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Well after 3 weeks have just received the results of my blood tests and after having to ask the receptionist 3 times for the levels, she finally stated that: TSH was 1.2, T3 17.8, B12 383, Folate 4??? I have no idea really what this means as looking at what the 'normal' level range some just don't seem to add up :P I was also, told I needed to see the GP but, it was not urgent? Can anyone shed any light on this please?

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Please post the actual results plus the relevant reference ranges then you can be helped.

You are entitled to have an actual printed copy of blood tests, that is your right.


Could that T3 result actually be T4? Otherwise it looks rather high. Yes reference ranges needed please. Thanks


The B12 is likely in range, but low in range and the folates may be may wish to consider supplementing both. The B12 would be best sublingual and the methyl type of b12. Your GP will probably say the B12 is normal :)


Receptionists make lots of mistakes as not medics. Make sure you ask for a print out with ranges. They may ask a GP if you can have them but it is routine.



My GP will want to see me about once a year even if my results are okay - just to check that everything is fine. It may be that they are supposed to see you within a certain number of prescriptions.

I think it would be unusual for a thyroid problem to be urgent, as things don't happen quickly do they? (I am guessing, but I'd have thought it wouldn't be considered urgent unless they thought something nasty was going on - maybe others know more on this?).

Why don't you make an appointment with your GP and let him/her explain?


I have already seen my GP within the last 3 weeks to review meds and symptoms, thats why I was sent for another blood test.

I have another appointment on Thursday


ah I see - maybe he/she wants to discuss trialling a change in your meds if you're still not feeling right? Where sometimes I've been borderline normal, my GP has changed my dose according to my symptoms.

Wishing you the very best of luck!


Despite being diagnosed 18mths ago, was started on 50mg, then upped to 75mg Levo, my GP has not been keen to change my dose, despite continuing symptoms :( From what I can make out my folate is low and so is my B12 and thats why the GP has asked to see me again. I am hoping they sort me out soon :(


Following another visit to the GP my folate level is low but, my B12 is mid range! I have now been put on Folic acid, let see if that helps with the symptoms, will keep you posted!!! :P


I know your GP has said your B12 result is ok because it is mid range but there is a great deal of information pointing to the fact that the serum B12 test is unreliable.

Do you have other symptoms of B12 deficiency? Exhaustion is one of them.

If you go onto the Pernicious Anaemia Society (PAS) website forums you will read plenty of stories about people who have B12 deficiency with mid range results. There is now an active B12 test which is said to be more reliable. The PAS are campaigning with a good deal of success to get the protocols altered.

The thing that really concerns me is that you have been prescribed folic acid - this is known to mask a B12 deficiency by altering the other blood test markers. The B12 deficiency continues to cause damage but is hidden from the results. Even the NHS Choices web site acknowledges this if you read towards the bottom under folates:

This happened to my sister although admittedly her B12 results were lower than yours. Only fairly recently I searched through her old results and found in 2007 she had positive parietal cell antibodies, above range red cell distribution width and low but in range B12 which was ignored. Her folate was below range and the idiots in their wisdom treated her for that only. So for 5 years the B12 deficiency went unnoticed. She now has permanent nerve damage. That is why I could not stop myself from posting this.

The GPs and consultants for that matter know very little about this and unless they do, they just dismiss it with damaging consequences for so many. If you cannot persuade your doctor and you can afford it, I would try to get the Active B12 test done BEFORE taking folic acid just to make sure you do not have a B12 problem - google it or search on this site.

Alternatively, take a good sublingual Methylcobalamin B12 supplement of at least 1mg per day along with the folic acid. B12 is a water based vitamin which is very safe and any excess is excreted in the urine. It really doesn't matter if the levels in the serum test go way above the normal range. However, you can forget getting a diagnosis of B12 deficiency once the levels go high.


Hi editfmrt

Thank you very much for your post. I have had a quick look at the PAS website and I do have numerous symptoms including burning sensations in my leg and big toe lol!!! My GP appears to be pointing to every other angle regarding my symptoms apart from the thyroid and PA??? I am not sure why but, I have taking HRT for over 20 years with no problems but, he has even mentioned changing that dosage which, I stated I was not happy to do!!! I wish I was in a position to go private to get it sorted but, unfortunately this is not possible. I am appalled with the treatment or lack of understanding with these issues by the medical profession and beginning to feel I will never get the correct diagnosis or medication I need :(


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