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I am certain you are all very bored of hearing I was anorexic before, but I'm wondering if this will have an impact on the situation. I was reading the 'wheat belly' blog and it says that wheat and grains are essentially poisoning us. It also says you won't lose any weight if you eat more than zero carbs. I never want to get super skinny again, but obviously I would like to shed a little weight... I am a puffball right now! I am wondering if anyone has experience with this. I have heard a bit more carbs is important for thyroid function, and also know of many people who've lost weight without cutting carbs altogether, so I'm a little confused. I am still waiting on my blood results which I got tested last week but it's obvious my thyroid is weird, I don't know if changing my diet is worth it or not. Any personal experiences? Thanks guys xxxx

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Hello superparrot,

You most definitely need carbohydrates in your diet and no, I am never bored of hearing about your anorexia.

If you don't have enough your body will start to break down fat and protein to get the glucose it needs. Protein is important for your body to be able to grow and repair itself, so using it as an energy source means there will be little left to carry out these vital functions.

Also when your body thinks there is a threat of starvation it will slow your metabolism to conserve precious glucose for your brain & vital organs.

When this happens there may not be any available glucose for the liver to convert T4 to T3 so low carbs will affect how your thyroids meds work.

When T4 can't be converted to T3, it converts instead into inactive reverse T3 which will make you feel very ill.

Carbs are also needed for T3 to transport the glucose into the cells for activity (exercise).

In view of your previous eating disorder, it is even more vital for you to eat a balanced diet to give your body a chance to heal. If you want to lose weight I suggest you only eat good carbs such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans that get absorbed slowly into your system and avoid spikes in blood sugar levels.

Start reading and educate yourself superparrot,


Thanks so much flower, that is extremely helpful information. I have read many things but it is all so confusing and full of people trying to sell you diets that it's hard to know what to believe! Thank you for explaining the science, that makes much more sense now xx

If it's called a 'diet', avoid it like the plague. There's no such thing as a good 'diet' in my opinion. Your diet is what you eat every day, and good eating is the key, not something that's 'sold' as a 'diet'. If you see what I mean. :)

Oh I wasn't thinking of going on a diet, I was referring to changing my everyday diet if you see what I mean. .. ha ha shouldn't have mentioned the d word at all I don't think, the debate becomes worse than politics! ;)

Yes, you're right! The word has been hijacked to mean something else. When I see the word 'Diet' I instantly think low-calorie, or something else unhelpful. Don't know what we can do about that. And when you mention 'diet' people start talking about the Paleo Diet and the Mediterranean diet, the Atkins Diet, and you end up not knowing where you are! lol

Yes it gets very confusing! I wish nobody had ever invented any restrictive form of diet like those you mentioned. It's not like it ever helped anyone anyway - apparently 98%of ppeople put all the weight back on and more within a few years, whatever dieting regime they follow. I just wanted to know if changing the ratio of nutrients might make me healthier and look what I started ha ;)

Yes, I think it all started in the 60s, and has got worse ever since. You have to eat the combination that suits you, that you feel well on. If you Don't feel well on it then it's not right for you.

Well I've been looking (yet more) stuff up and discovered that low carb dietstend to worsen or even create tthyroid problems,so I dedefinitely won't be doing that! I think I'm going to just try swapping grains for root veggies and fruits (which I love anyway! ) and add more protein and fats. We'll see how we go :)

That sounds like a good plan! Let us know how you get on. :)

Well I think 0 carb might suit some people but I have learned that low carb can lead to various issues with health. For example adrenal fatigue since consuming only protein and fat increases stress hormones which itself by the way can lead to lose weight. Tho that is not healthy. I have also heard that carbs are necessary for thyroid function and extreme diets are one reason for thyroid issues.

I think one can choose better carbs instead of no carbs. If someone disagrees that is ok, this is just how I have learned it.

Also I would not make dramatic changes in diet before I know what is wrong.

Thank you justiina, I will not do anything drastic, I was only considering my options and it seems I was considering the wrong ones! I will as you say perhaps choose better carbs, but I realize now that cutting them out is not appropriate for my situation. I'm glad it works for some people, but maybe not me. Xx

That sounds good :) wait for your results and then see what you should do.

when it comes to sugar cravings try chromium or just cut off all added sugar. For me it worked in 3 weeks and been off of added sugar for 3 years. Have no cravings anymore.

I am still fatigued but cutting off sugar helped otherwise. I might sometimes drink a glass of soda or juice but sugar tastes bad these days. I might eat some candy once a month and be happy for weeks without. And I used to be so addicted. I never believed it is possible to be without.

I do eat fruit and berries and they taste so amazing now.

That sounds a wonderful state to be in... thanks and I hope your fatigue improves. Chromium sounds good too. I have heard it balances blood sugar and was useful for preventing diabetes.

For me the best way to do it was to eat frequent balanced meals. It took a bit effort at first, but soon I realized it had come a good habit! Now it does not even bother if other people are eating junk food around me. I dont feel tempted at all.

