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Candida anti-fungals / experiences / where to buy!!??

Hi again,

So...VERY briefly.....(is that possible?) am looking to hit the Candida again.

I've tried very many times overs 25 or more years and the latest Genova test showed up (VERY) positive.

Am looking to buy Diflucan (Fluconazole) and wondered if there was a GOOD place to source? Also DR P suggests 150 mg- 1 weekly x 3 weeks is that enough??? Am I reading this correctly?

I've tried Nystatin twice B4 and the die off made me very ill. Am self employed so VERY ill is not an option for me...really, I cant 'not work'.

I'll start even more slowly than once a week if its going to be a similar experience to Nystatin.

And of course the diet nightmare!!



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Hi Adzie,

As far as 'die off' is concerned, from everything I've read, unfortunately you just

have to bite the bullet. For years I've also had brushes with Candida, along with a friend.

We are both post-menopausal now (aged 62), my friend's GP and a Pharmacist,

bore this in mind when prescribing/issuing anti fungal medication. After seeing a

Kinesologist I once went to several separate pharmacies to get 3 Fluconozole tablets,

asking for more than 1 at a time was unheard of!

I was never successful in sticking to the rigid diet. Basically, just trying to limit my intake

of sugar,yeast etc. I can cope with it as long as I don't have that 'spaced out feeling'.

Still trying to get a diagnosis re Thyroid. Both a GP and Consultant Neurologist

have told me they don't know everything, such a comfort! One GP told me she had

tested for everything!


Yes, Dr P does recommend Fluconazole 1 weekly for three weeks. If you have a very bad problem then the die off will be quite harsh! I did it once! Then I switched to other things (mainly probioticis) which I am still working with. Look at EcoBalance - see if you like that.

Also check with your pharmacy...mine was happy to give me three packets of Fluconazole when I explained who had suggested the treatment. However, do read up on the does say should not be taken by anybody over 60.

Also Earth Clinic is an interesting forum and they have extensive write up about and AVC.

I think going the slow approach only keeps on top of the problem....however anything harsh and your body has to be up for the treatment!

I hope others will post something very helpful!

Take care.



Have you looked at the more natural options - I'm sure you have - but just in case you haven't come across threelac it could be worth a try? Pricey though!!


Try Amazon... amazing what you can buy on there.

If you're starting more slowly, then perhaps consider a lower dose rather than taking it less often to get a more sustained but less severe effect. When I was prescribed fluconazole for oral thrush, it came in 50mg capsules.


Erica White's Beat Candida Cookbook: Over 300 recipes with a 4-point plan for attacking candidiasis [Paperback]

Erica White (Author)

Hello lm not good at copying and pasting! Sorry...l have been on the anti candida diet for some years now..l have to take antibiotics and was very poorly with candida and leaky gut..

I would. Recommend this book.l have given it to many friends. She uses acidopilus, caprilic acid vit C etc ..a natural will get die off.....and feel worse before better.

BUT l will say you won't ever relieve Candida by just cutting a few foodstuffs out or a bit of this wont hurt! Approach...because every time you eat something you are back to stage one..don't drink those little yogurt drinks as they are not sugar's better to take the good bacteria in tablet form...

Good luck l hope you feel better soon...Donna x


Thanks all,

I've had 25 or so years experience with Candida but have only tried (out of the strong anti fungals) Nystatin.

I've had die-off many times and yes its HORRENDOUS!....once I had to drive back home on the way to a gig and get my girlfriend to drive me so I could have lots of strong lager! Going onstage during a panic attack is NOT an option and its my job.....catch 22 eh!

May try a more gentle approach not sure...a friend recommends Candigest which eats the die-off as well!! Has anyone tried it??



I get 3 x 150mgs Fluconazole online for £5.56 postage included and they are VERY quick. Send me a message if you want to know more. Otherwise you can ask the chemist for one tablet from BEHIND the counter (meaning that you don't get sold something expensive with creams etc included) but get a BP one for just a very small cost. If you want more then ask for one at another chemist as I don't think they like to sell more than one at a time. Just say you want it for thrush.


Did u find it any good?? Did u take ONE a week for 3 weeks?? x


It was for my adult daughter. She took one a week for 3 weeks and found it worked but then went straight back to junk food and was back to square one in a short while! But it did work but one needs to stay off the sweet stuff etc.


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