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After yesterdays gp appointment and referral that is going to be made to rheumatology i decided to find out about a private consulation. This enquiry led me to find out the extent of different types of rheumotoligists, and even at the point of referral you need to see someone who has expereince in that paticular area. I was even told there was a thyroid rheumatology, one for connective tissue, bone including osteroathritus whcih includes spine and neck pain. And the list goes on. I was also told that if the consultents didnt specialise in your paticular area you would be referred elsewhere instead of them second guessing.

The reason i used the heading Upstairs Downstairs is because it feels like a class division to me and in my expereince we are given the downstairs referrals. We might improve if we were given appropriate referrals to people with specialist interest in our conditions.

Its the same with Endos, we are sent to general ones who again in my expereince have no interest in thyroid conditions, yet an endo who specialises in thyroid would have more knowledge of how this disease impacts on othe organs.

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  • hi there Yorkshire girl, your last paragraph actually puts the exact problem that all to many have in that --- a specialist HAS TO SPECIALISE WITH YOUR PROBLEM/CONDITION to be able to treat it to the OPTIMUM effect..... and not as many find that the 'specialist ' that is treating them hasn't got a clue about specific areas and then , if they actually want to , will refer to another for advise ---- but all to often they will just go by the refered method within the faulty advise books without any other reference to other advanced experts in that particular field ....sorry for the rant , but this kind of situation occurs far to much ==== even on this site alone ====....alan x

  • Thanks do we change this,, its unfair at the very least and unacceptable, you might get a poor mand diagnosis of fibromyalgia only to shut you up.

  • this exactly my view , I have found that firstly you have to have a VERY GOOD GP that is sympathetic to YOUR ailments ....and if he/she is not 'aue-fait ' they will refer to a higher experienced knowledgeable professional for THEIR ADVISE ........ the problem is actually finding THAT gp ...... I/we are extremely lucky that we have one of [ what I consider to be ] the BEST ......I actually spoke directly with him yesterday with regard to a neighbour -- who is with another doctor within HIS practice , and he has already resolved the issue [ after all as the main gp - in charge of the trust fund and care of ALL patients within his centre he has the ultimate sanctions ] ....the lady has received absolute cr+p from her gp [ she is getting on for 90yrs] for far to long .......we can all get there , its just a matter of how WE get there ......alan xx

  • can i come and live in your area....

  • only if you fancy living in ' CORNED BEEF CITY '.!!!!!!....alan xx

  • Alan i dont know what that is, maybe i should...tell me

  • that is something that I can keep you ' hanging on for ' .....[ lots of yuks ] .... alan xx

  • Is it a sandwich

  • NO , it is a place where I live ...... keep yer little grey cells working !!!!

  • You really have got me thinking...what would a place and corned beef have in common?

  • at the very least its got yer little grey cells working .....which cant be a bad thing .... and best it could give you something to look forward to !!!!!!.......I can be a likkal monster at times ..........just think about it ?.....alan x

  • Try google!

  • wont give you the correct answer !!

  • As an article in TED magazine written many years ago said:-

    The only qualifications for consultants who should be allowed to treat conditions like thyroid would be those who actually suffer the condition themselves.......that of course is impossible since no thyroid patient even the most well treated ones would ever have the energy /stamina to get through 7 years of medical training or the years of being a houseman

  • I like that..if they can get through 7 years of training then they dont have what we have. Im thinking of going to the butchers for a port pie, im like a snail getting ready and can barley put one foot infront of the other.

  • Maybe we should set up a volunteers advocasy service to go to appointments with fellow members. The knowledge on here is second to none and sometimes when going to your gp or specialist you need someone who is less emotional to look objectively and challenge opinions and decisions. I for one would be happy to support someone in my local area...what do you think...

  • That is a fab idea!!

  • what a superb idea ..... and I totally agree with your comments about the knowledge of the good people on here ----- as well as the empathy ---- which in many times is MORE IMPORTANT THAT THE ACTUAL TREATMENT ----....alan x

  • Yes, and it's so hard not to get emotional and that just convinces them even more that you are menopausal and depressed!!

  • i know for one iv needed that support from someone else.

  • Well on Friday I might need someone to stop me whacking my endo over the head!!! I'm a bit angry with him, but I tend to cry when I'm angry too :-\

  • EXACTLY HARRY , BUT THERE IS A MASIVE MILE OF DISTANCE BETWEEN ' EMOTIONAL ' AND THYROID PROBLEMS THAT CAN AND DO OVERLAP AND MIMIC THE SAME THING , TOGETHER WITH THE OLD ONE OF ' DEPRESSION ' -----MY VIEW IS THAT IS A TOTAL COP OUT ...because they havnt got the knowledge to treat the patient correctly and need to pass on to another to get off the case .....alan x

  • I have suffered from really bad bouts of depression in the past, but I know the root cause of those and have addressed it. My thyroid symptoms are mostly physical, although I have the brain fog, memory problems etc. So I am confident I can say that I am not depressed now, just hugely frustrated and annoyed! But it's enough to make you depressed. I think maybe because I have been through so much therapy, I can really tell now that I am not depressed. If that makes sense???

  • That was me yesterday.... everyday we see it on here, we are all trotting off to appointments and little apprehensive with a little hopw that maybe just maybe this time we will be listened to. And then back home, we log on here and tell our woos, we cry, we get angry, we despair and then we go buy a bar of chocolate or a porl pie or whatever makes us feel good. Then we wait for the next appointment and this time we wil make them listen, but guess what we end up buying the chocolate and pork pie. Iv actually just bought 9, im freezing them because i know i will need them.

  • I'm going to self medicate anyway, my NDT is waiting! But I just need to get my synacthen test and this appt out of the way. But I'm not putting up with him sending false information to my GP, which is what he has done! Enjoy the pork pies, yum. :-)

  • Snap. When i went to see my endo i said i was over medicated and was having palps, sweating ect. The endo said no reduction in my meds for at least 3 months. I said ok i will reduce myself. I contacted my GP who agreed that a reduction was a good idea. The palps have almost gone.

    At my doctors appointment yesterday theyhad a letter from the endo saying that she had reduced my meds to 75mg due to sweating and weight loss..i didnt know id lost any weight.

  • hi there Y.K.G. , just remember that the porky pies can be good for you ----AND ENJOYABLE ---- so long as you love the flavour .....alan xx

  • I do..lots of jelly and i like the crust better than the meat.

  • never ever forget .... THAT A LITTLE OF WHAT YOU FANCY can do you some good if nothing else !!!!!!!

  • alot at the moment

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