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Tattooed eyebrows?


Has anyone tried having eyebrows tattooed? My eyebrows disappear in the middle...been on thyroxine for years!!

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I just buy brow definition brushes..sort of like mascara..and use that. Would hate to get the wrong brows tattooed on and look as if I was permanently surprised!

Hi Lalatoot...Thanks for your help...Have you found any particular brow definition brushes better than others? I'm using Max Factor Brow revival Densifying brow mascara...but no good for the missing brows!!

What do you dip it in? Sorry I do sound a twit!!

I use HD Brows product which is like a mascara brush and works the same way. It takes what little I have and makes it larger and better definition.

Thank you for your help...I'll certainly try that!!

Sleep well 😴

I haven't, (I have no eyebrows at all, I decided to pluck out the one or too individual hairs that appeared scruffily at times) but I have a freind who lost her hair, eyelashes &brows with alopecia (spelling?) And she has her eyebrows tattoed. It only lasts 3 months max I think, but don't quote me on that. Hers are great, but I am scared of having them done and they turn out too dark.

My hair is snow white and I can't find an eyebrow pencil of any kind to go with my hair which I liked! I could never think of putting up with wrong coloured tattoed eyebrows for 3 months I would want to commit hari kari!!

Vain creature that I am.

Isn't it a pest!! We could do with a transplant rather than a tattoo really..but...thought I'd try Lalatoots suggestion the HDbrows...& then maybe follow Hazeldale & look for a good, experienced person...pity there aren't any that specialize in 'medical' type tats!

I thought s tattoo lasted s lifetime...your friend 3 months sounds like an expensive route to go down...but if she looks good...well!

Would a grey pencil be good for you? You'll have to look at models etc who have white hair to see how their eyebrows are.

Thanks again for your help.🤗

I have tried grey pencils, thay all seem to look blue, or have a blueish tinge to them.

Browns tend to have too much red in them somehow.

Mushroom type colours tend to look pink as well.

I think that as we age - and I have gone from really dark hair to white which I do like - our skin tones change too. One reason I think, why the blue black colours look too much on oldies with white hair.

So I think that I am best doing without eyebrows I. I am not a fan of really strong brows either. Basically I am scared of going OTT!

Yes my freind's eyebrows cost her a lot of money, and I have to say, they have a blue tinge too.

I have tried that too. If you have physical 'hair' where you should have eyebrows I think they would look fine, but I have nothing to brush, or comb, or to add mascara like products to.

Tried brushing the back of my hand - more hair there than where my eyebrows should be! But it looked a bit clumpy and where there was no hair the mascara absolutely just made a mess!

And there are no light coloured mascaras that I have found. I will continue to have bald brows I think, good job that I wear glasses!!

Yes..go for big frames!

That's what I've got. I kept asking at the opticians whether they had large frames, it took them a while to get them in!

Yes I have. When I look back at old photos I can't believe the difference. You need to go to someone reputable.

Hi Hazel dale...that's good to know, thank you.

I will try Lalatoots suggestion first HDbrows & see if that does the trick..🤗

BrynGlas in reply to Hazeldale

How often do younhave to have yours done Hazeldale?

Hazeldale in reply to BrynGlas

I got them done in December. Went back 4 weeks later for review and top up then was due a top up during Lockdown so have to wait. She checks the shape, colour etc before starting. The company are actually an Aesthetics company. My work colleague got hers done there first and I loved them so made a 60 mile round trip to the same girl.

BrynGlas in reply to Hazeldale

Where are they Hazeldale? Too far from North Wales I'm sure, and I have just seen £295 mentioned on a google search! Ouch, can't afford that. I need my strimmer more at the moment anyway. ;-)

Hazeldale in reply to BrynGlas

Yes they are in Scotland. Lanarksire Aesthetics. Think I was £210 which covers the 6 month top up I think. Repeat appointments are cheaper. Not sure if I will keep it up to be honest when I think of how many eyebrow pencils I can buy for that lol. But my eyebrows were almost non existent before. Wish I could share a photo but don't think I can

I tattooed mine and I am very pleased with the result. However research the person first, and make sure that they do beauty tattooing.

We're yours tattoos or microblading? Is a tattoo cheaper?🤗

What the..... is microblading, I am getting frightened at the thought of that! LoL

When you go for tattoos do they sort of draw them in first so that you have an idea how they will look?

BrynGlas in reply to Bpers

How often do you have to have yours done Bpers ?

I bit the bullet before my daughter’s wedding last January - absolutely the best decision! They look totally natural and make such a difference to my face. Highly recommend looking into it. Forget everything else!

BrynGlas in reply to Dogknox

Dogknox, did they draw yours in first to show you what it would look like? And do you have to go every so often to have them done again? I know my freind has to go every 3 months, just asked earlier.

