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Hi All ,

Had to see work doctor today as I have been off for a long time and can't still believe what she said , she prodded my tummy where it has got fat and said is that a baby !! I replied I wish and that I haven't been able to lose it since being hypo to which she replied that it is nothing to do with my thyroid and that if I'm being medicated i should not be overweight !! just had to share this as a lot of you will know the same as me that it's not like that ,I came away from that meeting so upset ,just wanted to share with people who know how hard it is weight and if i could i would it's not through lack of trying .

OK end of my little rant hope you don't mind me sharing .

Jan xx

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  • What a bitch! Some doctors are so ignorant and shouldn't comment if they don't know! I feel so low at the moment too x I had my thyroid removed 10 yrs ago and recently had a relapse but now my meds are balanced but the weight has piled on! I'm trying to find something to wear for work Xmas do and feel so crap as nothing in my size and I feel like a whale . Keep smiling you're not alone x

  • How awful! Clearly not a medical degree with compassion. I am shocked by how little the medical profession seems to know about this condition and it's symptoms. I am fed up of being told I can't be still having symptoms because I am not fat. Well actually for my frame I am heavier than I should be and I watch what I eat like a hawk and weigh myself constantly. I worked out I had to be under 1,000 calories to loose 1lb in 10 days. Dr dismissed that and said it wasn't possible.

    I don't know if anyone else has this but most of my additional weight does seem to be on my belly, almost like a beer belly which I only seem to have got since I started the T4.

  • Yeah mine is all on my belly too I was told by consultant to lose 2 stone! I was asked if I wanted to be referred to a dietician but I refused. At 35yrs old I know what food is good for me and what to avoid. Uk doctors seem to be ignorant to thyroid cases and I always feel like I'm being paranoid or neurotic but I'm not! I do have these symptoms I do feel irritable! US doctors seem more in touch with things so I read up on their websites. Apparently the Paleolithic diet is recommended to people with thyroid problems x x x

  • That is where mine is on my belly ,and like you really watch what I eat but still can't lose any weight !!

    Why is it that most Dr do dismiss it , I just wish she could get it and then she would know just what it's like.......

  • Exactly. That is what I told my endo 'would you accept being told you have to live like this?' He told me to get out of his office. Clearly not one to walk in others shoes!!!

  • Next time is see the endo I'm going to ask to see the dietitian as i now need to lose about 5 stone , and then at least they will see that I just can't shift mine ,I have had the pills they never worked , been weight watchers ,my daughter lost 2 stone I never lost 2 lb !! i will also look at the diet that you say about ,try anything once xxx

  • Jan,

    Your doctor almost has it right, If you are being CORRECTLY medicated then you will not have a weight problem.

    So.... all she needs to do, is some research, get her head out of the sand, read the available information and work with a willing patient to get the meds right.

    She will know she has the meds right when you lose weight, and return to your normal size and energy levels.

    Simple! (if only)


  • Your not wrong there Nel if only !!!

  • Oh how I so agree with all the messages. Why will no-one believe us?! Perhaps if we all got together physically in one place then 'they' would realise how many people are affected. We can't all be wrong! I too have 'belly' weight - something I never had before I was diagnosed (finally) and given treatment. I have finally lost some weight through Slimming World, but it has been a very long slow process - 11 lbs in 18 weeks - and the last couple of weeks weight has gone on even though I've kept to the diet. It's all so frustrating. So, good luck to everyone out there - you are not alone!

  • Hi Jan,

    I have the same problem & have recently started the Slimming World diet.

    It's slow progress, I'm actually eating more that I would do usually but have got half a stone off. I'm also doing more walking, not the best time of year for it :-( but walk to work rather than use the bus but got so fed up of my clothes being too tight.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do,

    Kind regards


  • Mines all on my belly too. Endo told me to lose weight, I complied, cut out all fat, lost 61bs in four weeks, next thing I have a hemmorroid due to the severe constipation, caused by guess what?, cutting fat out of my diet!

    I really feel I am going round in circles with all this and the endo that I saw seemed to be of the attitude that I just had to live with this eight months pregnant looking belly as well which surprised as, as I pointed out to her mid section fat is the most dangerous with a waist measurement over 36 in women being risky. Mine is now 39 since cutting out fat from my diet but was 401/2 but they just don't seem to be bothered by this and she (the endo) spoke in terms of dress sizes as opposed to waist measurements and BMI which I thought was very unprofessional.

  • Hello Tori,

    thanks for posting about the diet that you have heard of for people with thyroid problems, I'm gonna put 'Paleolithic' in a search engine and find out more.

    When I asked the endo I saw if there was a diet that she thought would be good for underactive thyroid she said "no, just smaller portions".

    She might just have well have sat there and called me a greedy pig. I don't think they could care less and seem to be blaming us for this belly fat and not the hypoT.

  • I knew I was not wrong and by all the replies I can see it , just when people say nasty things it make you feel like it's you,even though you know it's not , I just feel like it's a losing battle .thanks to every one who has replied ,and to everyone YOUR NOT ALONE XX

  • It's not easy to lose weight with a thyroid disorder and that doctor was very rude to say the least.19 months ago at the beginning of Jan I had just had enough and thought this is my last shot I joined Slimming World the first week I lost 5.1/2 pounds and got to target losing 5st by June this year. I stuck with some weeks only losing 1/2 a week. I look forward to my meetings every week and I'm now a consultant.

    I would add I have Rheumatoid Arthritis so can't walk far or fast.

    Chin up if you need an ear I'm here and won't try to sell slimming world. 😊

  • HI Nanniejan, I am 60 have 7 kids, and now a few grandchildren, it is a struggle to keep the weight off. I am 5.45 and 119lbs. Since self-medicating with T3, 50mg daily, in 4 doses, added to my 125mg of T4, I find that it is much easier to stay that weight. Still don't eat as much as I used to, only eat veg, maybe a piece of fresh pineapple, or a persimmon, or a mango.

    Have Kerrygold only butter in my coffee, meat eggs cheese, and virgin coconut oil for frying in.

    Forget carbs, just get the veggie and salad carbs, and protein from the meats etc. Always fresh produce, wish I could buy truly organic, but I don't believe that, what they say is organic, is really 100% organic. They probably use, toxic compost for growing it in. Maybe not all do, but a lot do.

    There is just no room to eat anything other than that, or I will put on weight! No cereal, grains breads, obviously for the gluten and far too many carbs. I am very strict, never give in.

    You have to find what works for you.

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