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Fat Chance

New government guide lines say that GP's will have to concentrate on "long term illness" patients or they could lose funding, which is all of us - cant see it happening myself but lets hope for all those on here who are badly treated by their GP's that it does.

Moggie x

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Aha! They've seen the light:

Plans unveiled today show that GPs will instead be rewarded for helping patients to control their blood pressure and cholesterol, preventing heart attacks and stroke and assessing patients at risk from dementia.

Read more:

So the GPs will be doing full Thyroid Function Tests on all patients, mugging up on thyroid hormones, treatment, etc. After all, all of those appear to be extra prevalent among the hypothyroid.

[Yes - for the avoidance of doubt, the above is utterly fanciful and, basically, faectious.]

And precisely how will they spot early-warning signs of illness when so many people don't even see a GP one year to the next?

I always thought the word "insidious" was ideal to apply to thyroid disorders. But having looked up what it originally meant, it might better be applied to the way that policy in medicine is decided and implemented.

insidious (adj.) Look up insidious at

1540s, from M.Fr. insidieux (15c.) or directly from L. insidiosus "deceitful, cunning, artful," from insidiae (pl.) "plot, snare, ambush," from insidere "sit on, occupy," from in- "in" (see in- (2)) + sedere "to sit" (see sedentary).

No, I have not lost hope. Merely deeply cynical/sceptical.



Yes Rod, me too! As usual, extremely well said.


Couldn't agree more with that. It seems they'll go over care for every other disease, condition, or ailment but won't touch certain disorders in this country, the thyroid being one of them.


Aha! So that's why this morning my GP tried to get me to buy Benecol for my high cholesterol - it is only 6, having come down from 7.2 when I started D3 and B12 last May. Think I will stick with the supplements, knowing the price of Benecol and not much trusting another man-made substance. Also in that time I changed from Olive Oil spread to Butter as well!


Yay! natural fat butter - not man-made plastic! why do they put Olive oil with plastic, or fortify marg with vitamins? - 'cos 'food' is big business! but plastic isn't food.

Pity they still use plastic marg in school kitchens - Jamie will have to try harder!

When did they start ignoring the fact that low thyroid function puts cholesterol levels up, probably when someone said marg was good for you? There's an interesting film about the 'oiling of america' somewhere..... J :D


I think that's because the cholesterol testing is run in conjunction with some commercial sponsorship. A friend of mine was give an bunch of adverts for Flora! You're better off with organic butter than some nasty chemical mix, for sure.


Couldn't agree more Rod -well said -but I too live in hope -if nothing more on the basis that with the present pressure on money saving they might actually work out it would save them money if they learnt how to treat patients with early warning signs rather then allowing patients to become chronically ill........of course effective treatment should be the operative and the new 'gold standard'!! :) :) I know I am living in la la


Why would they concentrate on preventative measures which would stop folks becoming ill, and thus regular customers?

Why suggest vitamins when dishing out various medication is such a money maker?

Oh dear - I used to be so trusting, then I grew up :D


I think this is to pave the way for the removal of diabetes clinics from hospitals to GP's. Wonder what the endos will do then?


Maybe they will become experts in thyroid problems. hahahahahahahahahahahahah

Jo xx


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