But I also read that it is about bacteria in your stomach that regulates it. It is bad bacteria calling for sugar. When you cut it out and add good fiber to feed the good bacteria , the bad bacteria will stop crying for sugar and good bacteria takes it over. It was book written by Giulia Enders, available at least in Europe.

Thanks, book sounds interesting. I definitely improved my digestion when I began taking lactobacillus acidophilus capsules. I had no clue why at the time, then figured gut bacteria might have something to do with it, haha ;) Iit would make sense that sugar destroys them as it has been used as an antibiotic!

I used to be addicted to sugar and chocolate. I tried limiting myself to just a small amount but it didn't work as when I tried eating less, I just ended up thinking about to all the time and then eating more. So like you Justina, I just cut it out. I feel so much better and the weight loss is an added bonus.

That's very interesting, I had the exact same experience awhile ago... I gave up trying because of general life distraction, but maybe this time I'll succeed :)

I ended up gaining weight after cutting off sugar, finally lol. Don't know why it is this way for me, but maybe it is Hashi this way for me.

Omg. Poor you. How can this be?

Everything to do the thyroid seems to be back to front. lol.

That's right. It is.

Lol, I remember you saying everything reverses when regarding the thyroid.

Hello Justin can you tell me what candy is and is it good for you😀

Hi Superparrot - I had to have my thyroid removed because of cancer, before that I lost 2 stone on a low carb diet, you can research ketogenic diet, this is good for the brain as well, I did start to use and still do coconut oil, wonderful stuff, cook with it, eat in smoothies, massage scalp and skin, even give it to my dogs, it has medium chain fartty acids which are used by the liver for energy rather than long chain fatty acids that are used as fat. What happens when we eliminate carbs (all the refined stuff like flour, pasta, rice and anyting with sugar) we get enough from vegetables, then our bodies start to convert fat into energy. It really works and I have now avoided carbs for three years and feel much better for it. I am 70 and cannot eat much whole grains as they cause IBS and other digestive problems, so I really hope you find something useful in the answers here. Take care Sally xx

Thanks Sally, I hope to strike a good balance and will continue to hone my diet to be optimally healthy for my particular needs. I'm glad it has worked for you and wish you all best for the future. Thanks :) Xx

I will highly recomend you a lchf (low carb high fat) lifestyle, not only a short lived diet!

I have been living like that for the past 6 years and got major health benefits from it.

You can get a lot of valid, scientific information from dietdoctor.com, which is founded by a Swedish doctor who has transformed thousands of lives by this. A food revolution is happening in Sweden and spreading around the world, which in many cases heals diabetes, high bp, high cholesterol, obesity and other illnesses.

Lots of interesting reading. The most important thing is to educate yourself and not just believe any opinion on the subject. There are many false understandings of lchf because of lack of valid information. Hope you find your way to health ;)

Thank you! It's all a work in progress... certainly I am quite skeptical of the mainstream point of view. I think there is a deal of hype on both sides of the coin, but I feel it's all about finding a balance that's right for the individual... health to you xx

I second that. People mention whole grains as being healthy. They aren't. We didn't eat processed carbs as cavemen and we didn't trim fat off meat. You need to just to make sure you replace carbs with fat for calories. You'll get sufficient carbs from fruit and veg plus dairy. It isn't a diet it's a healthy way of eating as you're forced to eat natural unprocessed foods. I lift heavy weights, I'm female and I do very well on a reduced carb diet. Who doesn't like steak with some gorgeous buttered veg and blue cheese topping. Move over low fat high sugar crap. 😀

Well it's true I have often found grains quite bloating. I didn't do very well on a low carb diet before however, I felt awful for a month! I think swapping grains for better carbs like root veggies, adding more fats and avoiding processed foods is a good start, so that begins today :) I have never been a 'diet' person particularly, it never made sense to temporarily cut stuff out and then carry on 'as normal'. How would that ever work?! Anorexia was obviously a different thing, I genuinely believed I could carry on forever on 1000 cals a day. Duh what an idiot I was. Anyway thanks for your advice. I think making changes gradually is the best thing, then I can get comfortable with them :)

It's all about fine tuning what regime works for you. If I eat sugar or wheat now I just feel poo. I enjoy cooking and love rich tasty foods like steak (ribeye) or lamb (shoulder) I feel better for it and can only see that eating whole natural foods is a good thing. Albeit expensive. I'm pretty disciplined with it as its pointless cheating. Pity I can't give up wine but hey, it's natural too 😃

Hehe I'm a bit of a vodka girl (very rarely though) ;) I am vegetarian as I have never been able to eat meat without getting sick, dunno why, just doesn't suit me... but I can eat endless quantities of nuts, eggs, seeds, mushrooms, avocado... grass fed butter and cheese... I just have been so tired recently I couldn't be bothered to cook, but I've been taking cautious doses of b vits and selenium and it's helping a bit, so I'm going to make the effort now. Perhaps I can create a healthy recipe thread for everybody :) I hope when I get my results I can get the rright balance of meds and then I think everything will be easier! I actually love healthy food, so I'm quite looking forward to it. Thanks jody :) xx you are a jolly person and make me feel better :)

glad to hear about the B-vits - B12 & complex food for those non-veggie digestion bugs (no offence intended, that's how it is) & butter, phew!

