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High ferritin level and skin problems


After my RAI treatment in January by March I started to become hypo. My scalp looked like a salt lake, white and crusty and very itchy. I mentioned it to my endo but as soon as I used the word lumpy he cut me off, nothing new there. Since then I’ve developed itchy, crusty spots and rashes . Having paid for a private blood test it shows my TSH 9.13 and ferritin 300, both well over range, the GP is insisting on a new test for the ferritin.

I’ve just seen a dermatologist who, miracle of miracles, has diagnosed psoriasis and agrees it’s probably due to the thyroid. Having done some research myself it appears high TSH can cause high ferritin which in turn can affect the immune system. Now it remains to be seen what the endo, sorry specialist nurse, and the GP make of all this and what they will do to help.

p.s. last year when I was hyper I had milder skin issues which were incorrectly diagnosed as dermatitis according to the dermatologist.

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Ferritin can be a biomarker for inflammation. So high ferritin can mean you have a lot of inflammation.

I would suggest to have your liver checked due to the high ferritin levels.

Hi Roulette26,

I had awful scalp problems as you describe, since my teens and was given strong seaweedy looking liquid from my doctor. I am not sure exactly what it was. However, I have not been to the doctor for some years since I started using coconut oil. I buy the cheap sort rather than highly refined. I massage it into my scalp and leave it overnight - shampoo next morning - and the problem has gone away.

I also have had low ferritin levels which I keep a check on.

I hope that helps and you find what works for you.

I have precisely the same scalp problem of crusty salt lake feel and appearance, and the GP, over the telephone of course, says it poriasis, but no creams cure it.

I can get some relief by using apple cider vinegar but its not a cure. I'm on 100 g for thyroid and have no other problems.

Any clues or advice as to what I can do welcome, especially as you have access to a dermatologist, thankyou .

What is ferritin please?

Roulette26 in reply to bognorr

Hi Bognorr,

I’ve just started my voyage with hypothyroidism and psoriasis and thank my lucky stars I found thyroid Uk, I was so frustrated before.

Ferritin is an indicator of how much iron you have in your body. A strong recommendation from the forum is to test for various vitamins and minerals, B12, Vit D, Ferritin and I think magnesium, apparently the thyroid can affect your levels. My endo refused, no surprise, so I did a private test through Medicheck, they send you a kit which is easy to use. I posted all my results for comments, the feedback was extremely helpful. My GP wouldn’t accept them but on the strength of the raised ferritin he’s doing an independent check. Have you got your recent thyroid blood tests available? Try posting and see what the other members say.

Regarding the psoriasis, apart from my head, which is incredibly itchy as well, I’ve patches in different areas of my body. Yes it’s incurable, bummer, but there are many treatments out there to help relieve the symptoms. I’ve been given various creams and ointments as a starter. As I’ve only just started using them I can’t say how effective they will be. Perhaps you should try requesting an appointment with a dermatologist, I’m reluctant to say what he’s given me for my scalp as it’s prescription only and a strong steroid.

Good luck

Check out the video concerning psoriasis from guys and st Thomas hospital. I also use coconut oil, which I leave on overnight, to help soften the scabs.

yes I get a terribly itchy flakey scalp when my thyroid is low. I mix a dandruf shampoo in my normal shampoo.

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