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Severe abdominal bloating


Hi. First time poster here and looking for help. In October last year I had the worst abdominal bloating ever. No pain. It was there all day but increased after meals. I’m very slim so it’s really noticeable and really depressing me. My GP checked my bloods to rule out ovarian cancer and found the following-

Negative for ovarian cancer

TSH=69, free T4=7.2. So he started me on levothyroxine 100mcg daily.

My bloating didn’t resolve after a few months treatment so I had an endoscopy which showed mild gastritis (I’ve started Omeprazole for this and will take for two months only) negative for HPylori and I am waiting on the results of a stomach biopsy for coeliac. Should be available at the end of March.

I also had an abdominal and pelvic CT scan which was essentially normal.

My bloating is still so bad. I’ve tried laxatives which don’t really help as I’m not constipated, peppermint oil capsules, digestive enzymes which contain betaine HCl and I’ve also gone gluten and lactose free. Nothing has helped much.

My most recent thyroid function tests are as follows-

TSH=1.23 T4=18 free T3=3.5. I didn’t take my levothyroxine the morning of the test and it was at 9am and I fasted. I also stopped my vitamins containing biotene for a week before my test.I have now switched to Teva levothyroxine which are lactose free.

I’m not sure where I go from here.

Can anyone advise what else it might be and how I can resolve this? It’s really uncomfortable and gets me down as my clothes are so tight around the waist. I’m actually losing weight as it’s so uncomfortable to eat as I feel like I have a big brick in my stomach. I can’t afford to lose weight as I’m quite skinny as it is. Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum

Have you had vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 tested?

What about TPO and TG thyroid antibodies, have these been tested?

Can you add the ranges on Ft4 and Ft3 results (the figures in brackets after each result)

Hi thanks. So I haven’t had vit D levels checked but I supplement with vit D 4000 units daily so I going to presume they will be normal. I’ve not had folate or ferritin checked but my other haematology bloods are essentially normal Hb=137 (122-165). I’ve also not had antibodies checked as someone had advised me there was no point as my TSH was so high when diagnosed it would definitely be due to an autoimmune cause.

My Vit B12 is 854 (197-771) so high.

The reference ranges for my TFTs are

TSH 0.27-4.2

Free T4 10.0- 22.0

Free T3 3.1-6.8

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Very very poor conversion

Ft4 is 66%through range

So you have room to increase levothyroxine dose

Ft3 only 10% through range, so very poor conversion

suggest you test vitamin D here

And get folate tested via GP or privately

plus good idea to confirm antibodies

Low Ft3 will likely be affecting stomach function

Are you still absolutely strictly gluten free?

Literally thousands of posts on here about low stomach acid

How to test stomach acid


Ppi can lower vitamins

Thank you so much! That’s hugely helpful. Yes I agree I have scope to increase my levothyroxine dose but I wonder if my GP will agree. When I phoned for my results today the receptionist said they were ‘normal’ so I presume my GP will think the same. Can you link any articles or papers that suggest treating to a lower TSH and higher T3? I could take these along to my GP appointment.

I’ll have a good read over all the articles over the weekend. Thanks so much for linking.

And I was strictly gluten free for about 4 weeks but it’s been so expensive and restrictive to family life that I have to admit a tiny bit of wheat has been consumed lately. I’ve not touched bread or pasta since my endoscopy though. I kind of felt I should await my coeliac diagnosis before I went strictly gluten free.

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Were you on high gluten rich diet in the 6 weeks before endoscopy?

I don’t eat a lot of gluten anyway in the form of bread and pasta so I wasn’t eating a high gluten diet but I wasn’t avoiding gluten either. I was just eating normally. I stopped eating gluten the day after my endoscopy.

Agreed, going completely gluten free is very expensive and restrictive. Grocery stores don’t even stock such a huge variety of gluten free items where I live, and the available ones are so pricey and usually taste like cardboard.

Any way, eating healthy is generally expensive and that’s unlikely to change any time soon or else pharmaceutical companies and doctors would go broke!

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Is your B12 high because you supplement?

High B12 can be misleading, if not been supplementing

Ferritin needs testing

No I don’t supplement B12

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Then you may have functional B12 deficiency

More in-depth B12 testing - includes folate

Getting ferritin and vitamin D tested too recommended

Oh my goodness, I’ve just checked the magnesium capsules I take each night for sleep and they contain lots of B vitamins including Vit B 12. So yes I do supplement! ZM6 Xtreme

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Is it this one?

