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Iridology & herbal remedies

My lady friend may have mild hypothyroidism - she's 50, started the menopause at 42, has some symptoms like cold all the time, exhausted, total loss of libido (like a tigress only 18 mths ago), weak pulse, forgetful, previous surgery for nodule removal on thyroid. She's had tests for Hypothyroid (pushed by me & done reluctantly by her Dr) and all have come back 'normal' :

1st TSH: 2.0

2nd TSH: 2.1

3rd tests:

TSH: 1.1 mu/l (0.5 - 4.7)

Free T4: 15 pmol/l (9 - 24)

Free T3: 3.5 pmol/l (2.5 - 5.3)

Thyroid peroxidase antibody level: <1 u/ml (0 - 75)

Therefore, she's normal and there's nothing wrong with her, apart from feeling cold (hugging a hot water bottle) when everyone else is stripping off + the other symptoms above.

She went to see an Iridologist near her in Hull, who 'diagnosed' adrenal problems and prescribed a herbal concoction, which, after a short time, seems to be working - the hot flushes which she was still having from the menopause have stopped, she no longer feels cold and has lots more energy. The libido hasn't returned (worst luck!) but so far so good and she FEELS so much better and thinks he is the bee's knees.

My research into Iridology and the former Iridologists who have decried the practice, is that it has no basis in science. All double blind tests have shown there is no better diagnosis detection of seriously diseased people than guesswork produces. BUT, of course, a herbal remedy is based on plant extracts, the same as most conventional medicine, unlike Homeopathy which seems like money for water, literally, and relies on a 'memory' of the active ingredient, without even one molecule of it left.

So, my question is, has anyone else been to an Iridologist and subsequently had successful treatment ? My girlfriend's treatment is working - it could be coincidence and that she is finally coming out of the menopause, but why should she no longer feel cold and have more energy - she's convinced he's brilliant...I think it's quackery, but I can't deny it's a heck of a coincidence. Any thoughts would be gratefully received.

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Hi there Alficat. I've been treated by an Iridologist/Herbalist in the past, very successfully. She diagnosed a number of conditions that I was aware I had, but she had absolutely no previous knowlege of. I personally think science does not have all the answers and lack of scientific backing does not neccessarily mean that something doesn't work.

The main thing is that your girlfriend is feeling better and lets hope she continues to flourish. My life has been blighted by thyroid problems and treatment that was based on 'scientific' rationale turned me into a zombie for 25 long and miserable years.

Thankfully, threatment and advice given to me by that therapist turned me around and I am now fairly healthy and enjoying a near normal life.

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Can I just suggest for the libido that you look into a food called maca, you can mix it with smoothies, it may help.


Hi Andie, thanks for your reply. That's very interesting - my girlfriend had an ovary removed 20 years ago after an ectopic pregnancy and the Iridologist said she had had a problem with one ovary, so maybe you're right, there is something in it. It's just that the double blind trials and the previous Iridologists' testomonies have been so damning.

As you say, the main thing is she is feeling better and bravo for that - she no longer needs to cuddle a hot water bottle, even in the sub-zero temps recently, never mind in August !

Yours is the first reply and a positive one, so thank you for that. It will be interesting to see if there are any negative replies about Iridology.

I hope your health continues to be good and thanks so much for your comment.


Thanks puddlelover, she has already tried that for a period of 4 months, but it had absolutely no effect unfortunately, apart from making her feel a little more 'alive'. The lack of libido doesn't bother her personally, but she feels a little abnormal, having been so rampant before, and she feels for me, despite my protestations that I don't care and that it's her I love (I do love her body too !)

Any way, thanks for taking the trouble to comment !


Hi Andie ,So what do you take now ??? and can they help with weight loss ???


Hi nanniejan, at the moment I take a combination of Liothyronine (T3) and Armour Thyroid. Additionally I take herbal tinctures to help with the menopause and ME symptoms. I have lost a fair bit of weight recently, but that I think was mainly due to a strict anti-candida diet which basically means restricting intake of sugar. It's worth bearing in mind that farmers feed their cattle on carbohydrates (which break down to sugar in the gut) when they want to fatten them up ! hope that helps.


Hi alfiecat

Im a qualified herbalist so it doesnt surprise me that your friend is feeling better! herbs are fantastic but often work slowly to build and balnce the body rather than forcing an unnatural state that many orthodox drugs do. the menopause is a time of transition and affects women on many levels not just the physical. the lack of libido is common in women at this time but should return once she is back to a strong state emotionally , physically and spiritually. it can just take a bit longer to " get in the mood" so requires more cuddle time !

best wishes


Hi Alchemilla,

She had many Hypothyroid symptoms as well as menopausal, but all her tests came back within range, so was dismissed as 'normal' despite feeling drained and freezing cold all the time, even in summer.

As a last resort, she went to the Iridlogist who diagnosed low Adrenals and said he detected she had had an ovary removed - which she had ! He also said she had had a bad back (who hasn't - not so impressive) Anyway, he prescibed some herbal remedy and it has worked miracles so far - she no longer feels cold, has more energy and has no more hot flushes. BUT, it COULD just be coincidence and she is finally coming out of the menopause (been going through it for 8-9 years)

As a Herbalist yourself, does it seem likely that whatever she is taking could have such a dramatic beneficial effect ?

Re - the libido, she loves cuddling, but the thought of sex is a turn-off, despite being rampant just over a year ago. Hope the herbs will help that eventually, or it just returns spontaneously. I love her regardless for who she is.


hi alfiecat

yes its possible for some symptoms to respond quickly and others to take time - its a bit like peeling an onion ! as a herbalist I would normally keep reviewing the prescription as things change and it may need what I call " tweaking ". bear in mind that not everyone that uses herbs are fully trained and may only have access to asmall range of obvious herbs. ( Im not saying this is the case with the iridologist but many people use herbs in practice without a full understanding ( training to a good professional standard taked 3 years!)

Im glad you love her regardless and just for her to know that without pressure will help

best wishes


Thank you - it does !

He makes all his concoctions up in house, but I don't know how trained he is in herbalism - I know he's a highly respected Iridologist, if you believe in its ethos - the science of it is almost wholly discredited in double blind trials, but again, it's horses for courses I guess.

He is going to review her medication in February again.

Thanks for your comments again !


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