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Help with recent blood test results!

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Hi all, I am not really new to this forum as I have a daughter with Hashimotos and read it daily. I am fit and active 78 year old and have been having symptoms for around two years with night sweats at the same time in the early hours of the morning. Also light headed and fatigue but very random, not every day. I have recently had a heart scan and my doctor has diagnosed Angina as I have suffered with breathlessness, again which has been random (I really wonder if it even is angina). My daughter has been suggesting that some of these symptoms could be hypothyroidism. I have just requested a copy of my bloods from seven weeks ago, and today have had repeat bloods. My doctor has never even suggested there is anything untoward with my thyroid and I would be grateful if any of you knowledgeable people could advise on what to say to my doctor

TSH 7.5 (0.4-5.5)

T4 13.0 (11-26) no t3 test

B12 504 (190-910)

Ferritin 100 (10-291)

Folate 3.5 (3.9-26.8)

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You say that your TSH is too high and is outside the range considered normal. That your FT4 is low in range. The two results combined plus your symptoms suggest that you are needing an increase in thyroid hormones.If the doctor says that FT4 at 13 is normal point out that if the result had been any number between 11 and 26 the result would be considered normal too. Because of your symptoms 13 is not normal for you.

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Woodie42 in reply to Lalatoot

Thank you lalatoot I think I just needed some confirmation that it could be hypothyroidism so i am armed with ammunition when i see my doctor. Thank you for taking the time to reply !

If you haven't already seen it .. take a look at this... 7 is not normal for TSH, no matter what age you are....

Presumably your repeat blood test today was to check if TSH is still over range.. and if it is still over- range, and you have symptoms of hypothyroidism , then according to current NHS guidelines, they could consider starting you on levothroxine.

...even if your fT4 is still in range.

However due to your age they might be less willing to try Levo than if you were younger.

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Woodie42 in reply to tattybogle

Hi tattybogle, yes I'm presuming the repeat bloods are to check tsh again but they never tell you anything! Nothing has been mentioned at all by my doctor regarding thyroid. He has only suggested angina with the breathlessness. That's very interesting to hear that because of my age the doctor will be less willing to treat my thyroid! I will have to fight my corner by the sound of it. Thank you for the links and reply.

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tattybogle in reply to Woodie42

They are taught to be frightened of heart issues if TSH goes low when treating with Levo , (which is not necessarily true ) so i think they would rather just leave older patient's thyroid levels alone if they can help it. ( i was started on Levo with TSH 6.8 and fT4 in range , however i was 35. but i felt dreadful with TSH 6.8 )

In case it's any use .. you could look at this .. i can't remember exactly what's in it, but it did have good information about thyroid and cardio issues, so might have more info than your GP does... it is from the GP's PULSE magazine. so it is sort of 'official'

The recommended starting dose of Levo is lower if you are over 65 or have heart issues, they are told to start with 25mcg rather than the 50mcg for younger people, so it's not so much that its' difficult to get treated if you are older , but rather that it is difficult to get them to give you enough.

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Woodie42 in reply to tattybogle

Ah ok.. I see! I have had a heart scan which showed nothing, it's just my doctor presuming I have angina and I am now convinced it's nothing to do with my heart. But yes I know what you are saying about doctors being reluctant to give a higher dose, thank you again for the links

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nellie237 in reply to Woodie42

Hello Woodie42, Has your GP prescribed, or suggested that you supplement Folate on those results?

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Woodie42 in reply to nellie237

Hi nellie237, no he hasn't suggested anything!!

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nellie237 in reply to Woodie42

I suggest that you ask about this when you next speak to your Doctor, although it may be that he will raise it. 😊

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Woodie42 in reply to nellie237

Yes l will Thankyou

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Naomi8 in reply to Woodie42

A test for vitamin D would also be a good idea.

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Woodie42 in reply to Naomi8

Thankyou Naomi I will look into that

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