lab in B'ham by post). I hope your doc has prescribed you supplements.

    Deficiency is very common in the UK and especially with low thyroid function.

    It's one of the first hurdles to get over - it takes months and there's no sunshine to help either! - I feel so much better supplementing after my test was 40, currently with 3000iu D3 drops a day in milk. This is way more than a 'normal' daily dose (some take much more too or even injections). My daughter was deficient too, and discovered drops were much better absorbed than tablets.

    I can't comment on pituitary problems except it produces other hormones as well as controlling your thyroid (my Dad had acromegaly and regular piggy growth hormone injections were essential for him).

    You should also have your calcium tested as this is affected by Vit D (and parathyroids) also test irons folate ferratin and B12 (which also tend to be low with low thyroid function).

    with best wishes Jane :D

  • Thanks Jane, you're reply really helped me, its strange but today i got a blood test form from my gp to say they are doing checks on people who are taking alfacalcidol as its now a government requirement, but still no mention of the vitamin d. i will ring them on monday.My dad died 2 months ago from lung cancer which spread to his liver and at the end his calcium was high due to the calcium coming out of the bones but it seems its similar to this, calcium and vitamin d are linked, must just have taken a long time for people in high places to connect the two . Thats how i found this site, been talking for ages on the lung cancer one until this one popped up the other day . Thanks again xxxx

  • You'll should immediately request a Dexa bone density scan.

  • My bone density scans show everything is ok, must be doing one thing right at least , thanks xxxx

  • Perhaps you didn't have the deficiency for too long.

  • When I had a level similar to yours (12.5) my doc ordered medication from the hospital witch were 50,000iu tablets taken for two weeks. Dont let this one slip through the net as I felt quite ill and very tired before the doc corrected my levels. I know suppliment 1,000iu daily for maintenace dose.

    Moggie x

  • Sorry that was ment to be which not witch (my spellings getting worse) and thought I would post a link to a good article from Barts Hosp regarding vitD. It covers most things like VitD rich foods and low VitD plus maintenance levels.

    Hope you find it useful.

    Moggie x

  • Thanks moggie, thats really helpful, i asked at my gp surgery today if they recieved the same letter as i did from the endocrinologist, they haven't so i will take mine in tomorrow, hopefully it will make a difference to me, i am always tired , well more like exhaustion and daily tasks can be very trying, It doesnt help that i recently lost my dad and because of my condition i cant handle stress very well so i am really struggling, Thanks again , June xxxx

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