Can anyone hel please?

Can anyone hel please?

Just had my results from my last blood test, I requested to have T3,T4,TSH Ferritin and Viamin D tested, for my forthcoming apointment with the hospital, in 2 weeks time.

My resuls are

TSH 2.2 2

T4 16.39

Folate 17.2

Ferratin 29 My T3 was requested by myself but the nurse at the GP said a docor would have to request that, so no result for this one. I was hoping to give the T3 hormone a try as I am feeling rather unwell and have been for a long while, Any help will be glady accepted.

Thank you

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  • it has been a long time since i had my ferratin tested so this all from memory.... but i think 29 is low, i was 133 (i think)and that was fine. try to find out the reference range. that can make you feel lousy.

    do some research

    good luck


  • Ferritin needs to be over 70 to enable thyroid meds to be used....... try some iron supplements.


  • will this rev up the thyroxine and help with all the underlying symptoms?

  • well, it's thought that if your iron levels are low, the thyroid hormone can't get in to, or be used by the cells.


  • Thanks for this, interesting.

    The only issue with me and Iron is, constipation which im sure lots of people can relate to also.

    Thank you for this, the thyroid is a very complex organ.

    'Merry Christmas'x

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