Dogknox in reply to BrynGlas

It’s called microblading and they do draw them first. Even then it’s scary - I’m in my sixties and definitely did not want the beetle brows the young favour. The woman doing it assured me they would look fine, and they do. I was meant to go back a few weeks later but we were ill, and then lockdown! They look good though and I will top up once we’re able to go about again. Pencilling never looks realistic - these really do!! Good luck.

BrynGlas in reply to Dogknox

I'm 68 next month too and I agree about the latest squared off heavy brows. I definately would not want those. It has been so long since I had eyebrows that I could not take the heavies. My problem would be what on earth colour could I have!

But as I said, a strimmer first I think! LoL Very feminine aren't I?

Microblading...I decided to have it done 2 years ago as my eyebrow were disappearing. I cannot recommend it highly enough. An expensive outlay but it lasts a year, looks amazing and you can forget about them!

Ellie-Louise in reply to mrtodd

What exactly is that? I’ve seen it advertised but have no idea what it is.

BrynGlas in reply to mrtodd

What is the difference between microblading and tattooing then? A year isn't so bad is it? I will have to google it and see what it is and how much it is!

I was going to buy a new 4 stroke Strimmer (electric start because my hands don't work too well these days?) Might try microblading instead!

It sounds like something you do on ice and I know I would fall over, I just know it!

Had mine done over two years ago and they are really well worth the investment. No sign of them disappearing. I had no eyebrows at all.

That's amazing...I've got the first third of each brow.

Thanks for your help🤗

That's where I am at the moment... no eyebrows at all

I had microblading on my eyebrows and I am thrilled to bits with the result. Now have a top up once a year as they do fade over time. Cost is £150.00 each time. I wake up in the morning and I have eyebrows. Do your research as some are very expensive and not that good.

BrynGlas in reply to Tyna20

Yes just seen some for double that. I don't think that there is anywhere near me where it is done anyway.

You can get a brow growing product (RapidBrow?) and indeed an eyelash one , I wonder if that would work on the bare patch. The only downside is you have to keep it up.

Also I would go around a large department store and ask the specialist beauty brands sales staff of each brand to try to draw them in and see what you think, saves buying the wrong colours? They are quite expert. When they open!

Good luck.

Thanks Marymary7...I've made a note of your suggestion 🤗

BrynGlas in reply to Marymary7

I have done thst Marymary7. Itcdidn't look too bad, but couldn't do them myself anyway, but I hated the colour. I want white eyebrows to go with my white hair!

Marymary7 in reply to BrynGlas

Could have blond brows, that colour would look nice. 🤗

Hi BrynGlas

Someone suggested the website: benefit just been on it & it's can face the camera & try different shapes if eyebrows & different colours...there is a very pale one that might be suitable for you...why don't you go on line & try's good's amazing what technology can do!!🤗

My daughter had hers microbladed which was about £350 they haven't really lasted very long and have now faded so she now uses a tattoo gel eyebrow tint. I have been using this as well and I am quite pleased with the result. However if you have no eyebrows at all microblading looks very natural.

Thanks...This is a new one for me...I'm writing down all the suggestions.🤗

We need a Group for teaching ' Eyebrow drawing', that's what we need.

Definitely 🤗

BrynGlas in reply to Lora7again

Oo er Mrs, that is a a third of my monthly income. That will wait a while I think.

I have tried one of those pens that have 3 very thin plastic sort of 'blades' which make 3 very thin lines & with practice I think I could learn to use those.

They were Maybelline I think, I have only ever seen them in either black or brown. I tried the brown for obvious reasons, the pen holds some type of gel and it does stay where you put it I must say. I tried it on the back of my hand and when I had cleaned it off there was a red pigment left behind on my skin. But that was ok, it wouldn't have been a problem, but the brown had a very red tinge to it and stuck out on my pale face and white hair like a sore thumb! :-) So I keep trying to remember to look for much paler colours, trouble is I haven't remembered yet!

I bet there are alternatives to Maybelline these days too, just getting around to it is another story.

I also saw a stack of Avon catalogues when I was in a post office in Stoke a couple of months ago. I was curious and took one to have a look. Haven't seen an Avon catalogue for years, it passed half an hour away.

But, inside I found some eyebrow stencils a pkt of 3 or 4 different shaped eyebrow stencils which were just clear plastic . I bought a couple of them and keep meaning to try them with one of my eyeshadows or pencils or whatever. Just got to get my strimming done first girls!

I'm worried that they could 'run' if you were hot...or if you touched near them??!!🤗

vocalEK in reply to Lora7again

That's a lot of dollars. Here is what I found for U.S.

The cost of microblanding eyebrows is pricey—most studios charge between $700 and $800 per treatment (but our deals can bring costs down to about $199). Luckily, it's worth the price tag.May 17, 2019

Plus Up to 6% Cash Back

How Microblading Gave One Customer Great Brows - Groupon

I have had microblading done.

It is well worth the money.

Have recently had mine topped up after 2 year.

I us Brow Envy here in the UK.

