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I am from the UK and currently living in Australia for a year. My chiropractor has suggested (from how tired I've been and noticing changes in my hair) that I may have thyroid problems, but I am having trouble finding a GP who will take my concerns seriously.

Off the top of my head symptoms I am experiencing are:

- Fatigue

- Brainfog

- Hair loss

- Change in hair texture and hair breaking

- Swollen and painful lymph nodes

- Headaches

- Joint pain

- Dry skin (Especially face, scalp, legs and heels)

- Changes in my menstrual cycle

My GP carried out some blood tests and they only things that were low were Ferritin (11) and Vitamin D (36). I am now taking supplements to boost these. My TSH level was 1.1. The Doctor said they will not do further thyroid tests and she is satisfied that my thyroid is not a problem. They are now testing me for glandular fever due to the swollen lymph glands.

Short history - I'm 29 and sufferered from ME/Chronic Fatigue syndrome from 1996-2005 but have probably never been 100% since. Doctors seem to just put everything down to this being part of my medical history. I have been concerned abut my health again for over a year but the symptoms above have increased over the past 6-8 weeks.

I am at a loss where to go from here... I worry I sound like I am wishing myself ill, which is not the case but I know my own body and I know when something is not right. From my symptoms, and the reading I have done, thyroid problems seem like the obvious solution. My chiro recommended Metagenics Thyrobalance but I am reluctant to just start treating something that may not be the cause of the symptoms.

Does anyone have any advice?

Thank you.

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Hi there,

Sometimes CFS/ME is diagnosed instead of thryoid issues. You need to be proactive and keep a diary of symptoms, take your temperature every morning on waking before you actually move about too much - this is your basal temp, I used a digital thermometer under the tongue and kept a record over a few weeks. Usually temps around 35 - 36.2 are an indicator of low body temp a usual symptom of underactive and possibly you may have cold hands and feet?

Certainly those symptoms you have put are usual inidicators and you may want to have a look at the lists of symptoms and see if you can remember or identify with others.

You can also get private blood tests doen through Geneva or Lab21 - a full thyroid spectrum which the NHS will not do if your TSH is within range. I think you pay about £50 and if your GP is not prepared to draw bloods for you then the labs will give you a list of phlegbotomists.

Also you may well have glandular fever - and if not you have at least got one thing eliminated and you can then insist your GP keeps helping you to find out what is making you feel so unwell. Most of us have felt like hypochondriacs whilst trying to sort out what is going on. If the thyroid is not working or converting t4 to the active t3 hormone then you can have all sorts of symptoms - a list as long as your arm, but please don't give up.



Thanks! I have been doing some more thinking and reading and here are some more symptoms I have -

- Swollen ankles

- White hairs


- Tearfulness

- Apathy

- Fast pulse (I think the symptom is usually slow(?) but mine is always 80/90 and used to be 128)

- Nausea

- Acid Reflux

- Dizziness

- Vision problems

- Eyelid twitching

- Permanently cold bum (A reflexologist once told me this was not possible as it is almost in the centre of my circulatio but it is...!)

- Breaking fingernails

- Constant aches and pains in muscles and joints

The more I read the more convinced I am that thyroid is the answer to this 14 year old problem.

Today they agreed to test my T3 and T4 (though I think I am going to have to pay). Are these tests enough to give me a definite answer?



It is quite possible to have a 'normal' TSH and very abnormal thyroid hormone levels. You T3 & T4 tests should at least be a good idnicator of whether you are suffering hypothyroid symptoms due to insufficient thyroid hormone - or some other reason.

In my view your are right to be wary of Metagenics Thyrobalance - in fact from their lack of information on their web site, I would never take it.

All the best



I just got my results back

Free T4 is 14.3 and Free T3 is 4.9. Does this now rule out thyroid problems as the cause of my symptoms? It seemed to make so much sense.


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