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I've had hypothyroidism for over 10 years now (I'm 41) and my levels never seem to settle. Just had another blood test as since the summer have been feeling progressively worse, no periods, hair loss and weight gain despite being on a strict diet and exercising 4 times a week, my TSH levels are now 10.3 U/mL (range 0.35-6.9). All my doctors do is increase my thyroxine dose, had been taking 200mcg but this has now been increased to 225mcg. I have finally succeeded in demanding to see the "elusive" endocrinologist but getting an appointment before Spring next years seems virtually impossible! Any suggestions? I feel constantly tired, fuggy and generally fed up with this condition.

Thanks for listening.


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GBZK: Im so sorry to hear your having such a crap time it really isnt right. Where are you based?




Thanks for your reply, based in West Berkshire.


Ooohh.. your doctor is lost, he doesn't know what he is doing and is failing to manage your condition. I would put this in writing to him and demand an early referral to an endo..... Leaving you with a high TSH is dangerous and if he had done his research he would know this. There was a press release by the society for endocrinology in March this year (google it) and they say that a tsh of more than 4 puts you at risk of heart problems. Print it out and show him.

If you keep increasing the dose of thyroxine and it doesn't work then it;s not converting into t3....... if you keep increasing the store of Throxine( T4) your body will have to make vast amounts of reverse t3 to break it down. Reverse T3 stops the real t3 getting in to the cells.....

I would be asking for t3, or at least a free t3 test to see if you are converting the t4 into t3. If he refuses you can get a free t3 teast from lab 21 for less than £20. If you are not converting the t4 into t3 then there is little point in taking it.

Are you taking selenium to help with conversion?



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