You might be better changing to separate magnesium

and good quality daily vitamin B complex

That magnesium has high dose of some B vitamins, but not all of them. There’s no B1 (thiamine) or folate in this

If you are taking vitamin B complex, or any supplements containing biotin, remember to stop these 7 days before any blood tests, as biotin can falsely affect test results

So you would need to stop your current magnesium as it contains biotin

I’ll switch my magnesium and look into those other b vitamins you linked. I stopped my vitamins containing biotene 1 week before my most recent TFT.

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How much levothyroxine are you currently taking?

Do you always get same brand of levothyroxine?

Many people find different brands are not interchangeable

Many people don’t get on with Teva brand

Guidelines on dose by weight is 1.6mcg per kilo of your weight.

I have been on 100mcg of Levothyroxine since I was diagnosed in October. I think I’ve always had the same brand. I switched to Teva today as I’m trying to avoid lactose. I’m 57kg so going by 1.6mcg/kg my current dose is ok.

Low stomach acid has similar symptoms to too much acid. Hypothyroid and low stomach acid are more common. Be careful with the omeprazole. If it is low acid you need apple cider vinegar.

Even if you are not coeliac you may be gluten intolerant which won't show on the test. Going gluten free has helped me immensely.

Once we have the ranges for your results we can comment on them.

I tried apple cider vinegar but it was so revolting I couldn’t continue. Plus I’m kind of reluctant to take more acid when I have gastritis although Inknow there’s hydrochloride acid in my digestive enzymes! Gastritis can cause bloating too so my thinking is omeprazole if taken for a short time may help. Im just so confused I don’t know what the right thing to do is.

I don’t think there is a test for low stomach acid is there? So difficult to diagnose.

If you type low stomach acid into the search box top right of screen you can read the discussion on the topic.

If you mix cider vinegar with apple juice, its drinkable. Mixing with water doesnt work the same way.

Testing for low stomach acid - several links posted by SlowDragon above !

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Just wondering if it’s safe taking cider vinegar when one has gastritis? Surely this will make the gastritis worse? I have this problem and have taken omeprazole for decades because of hiatus hernia and GERDS. I’l love to stop omeprazole but can’t risk getting oesophageal cancer. It’s a catch 22 situation.

Apologies to Wellhellothere 111for hi jacking the post.

I know I’m kind of worried about this too. As someone else said the symptoms of both low and high acid is bloating so hard to know which one to . I think I need to go with the established medical treatment before I attempt alternative treatments

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Other option is slippery elm .... never tried it myself

Others who have might add info

Or put up a post asking for info

I get bloated beyond belief when I have gluten. Half a mug of Galaxy hot chocolate left me bloated for two days ( it contains barley malt).. are you absolutely sure you have eliminated ALL wheat, barley and rye?


Hi. Yes I eat gluten free muesli each morning with lactose free milk, gluten free soup at lunch with GF oatcakes and cheese and a GF dinner with my family each night. I stuck to this religiously for 4 weeks and noticed very little change. As I’m trying to go lactose free and thinking about a low FODMAP diet I’m getting really anxious around food now and I’m worried I might develop an eating disorder as I’m becoming so obsessive so I’ve lightened up a bit in the last few weeks. I’ve had the odd Kit Kat which contains wheat. I’ll wait on my coeliac results.

Well did you notice any bloating after the kit kats.? Going gluten free has to be total, you cant get away with anything at all.

No no more boating than usual after the Kit Kats 😂 I’m bloated all day every day and it gets worse after every meal or drink no matter what I eat or drink. It’s as if my stomach can’t digest any food at all

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Ditto! It's horrendous and debilitating

It’s the same for me. So uncomfortable.

I tried FODMAP a couple of years ago, and discovered that onions,along with other vegetables really affected my IBS. I don’t follow it religiously any more but know which veggies to limit or avoid. It’s worth looking in to, and useful as an elimination diet. Try keeping a food diary to see if there’s any common factors which make your bloating worse.

Hi! Did you read the muesly ingredients? Usually those contains loads of fructose and sugar. Does is contains gf oat? I get symptoms from it too! Try not to eat muesly for some day and see. I really know what you are going through. Dairy products even they are lactose free affect too!

Thanks. Yes my muesli is completely GF but appreciate it’s not low FODMAP due to the fructose etc. I cut out muesli last week and I’ve been having only GF oats for breakfast with lactose free milk and while it’s helped a little I’m still bloated like a balloon 24 hours a day!

Then I would leave oat for now to see what happens. Although it is stated as safe and clean you mght have intolerance. my stomach does not tolerate any gf products for long period. I see the difference in one week. Btw. Did you know that you could have constipation same time even loose stool. I experienced that too and bloated! But this happened when I was hypo.

