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4 days ago I started taking Thyroid-S. Not sure if this was all in my head, but the first 3 days I took it I was feeling amazing. Big things I noticed were that the cold no longer bothered me and I was no longer tired all the time. I had so much energy those three days. Could this be a placebo effect, or is it possible to feel the effects so quickly? The weird thing is now I'm on day 4 and I feel like my crumby old self again.

Also I started on half a grain instead a full grain. My plan was to do 2 weeks at half a grain, then 2 weeks on a full grain, then 2 weeks at 1.5 grains, then 4 weeks at 2 grains. Does this sound good, or should I just go ahead and switch to a whole grain now? I noticed not many people start as low as half a grain.

Oh and finally I need to figure out if I'm going crazy here or not....I could have sworn when I ordered my thyroid-s it was listed as 30mg grains, but when I got the bottle it says they are 60 grains each. Do 30mg thyroid-s exist, or did I just imagine that? I would write what site I got them from, but I'm not sure if that's against the rules of healthunlocked.

Thanks all!

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  • Hi I think that it depends on what you were taking before as well. I was on 100 levo and stopped to take 1 grain and increased as you stated. This was in June 2016. I am now on 2.5 grains per day taken in two doses. I think that it's 60mg per grain, 9 of T3 and the rest T4.

    I was feeling much improved on Thyroid s but am still feeling extremely tired all the time.

    Hope that you sort yours out. By the way I have no thyroid gland and weigh 132 lbs. 5ft 8 inches tall.

  • Flamingpie,

    You probably had a good reaction to the T3 in Thyroid-S but the amount is not sufficient to sustain the feeling and you need more. Thyroid-S only comes in 60mg tablets. 30mg tablets are available in other NDT brands.

  • Yeah that makes sense. Do you think I should go ahead and increase to a full grain, or should I stick with my current plan of continuing half a grain for 2 weeks and then increasing to a full? Today is my fifth day.

  • Flamingpie,

    How much Levothyroxine were you taking before?

  • Never took Levo. This is my first thyroid medication.

  • Flamingpie,

    Take it slowly then and stick with 1/2 grain for a couple of weeks.


  • So I started on half a grain for 15 days. As I said I felt amazing those first two days but then it kinda fell off. On day 16 I decided to go up to a full grain. I was expecting that initial jolt to come back but it never did in fact I'm starting to think I'm a little worse than I was when I was on half a grain. Should I drop back down? Or should I wait it out on a full grain?

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