Hair loss on thyroid-s ?

Hi all have been taking thyroid-s for just over 3 mths now was a bit shaky at first (think i expected too much) but am feeling much better now on 2 grains a day, more energy clearer thinking and actually stood up for myself yesterday and have even lost a couple of pounds but have got a problem with my hair, i have never had thick hair when i first started with thyroid problem lost a lot of my hair from the front it did grow back but not as thick as before now i have started to lose it again it is really thin at front as this is where it effects me the most but seems it has gone fine all over what i would like to know is,is it due to change in meds or is it the thyoid-s if so do i need to change ndt or do i need to wait till my body adjusts to thyroid-s ?

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  • Could just be that its old hair that was pre thyroid-s falling out

    it takes a long while for old growth to clear and new to arrive when anyone has been ill

  • thanks reallyfedup will give it a bit more time.

  • Foxyeyes, I found it took about 10 weeks for hairshedding to stop after I reduced dose having overmedicated T3 last summer.

    I've recently reduced T4 dose because hairshedding has increased and am hoping it will improve although bloods don't indicate overmedication.

  • Thanks Clutter will wait a bit longer.

  • Don't forget low ferritin (stored iron) & biotin levels can contribute to hairloss too, as T-hormone makes more demands....

  • Thanks Sparerib will make sure i take my supplements every day.

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