BTW I haven't seen a post from anyone perfect yet...

J :D

Why would I be offended? :) I'm glad i am not original in my imperfection ;) thanks

I meant folks are here 'cos they're poorly & looking for answers... they won't be here if everything is OK.

but I do tend to hesitate a little when a vegetarian diet is mentioned as it can be a bit awkward for some folk to respond.. but thankfully we still have choices in life.

I see! Well I suppose perfection varies according to opinion, ha ;) no I am aware of the impossibility of not consuming anything living. I'm not vegan because I don't think that's practical for me at all. To be honest it was less out of ethical choices as it was forced, because as I said above I get sick when I eat meat... always have, mum used to go apeshit. Tried again and again. Later I tried eating it of my own accord but no... really really sick. Dunno why it's just like that. Completely involuntary!

Let me know what your results are when you get them x

I will! I was going to ask fora print copy so I can look at them properly. Don't know if that's possible.

It's your God given right! Persist. Don't let them fob you off with "normal". Get that print out.

If I have to go in there with a pitchfork I will.. they can be ridiculous sometimes

It's quite scary how bad it gets. I've never had any health issues and didn't know until now how corrupt the whole system is. Google Dr Malcolm Kendrick. He makes for some interesting reading!

I will do that, thanks!

I don't mean to be disrespectful, but you still seem obsessed with your weight and are still thinking that you have some real control over it thru diet, when you will not lose this until you are properly medicated for your thyroid condition, if that is indeed what you have. Fat and Fluid are too different things, Myxedema is Fluid..it can't be lost thru diet.

Oh faith, thank you for your concern. I wasn't actually thinking primarily of my weight here (though it sounded like it now I reread my post, ha). I was just trying to find the healthiest option that would give my system the right support to be properly functional. I am not trying to diet off myxedema! I'm not trying to diet at all! No I think that would be a very bad idea. I know some of this is not myxedema though, I used to be a very consistent healthy-slim and ate ALOT until anorexia (which was less about my weight and more about emotional trauma). Now I am really heavy and it's quite debilitating at times, so a little weight loss wouldn't go amiss :) I sorted out the emotional stuff and never want to be that hungry or skinny ever again, so I have NO intention of doing that. I'm sorry for this long explanation, I just wanted to clarify (especially if any other ED patients read this) that I am not doing this because of my weight so much as my overall health. If I stay heavier so be it, I was checking possibilities really. Okay I'll shut up now, I hope that all made sense, apologies if not... xx


If you were/are anorexic, and haven't had a bone density DEXA scan, please consider having it done.

Thanks for the advice, will consider. Xx

Makes sense. But again, if thyroid is to blame, diet won't help you lose. If your metabolism is slow..you have to sped it up.

Absolutely you're right, I am sorting out my thyroid asap and of course metabolism goes along with that. I just don't want to lose nutrients by eating tons of sugar, etc as I don't think that will help my thyroid... I thought lchf might help me avoid the sugar. And, for my teeth obviously!

A vegetarian diet eventually, can make you very ill, do to lacking nutrients. B12 and Iron are 2 big ones. Would not be surprised if your issues are diet related and not with your thyroid glans..altho Soy and many vegs can slow it down, Goitergens, and so can deficiencies. Deficiencies and starvation and cause a high reverse t3, where your t4 is not converted to t3. You have a lot of testing to be done, to sort this all out.

Actually I've been taking Iron for years, a really good form of it that is as close to 'the real thing' as possible. I mentioned above eating meat makes me very sick. Nobody believes me when I say this, I I don't know what the problem is, but it's just undeniably there. I am actually very careful to get all the nutrients in my diet, I don't think there's anything I don't get now. To be honest I'm not expecting perfect health, after my anorexia experience there was very little chance of my surviving at all. So it's all a lesser of two evils really. I am waiting on tests and hope to find the most positive solution soon. Thanks. Xx

What form is that?

It's called 'bisglycinate' made by solgar. Doesn't upset the digestion like the metal filings the health service feed you! ;)

Oh and I have always avoided soy and goitrogenics for those very reasons! I did a lot of research when I realized I couldn't eat meat... also discovered many issues with meat thatccould also affect the thyroid, so really I think it is a no win situation in our somewhat poisonous modern world... just have to do our best really. Thanks for your input.

Humans were meant to eat meat. Maybe you can't digest the proteins? Or does it just gross you out?

Well I don't seem to digest protein hugely well... but it's hard to say because obviously it now grosses me out as I associate it with puking!

Low metabolism stopped me from digesting and i avoided food for quite awhile. Get tested soon!!

I also lost no weight gluten free. Found that balanced diet is the best. No carbs messes the thyroid up . Took 1 year for 15 lbs the first time. Am embarking again to lose the 10lbs I gained not watching what I ate

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