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What a doctor thinks of 'evidence based' medicine.. Daily mail anyone?

I have contacted him, albiet via his sagents, to ask when he is going to uncover the shocking truth that CCG's are stopping GP's and Endo's from prescribing T3 to people who need it.

Shall we send the same to the Daily Mail?

Yes I think I will

What have we got to lose?


consider it done, feel free to duplicate to them

email address is

subject line ---- Hello, please pass this to medical/ health team.** Letters are landing on doormats daily **

When are you going to uncover the shocking truth that CCG's are stopping GP's and Endo's from prescribing T3 to 1000's of patients who need it to be well!?

The potential impact of this course of action for increased costs to the NHS and the increase in suffering now (and for all future people in need) is staggering and criminal.

This is a medical paper which covers 'everything' on the subject

which includes T3 mix treatment

Here is an article by GP that relates the detrimental effect of 'evidence based medicine'

Please look at this ,1000's are finding themselves in a desperate situation

Letters are landing on doormats daily saying you can no longer have T3!

Because of CCG 'guidance' Gp's and Endo's say there hands are tied

Patients in desperate need! 1000's of us!!


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1000's could be underestimated number.  If like over here in Finland the underestimated number of people suffering from converting issues ( includes those need t3 and any combined therapy) is approximately 6000 to 7000 people  then using just 1000's in big country like UK might not be interesting enough. 

Not criticism,  just saying.  Over here to say it is 5% but if rough estimation worldwide is 15 % it makes a huge difference. 

If worldwide over 200 000 000 people suffer from converting issues take 15 % of that and suddenly it ain't a tiny problem anymore.  

If I do my math right it could mean about 200 000 needing T3 just in UK.  Even if it would be only 5% then it is still more than just 1000's. 


Dr Skinner, deceased, also was against 'evidence-based' medicating but doctors/specialists began referring patients to him patients with 'mysterious illnesses'and he became involved when patients had clear signs of clinical symptoms which weren't being taken into the equation. Their TSH didn't fit the new guidelines. and Dr S was a Virologist.

Doctor Lowe wrote about the 'Tyranny of the TSH'.plus

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Dr Kendrick is another who isn't frightened of the 'Specialities'.


wat...that so wrong miles well shoot us al now..takin some1s life away..these pple need be stopd 


Is there any way of arguing that it is eu rules which create the problem? If u could do that the Mail might publish.


That Mail article was 9 yrs ago.True that Labour stuffed GPs mouths with gold.Doubled their salaries and removed night/ weekend work. Still they complain and there are shortages.Should,after we spend a fortune training them,be tied to work for a minimum number of years.

Consultants also got a huge increase.I knew the manager who negotiated that( if negotiated is the right word for a gift) ,a really nice man but a hopeless manager and he was a CE!



The article was 9 years ago BUT it was on a web site guiding DOCTORS in BEST PRACTICE given that one of the reasons I have found in a CCG refussal letter to funding T3 was that they were being guided by 'best practice'

I think it's relevant. Also given that the Doctor who wrote it is still within the NHS, and an investigative journalist I think it was worth a shot.

Interestingly he works with children with CFS ( which as we all know is a label)

Wouldn't it be great for the kids, us and him if he did some therapeutic trials of thyroid meds to see if they help?

Personally I think, that a lot of, CFS,  ME, Fibromylagia and even 'early alzheimers' etc might benefit from a therapeutic trial of thyroid meds.  ( I told a friend she was low beacause of her speak etc, she self medicated with T4 and was well, came clean with doctor who made her stop for 3 months, she reverted and when she crawled in to see him again he actually knelt down and apologised to her. " I would have said you had the start of Alzheimers"  Her mother was in a home with it. Sadly I expect he's dead now or been driven mad by the NHS

( who of us hasn't worried they've got Alzheimers  went they couldn't think of words or barely string a sentence? My family used to say it to me!

No offence is meant at all to any sufferers.

Ant condition has a multitude of factors

Thyroid is NOT a cure all - I realise that

In fact nothing will work unless we learn to control our emotions and therefore stress and give the body what it needs to function optimally.

xxx to all

ps. did anybody know a GP who works more than 3 days a week?


I agree with you .It was an observation not a criticism, as i often assume postings are linking up to date reports .


Yes i really did think "old timers" was getting me last year post thyroidectomy and i was only 50. Endo reckoned i was hyper looking at TSH/T4 and said B12 was ok (low in range) Luckily as a last resort i tried 5000mcg daily of the sublingual b12 methylcobalamin (plus folic acid & eating nuts for selenium/magnesium) and its sorted me out, not sure if they boosted t4/t3 conversion or how exactly im better but im so grateful that i am. Im not 100% but now at a level where its very manageable, last year i even gave up my job so that tells you how bad i was. Its only recently that ive felt i could work again, mentally and physically. There are so many things that affect how you use levo so its a minefield and its a precarious recovery. GP wanted me to reduce my b12 supplements as my bloods now twice top range but just 3 days into reducing and symptoms started appearing so i've gone back to full dose again im not feeling brain dead again for anyone not to mention the numbness and muscle pains! 

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