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new to this site can anyone help review results please

Can anyone advise if I have hashimotos

Tsh 3.11

Free t4 15.3

Total t3 1.70

Tpo 650

Fsh 25

Prolactin 128

ferritin 27

I am a 40 year old female symptoms include irregular

Periods, normally regular, constipation, fatigue

Puffy eyelids puffy legs weight gain!

Any advice appreciated


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Firstly can I say welcome to the site.

It is the general rule of thought on here that your TSH should be 1 or under to make you feel anything like half human again and your right about getting worse if your docs advice is anything to go by, the wait and see attitude is not a good idea. Your ferritin is way to low and you should be aiming for about 70, but saying that you haven't put any ranges with these results and as every lab has different ranges it would be helpful to people on here is ranges were included.

Moggie x


Thanks for your answer ferritn range 30-150 I have been low for many years . I take a course of iron bump it up a bit for as long as I can stand constipation then forget it for a while!! but this never caused me to feel so rough before!! and i have been lower

Tsh Ref range 0.5-4 i have been creeping up for past 2 yrs and TPO that i got dr to test ref range is 0-49 so 650 seems extreme?


In case of any difficulty in buying the by Dr Anthony Toft it is actually called "Understanding Thyroid Disorders" Buy at Amazon or a chemist's.

Hope you do not mind this Clarebear.


will order it today.. THANK YOU


Hello - your TPO looks high although to be certain I would need to see the range. This would indicate autoimmune hypothyroidism or Hashis.

In my opinion you should be put on thryoxine with these results, particularly as you are symptomatic. It may be hard to convince your doctor of this though as your TSH is likely to be in range (again need the ranges to be certain). As Moggie says though once on treatment most people feel best with their TSH under 1.

Have you got the little book by Dr Toft available in most chemists called Understanding Your Thyroid? He is a former president of the British Thyroid Association and says some useful things in it. One of them is that if a patient is sub-clinical (which your results suggest) AND they have antibodies then starting on thyroxine might help to "nip things in the bud". If I was you I would show your GP this and hope that he/she will help you.

Good luck :) x


Thanks very much for your reply

GP advises wait as tsh 3.11 ref range 0.4 and TPO range 0-49 so 650!!!

She advises that im heading to hypo but not there yet so watch and wait



i do not know how she can say you are heading for hypo, you have symptoms and the very essence of the word "sub-clinical" is just that - there are no clinical symptoms.

Clarebear's advice and opinion is spot on.


If you have antibodies Dr Toft says in a Pulse article with symptoms things should be nipped in the bud with levothyroxine. Email and ask for copy of article for your G.P.


Just a little tip when using this site - if you use the "reply to this" button when answering someones comment they will get an email to say you have responded. It stops people missing your replies to them.



Thanks x


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