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Hello fellow Thyroid-Uk bloggers.

In a lot of ways we are very lucky people for we are now all 'meeting' each other through this blog. I want to say a huge thank you to Lyn Mynott, a treasure to behold, for starting Thyroid UK in the first place. Her determination and tenacity for the truth has already helped so many people.

By coming together as we are, the future of others will not be as bleak as our pasts have been.

My journey started over 12 years ago when after a messy divorce (after 24 years of marriage) I thought now was the time to find out why I had felt so ill throughout most of my life.

What came then was one barrier after another, GP - huge brick wall, blood tests - 2ft higher than GP wall, consultants - 2 ft higher than blood tests wall, the brick wall then appeared to be about 10ft high, being only 5' 4" (lost 2cm in height in 2 years) it seemed a mamoth task to scale it!

Of course at this point the word 'Prozac' was mentioned for my 'mental instabililty' - poppycock!

My road in life then changed by visiting

Private Gynea - Private blood test - Low thyroid levels

Private GP - Underactive thyroid - food intolerances (many) - leaky gut

Private MRI scan - deformed spine (my spine did not 'grow' properly when I was a teenager) My GP at the time basically told me the pain I experienced in my spine was 'all in my head'

The list goes on............ I will not bore you with all of it. Suffice it to say I am still trying to balance my body, I now have Adrenal Farigue with all associated problems.

Through all of this the most horrifying part was a comment by one of the GP's (my GP at the time left the surgery and another arrived in her place). Bearing in mind that in life we are learning every day, from people, situations and books that we read, I thought, nay I had hoped that my new GP would be interested in reading the books and articles from Thyroid UK about the thyroid problems people were experiencing - his comment - 'I don't feel it necessary nor do I have the time to read these books or articles, my training covered the thyroid'.

I was horrified to think that here - a GP - who is our first port of call - is not undergoing, either from his own violition or as a requirment by the GMC, CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

It would appear from that comment that he knew it all!!!

As mentioned earlier our GP is our 'first port of call' and sometimes the start of our brick wall, some are not able to scale that wall for many and varied reasons, one lady I met recently obviously didn't, 15 different types of drugs, a horrendous tale, now over 40 stone and unable to move! I am very happy to report though that this particular lady is now getting the help she needs and is on a slow road to recovery.

Well now ladies and gents it is time our voices are heard!

Another very good read 'Tears behind closed doors' by Diana Holmes.

Have a great day to all of you and never give up.


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I so agree with you. I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid about 10 years ago and I have to say that I have not felt well since. I have a GP who thinks it is all in my head dispite having several other medical conditions. I have really bad digestive problems and have been told that I have had all the tests and that there is nothing wrong. I have tried to tell them that I think it is my thyroid but they say the tests are fine. I was put on an extra 25mg of thyroxine and a month later was rushed into hospital with Atrial Fibrillation and a pulse of 170 so of course it was put down to the extra medication but the cardiologist was not certain that this was the case but in that month my high cholestrel came down from 8.6 to 5 so it seems to me that surely my body needs the extra thyroxineAnyway the outcome is that after a "fight" with my GP she has at last refered me to a endoc so here's hoping



how our history mirrors!l so agree with you how fortunate we are to have a forum as the lastest help tool attached to thyroid uk...which would never have happened if not for lynns own illness and own suffering.something that not all drs have an insight into..l have sometimes wished she would set up in practice...1/2 hr with lynn would be worth years of appointments with many GPS! a wealth of knowledge...something always comes from bad!

we do see ,if we are able to get out ! many un helped thyroid sufferers...l have recently led two friends to be diagnosed...

both had been ill for as you say...let our voices be heard and spread the word!there is always a way to go if you look for it!


Too tired to write much but I wanted to jump in and say I agree with the blog and comment.I am anxiously awaiting my results a week tomorrow and hoping and praying they show something. I have had depression before and this isn't it..mentally I feel quite well, there are things I want to do but am too f*******d to do anything.

I agree we are so lucky to have this site. I've waffled on in my blog about my work situation, which has left me virtually housebound and I have no friends..isn't that a sad thing to state at 54 ..but I am ok...apart from these wretched symptoms. Big thank you to Lyn Mynott



Thank you for commenting, I wish you all the luck possible.



Hello Donna

Thank you for your comment. You see through us others are being helped, that is wonderful.



Hello Bunny

Thank you for the comment. I also am 54. I wish for you the results you need.



Well I had never really given my adrenal glands any thought till you and Donna mentioned them....but the pattern of Donnas day and that described by Dr Peatfield sounds identical to mine.

Someone on the site told me I could ring the hospital and get any results that were already in,to prepare for the appt.

Well I tried that and the receptionist was lovely till I asked what the actual figures was like I'd asked for national security details " oooooooh no not allowed to tell you over the phone" " well can you email them to me? "

Nope..all to difficult. It really ticks me off when they know things about me and I'm not allowed to know..doesn't it you? As it's my first visit next week I'm expecting as a minimum strange looks when I ask for the actual test figures!

Ah well onward and upward


bunny please remember that it is your right to see the consultant ( if he is there) and not the registrar if you so wish..just make it clear when you check in for your appointment..they sometimes make you wait FARRR longer just to be b....dy awkward sometimes. but heh you have all the time eh! and your there and your out for the day!so whats another hour! dont forget a drink and somthing to eat!! could be sometime bet to see the organ grinder rather than the monkey!so you know if in the future you will get on at the clinic..good wishes to you ,not long now..


Hi Everyone, it is this site that led me to see Dr Peatfield and have my adrenals tested by Genova before i met him, and that is half my problem as mine are terribly low. Im 54 as well, that makes a few of us doesnt it, Ive got the Diana Holmes book, a brilliant read, im still learning all the time and i thank everyone for their advice especially Lyn Mynot for runnning this site. Good luck Bunny, Val,Wellwisher and Donna. Heres hoping we all succeed health wise in the future.

Best Wishes

Angie x


i have my script delivered to my house from the chemist


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