Thank you Caroline59... I've made a note 🤗

Look into microblading. It’s Semi permanent, not the same as having the brow tattooed as this is done with a machine whereas microblading is done with a hand tool ( blade) so you will need an annual top up but a good practitioner can do individual hair stokes to fill in any gaps and create a fuller brow . It’s not for everyone , ie if you have very oily skin it’s not for you , ask to see examples of their work , many work with recovered cancer patients , people with alopecia etc and can create something from no hair , but you really need to do your research, if they are are charging £100/150 I’d question how good they are , most will charge around £250 / £300 then around £150 for a yearly top up.

Thanks 1880emma. I wouldn't have thought to ask to see samples of their work🤗

Most will be happy to show you some clients in person

I live in the North east and found an amazing lady who does microblading , so worth it , top up every year but has changed my life .

A friend fell and needed stitches in the middle of her eyebrow. She used a Benefit pencil to cover up the shaved bit (once she'd taken out the stitches) until it grew back. It looked quite natural.

Thanks Babette...I've noted it down as I haven't heard of Benefit pencil🤗

It was one of these she had:

They usually have counters in Boots, Debenhams, John Lewis (I think), etc and the ladies at the counters always seem eager to do makeovers.

Thank you so much Babette...this website is just amazing...I was able to try out different brow shapes and colours...I will definitely go to Boots (or where ever the stockist is locally) after C19!!

Just amazing! Thank you SO much!!🤗

I had mine microbladed & really pleased with the results. Jo x

Hi, I got microblading done nearly 3 years ago. I get a top up once a year as the colour fades slightly. I think microblading looks more natural than tattooed but they are both something you need to top up every year.

Yes I have, the practitioner advised me that sometimes the pigment does not take properly due to the underactive thyroid. That said it took fine. I went to someone who had done 'older ladies' brows to avoid that 'two slugs parking on my face look'. They colour match to your own hair in the brow. I do like the outcome but would have gone another 1 to 2 shades lighter but that's my preference. I was given alcohol wipes and vaseline for the aftercare. I was informed it needed topped up every 6 months but I left it to fade it a bit more, been over a year now. I was warned they are permanent so never go away (need lasered off if do not like - very expensive). A good practitioner should stencil on before the permanent to let you see what it looks like and permit changes. Only do what you like - a practitioner won't be wearing them. All that said, I don't regret it. The pigment will 'bleed' a little over time which can be seen looking very close up. This is why they 'top up' to get sharp individual hair definition. Look at lots of before and after photos to help you decide and remember it will slightly fade/pigment 'bleed'. Good luck deciding, it took me ages.

Thyroid17 in reply to Thyroid17

'Microbladed' I should have pointed out.

Thank you Thyroid 17...If I do this route I will certainly as for a stencil first...I didn't realise you could do will lessen the panic🥴!

Love your ' 2 slugs parking on your face',😆Id not heard that one before.


My brown hair is going through the process of going grey. I'd hate to get any permanent or semi-permanent tattoo done and then find out it was the wrong colour and didn't match the rest of my eyebrow hair.

I had microblading almost a year ago. It has been fabulous. I no longer have to spend ages each day trying to make my eyebrows look reasonable - nor do I have problems choosing the right colour pencil anymore.

Tattooing did not work which is why they were microbladed.

For me it works well

Thank you Fifteen...Very,very helpful!!I hadn't heard of microblading to I queried having a tattoo for my missing eyebrow sections.🤗

Yes, twice, and they looked good for a couple of weeks until they flaked off. Just left with a very faint mark. I don't know if microblading is any different to what I had done, or if it would work better for me or not. Wish I could have if done to last a year as I have none to speak of.

Thanks QandA... microblading seems to be quite successful according to the other replies. But make sure to ask for a stencil first🤗

Yes, definitely! It took me a while to work up the courage for the tattoo procedure, but I thought, well, it could hardly end up looking worse than the eyebrow pencil does :)

They have this new thing called micro blading that is a tattoo, actually knew a girl who did this and wow it looked so real ... If my memory serves me right she needed to freshen it up every 6 months.

I use a product by Maybelline called Tatoo Studio. You kind if paint it on with a wand, then brush out what you just painted on. I have no wings on my brows and this works really well for me. I have to use a feather like touch for best results and it took some practice to get the hang of it but well worth it I think.

Hi, Diydoctor23

Thanks for your help... I've made a note of your suggestion & will have a look!+🤗

Me personally have tried various products but nothing comes close to Microblading, changed my life so happy with my eyebrows. Would throughly recommend but you need to make sure you find a highly skilled person to do this.

Hi Janaains

Thank you for your info....microblading does seem to be the answer...but will look at some of the other suggestions, that Ive not tried yet before the microblading route... especially during Covid19.🤗

Just read these responses. I, too, had tattooing that did not work. Evidently this can happen. I was advised that microblading should work. She did this and, after the first two weeks with extremely dark eyebrows, they settled down. That was 9 months ago and they are still great- so, if tattooing does not work, try microblading.

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