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I'm currently awaiting my Endo appointment for elevated calcium and fluctuating PTH. 2 GP's have said I have a Goitre but ultrasound reveals normal size but 2 very small cysts. I have both Hypo and Hyper symptoms. I can't feel a lump in my throat but when I swallow it sometimes it feels like I'm swallowing mucus all the time. Recently I have started to lose my taste buds and wondered if anyone experiences odd things due to Thyroid? I'm not on any medication for Thyroid and have previously posted all my ranges on a previous post.


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My sense of taste is, I think, altered, though I suppose there could be any number of reasons for that (age, the fact that I was once a smoker, etc). I'm on treatment but didn't notice a difference before vs after. I also have that post-nasal feeling but in my case I have been consuming dairy in quantity for the first time in a long time so I assumed it might be that.

Our symptoms, or what we suspect are symptoms of ht, are often so varied and blurry around the edges (for instance I couldn't tell you when my taste began to change) that it's hard to firmly pin on thyroid alone. It's very frustrating.


During late summer and through early autumn my taste buds changed. Rice, potatoes, salad and fruit were ok but almost everything else cooked tasted sour and tomatoey, even if tomatoes weren't an ingredient. I hardly finished a meal in weeks. Just as suddenly normal taste was restored.

Another poster has reported an unpleasant metallic taste that went on for months.


I notice increased sense of taste following dose increase


since when were cysts 'normal'?

Warning turns out to be a long reply/pseudo rant!

Please check that Vit D for calcium & overworked PTH (D3 prob low after winter) and other vital minerals - iron ferritin folate & B12 first. (There's more, but these are first on the underlying culprit checklist)


I looked into zinc to improve my non-existent taste/smell-buds - since PT op - nope :(

gave up smoking - nope :( associated newfound sinus trouble? maybe (and extra half a stone - so far!)

30 year old tooth abscess? maybe - probably! but it really wasn't this bad before op, can I remember feeling?

It's all very well to think this is trivial but I put off-milk in coffee/tea, cook bad chicken, - even known to have put salt instead of sugar and I didn't see toast burning 'til heard the smoke alarm - however often wake with an electrical burning smell - I'm dangerous! I can't even tell if clothes are whiffy (not mine I don't sweat & am methodical after wearing), One advantage is nappy -changing. :)

I test fish on the cat before I eat it (not the same bit) - hubby is now scared of my spag bol (enough to make it himself!) - well I like to be creative whilst forgetting which fav herb/spice I've already added with gusto .... I only want to taste it for a change....

I'm not diagnosed or treated, despite obvious signs, symptoms, TSH over 5, fugly & half a struggling Thyroid etc. etc.

so..... (confession time) I got fed up, really fed up.

After 1 year or so vit d sorted, 2 years B12 & got myself some T3, 3 years NDT (au naturel) tested my tollerance to glandulars first, upped Vit D, B12 and any underlying deficiencies (that I know of). As pill-phobic they've been in the cupboard awhile waiting for some official go-ahead - like THAT would ever happen! Apparently I'm very, very normal, so normal all I need are ADs - nothing THEY can't handle! --- as if!

'then I got brave (aka stupid?).. despite reading & thinking too much........ Xmas and NDT is keeping me fairly sane (questionnaires available on request) , although I'm a tad more annoyed/tetchy (previously didn't give a darn, doormat comes to mind),

Then yesterday had One teeny weeny half tab T3 and BAM!...... immediately I could smell/taste! Felt the need to run round the garden, however I got some palps & jitters again so happy to let it wear off.... thinking what else I'm lacking in? felt good for a mo' 'tho! J :D (not very helpful as usual - disclaimer I am my own guinea pig)

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Get stuck in to the T3 before you poison your family you daft bat. How the heck are you coping with TSH of 5? Especially when you don't have to feel like that and you just felt the difference. Come on, lady, you've gone the GP route and been let down. Time to self medicate. x


He he! perhaps I'm enjoying being cooked for, for a change, can't tell if it tastes like cr@p anyway! Actually I wouldn't call it coping, I just muddle along in a daze mostly :D

but T3 does scare me (I even took it with milk to tone it done a bit) yes I know Dr Lowe said palps are often just things kick-starting, so I went an easier route with NDT first, in fact I get jittery when dose is due - this pill taking is very confusing, thanx for the support J :D


You don't have to cook if you become euthyroid, you know :-D Just take it slowly and little doses until you become used to it.


Question SR - have you every tried plain levo?

Moggie x


No - thought about it but decided to try natural stuff, if I was going to be naughty I may as well try the 'good' stuff! J :D

Apologies to Essex for hijacking your post a bit, I just meant to sympathise really, and that it is a Thyroid thing x


Have you looked into hyperparathyroidism?


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