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Anyone on this? I was on it, but cannot get any more, they seem to either have run out or discontinmued aarrghh. As website says 'unavailable and do not know when or if we will get a supply' I am now on thiroyd (that IS how it is spelled) and it is much weaker and I am going hypo again.........I have increased from the usual 2 and a half on the thyroid-S in an attempt to accomodate the decrease to 3,5 grains but I am stuffed up, puffed up and constipated and I am also using magnesium oil and serenity cream. I really do not what else to do now.

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Hi Vee,

I'm so sorry stocks have run out for the time being. I dread to think how many people are going to get really ill because of this.

Could you get Armour instead for the time being?

I can only imagine what you are going through.

Have you tried other internet pharmacies?

Hugs. XXX


I usually stick to the one I know that worked for me. But as it was out of stock O ordered the other one the thirroyd but it isnt strong enough not for me anyway. I haven't looked anywhere else, but I just keep going back to the website where the thyroid S is........ I cant get armour asit needs a prescriptions....:0)

Thanks you for your support and reply. xx


You can buy armour without a prescription from abroad. better than going without.

And yes as to your post further down, I agree and wish doctors would just write a damn prescription and save us all a lot of unnecessary stress and in some cases financial hardship.


Peter says it will be available first week of December. I would keep checking, Vee. Here is their statement:

"We are currently out of stock of Thyroid-S. Latest update from the factory is it will be available first week in December, sorry. Please consider to purchase our other product Thiroyd, available now. The active ingredients content is quite similar. Some people prefer it, some people prefer Thyroid-S, many people find both effective.

We are diligently working on payment methods, but it has not been easy for us. Apparently Google has paid a US$500 million settlement to the US FDA for allowing prescription drug advertising on their AdWords platform.

Google to Pay US$500 Million."

If I had any I would most certainly send it to you but I only have Thiroyd which doesn't agree with you .

Hang in there and let's hope someone will come to your rescue. You can always return the loan when your order arrives.

Silky x


Hello Silky and thank you so much for the support. I am so grateful for your reply, I had not looked today I last looked Monday and nothing. It said the word 'if' they get it again and my whole world turned upside down.

It isnt that thiroyd doesnt agree with me, it doesnt seem strong enough. I am up to four grains of that and I was only on 2,5 of the other one. I am going to keep an eye out, which I couldpre order and feel secure. I am definitely going to order a lot more than I normally do.

Bless your hearts. So appreciatre your mails. I have been feeling absolutely horrible lately. Ifeel like I am 161 instead of 61. aarrghh


God --- How I wish doctors in the UK and everywhere else for that matter, would just sign a piece of stupid paper and give NDT to their patients who ARE ON levothyroxine scripts. This kind of thing would then be eradicated as doctors could buy the stuff in bulk. It works for me, I am happy to pay if I need to, I just cannot do without the stuff. Levo is such a por and cruel substitute,.

I took some of that and went totally hyper and had the most awaful palpitations and arythmias eek


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