Feeling fat and foolish

Hi all, new to site. So glad I stumbled across it. I'm 65 yo female. I was undiagnosed for 5 years by GP that gave variety of reasons for hairloss, extreme fatigue, terrible aches & pains, nightmares that made me afraid to go to sleep, bad skin and weight gain, loss of libido etc. One time he told me that my body shape told him I was a natural endomorph!! Anyway German Locum took one look at me when I walked in and ordered bloods, then panic stations as I was called at home to start Levo script. That was 15 years ago and I am now on 150 mcg Levo. I didn't know about asking to see results, just accepted GP knew best & took meds like a good girl. My weight has ballooned to point that I can't even walk for long distances. I joined gym and work out like a trojan but lose no weight. I now have huge distended tummy that is uncomfortable when I eat, so I eat not very much. I fall asleep most afternoons now, like the old lady that I don't feel like in my head. I have decided enough is enough and have ordered blue horizon bloods and would like to post results when they come through for any advice you can give on how to go forward

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  • Welcome to the forum, Dahlia17.

    When you post your BH results and ranges members will advise whether you are optimally medicated and, if vitamin and mineral results and ranges are included, whether you need to supplement.

  • Thank you Clutter, I have spent time wading through all the posts and I just wish I had found this earlier. I need to be well armed with info for when I see my GP again. I feel like I have lost all those years, feeling detached and unwell. No more though, whatever it takes

  • I think the first thing that rises when we find out that things could have been better is anger. I, too, was undiagnosed/untreated for quite a few years. You get the symptoms diagnosed but not the root of the problem. A first aider diagnosed me, none of the private doctors or GPs.

  • Lots of us spent years suffering ill-health because we just accepted that "doctor knows best". It is a bit of a shock to the system to discover that doctors have feet of clay and really don't have our best interests at heart. But once people realise that, it can be very liberating to know that in many ways we can improve our own health.

    Welcome to the forum. :)

  • Thank you

  • Do t go mad on the exercising just yet as it won't help at the moment

  • I was 7 years undiagnosed and fobbed off with every virus under the sun. A newly qualified doc doing a 6 months GP rotation diagnosed me and sent me for thyroid bloods without me knowing (TSH TFT meant nothing to me those days). I could have kissed him when bloods came back with an answer to my symptoms but my own GP wouldn't put me on meds, he wanted a 6 months wait and see approach new blood test. Needless to say results were even more deranged. I am still angry at that 25 years later.

  • Welcome! You have taken the first and most important step to getting back to who you should be. Most of us found out the hard way that the GP did not know or care about thyroid problems. I probably would be dead if not for this site and the information and support.

    Read as much as you can, in short bursts, so it stays somewhere in the fog of your brain. When you are treated properly, your brain will come back - promise! I missed mine for over 2 years, but welcomed it back when the little grey cells started firing up!

    We have learned to treat ourselves, listen to our bodies and take control. It is hard at first, but the results are SO worth it! It can be a long road, but just keep plodding on, reading more and experimenting with different doses and vits.

    New Year - New You! Keep asking if you get stuck - many of us have been where you are now and can suggest how to go forward. Good luck and hug.

  • It's natural to be angry, but now you have found us, you can stop being angry & do something about it! Get as many of your blood test results from your GP as you can, but at the very least, get your last test. (You are legally entitled to them, though you might have to pay a few pence for printing) Post your results on here for people to comment on. (Start a new post, so more people will see them)

    Leave the exercise for now, until your levels are optimal (which means posting on here, getting advice, taking the new supplements etc for a while, then re testing. Some people will find this process takes 6wks, some, years) as you will just be putting out lots of effort for no reward, as you have been finding.

    We will speak soon!

  • Thanks for response. I have multiple health issues, one of them being COPD, for which I have an annual review booked for next week. I will ask for previous bloods while I am at surgery. I think my last bloods were back in April but I will have a Blue Horizon test &results in about a week as well.

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