To test for low stomach acid, you drink a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda, mixed with a small glass of tepid water, first thing in the morning, before you have anything else. (Its revolting) if you burp within 10 seconds or so you have enough stomach acid. If you don't burp for a minute or two, acid is low.... look up symptoms of hypochlohydria and there are better descriptions of the test......

I’ve just done this and had a tiny few burps in the first ten seconds

Ok, so you sound like you have some decent stomach acid..... when people have very low acid they sometimes dont burp at all. That’s good news. So the bloat might be a particular food, or gluten....

Elimination the only way to find out..... :-(.


Maybe your issue isn’t low stomach acid but too much stomach acid. Both too little and too much stomach acid can cause bloating and similar indigestion symptoms. However, with hypothyroidism, the cause of constant bloating is because the food in your stomach is not digesting fully and properly, which means there is partially undigested food rotting away in your stomach and causing trapped gas. That is due to low stomach acid.

Did the digestive enzymes supplement you took containing Betaine HCL also include Pepsin? Sometimes, only taking Betaine HCL without Pepsin doesn’t do much at all. Try looking for supplements that contain both those ingredients and you actually have to keep increasing the dosage until you feel a slight burn in the pit of your stomach, that’s when it means you don’t need to increase your dosage further. Apple Cider Vinegar doesn’t always help but if you hate the taste, you could try ACV capsules.

But, yes, as SlowDragon has pointed out, you are a poor converter of T4 to T3. If, after getting all your vitamin and mineral levels optimal, you are still unable to convert well...then you will likely need to add T3 to your daily T4 dose, which means you’ll have to ask if your doctor will agree to prescribe liothyronine.

Many people ultimately find a way to self medicate if their doctor is unwilling to prescribe T3. Hopefully you won’t need to resort to that and, perhaps, you won’t need T3 at all.

My digestive enzymes contain pepsin too but I’ll maybe try and increase the dose over the next few days to see if these help more

This could well be IBS especially if you have other gut symptoms. What form of magnesium are you taking? Also, seek out any causes of magnesium loss such as poorly controlled diabetes, kidney problems or taking certain diuretics, excess alcohol or caffeine intake, high levels of stress etc.

Insist on another CA125 test

My friend had EXACTLY the same and it WAS Ovarian cancer and didn't show up for months in bloods. Bang down their door for CA125 repeats and get an abdominal CT with contrast. Pay for it.

On the thyroid front your first test looks wrong your TSH was insane but you still had T4. Your new test shows that you are woefully short of T3. Not taking levo the day of the test is pointless, you'd need a week to be free of supplement maybe more.

It's worth asking if they'll try you on T3 but you're doing all the right things and I don't think the brick is thyroid related.

I would pay for a CT asap. The coeliac screening might show something but get that CA125 repeated. Fast.

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Hi sorry but I wouldn’t say those tests were necessarily wrong. I had a TSH of over 100 when I was first diagnosed and a T4 of 6. Same ranges used. It’s possible.

You may have missed this from some of my replies but I’ve recently had a CT of my abdomen and pelvis with contrast and it was all clear thank goodness. Thanks for your concern. It was a scary time while I awaited the results.

Could you possibly have SIBO, small intestine bacterial overgrowth. Check out I experienced bloating and burping for years. I’m now taking a number of herbal supplements and it is helping.

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I just said the same, SIBO diet and herbs have made a huge diet to my health.

I seem to fit the signs of SIBO but this isn’t really recognised by the NHS s as far as I know so not sure how to progress with this

Welcome to the group here!! ♥ This is gonna sound perhaps over simplistic.. but what I use for gas and bloating is good ol fashioned baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon in a 4 oz glass of water.. I use luke warm..and slam it.. it will have you belching.. and oh no say it ain't so perhaps even farting but it will relieve the gas.. I have barrett's esophagus and a sliding hiatal hernia, in addition to being congenital hypothyroid (born without a thyroid gland) I have had gas my whole life.. baking soda is natural, none of those chemicals that come in say gas x or stool softeners... depending on your age the max does is usually depending on effectiveness twice a day, 1/2 teaspoon in 4 oz of water.. if your older or have hypertension I would suggest not more than once a day, as it does tend to elevate the blood pressure a bit... Just a thought... seems to work for me.. I am 5' 1/4 inch and 110 lbs. Hope this helps some!

I just did this this morning and it seemed to help with the gas build up and tight feeling. Was revolting though!

Are you taking any probiotics? I’ve tried everything and the best thing that helped me as making my own kombucha and having a glass every morning... there’s millions of different bacteria in your gut and anyone of them can go out balance for a long time if something upsets it, for instance gluten, or antibiotics... there are good videos on YouTube on how to make it. Hope this may help.

Also just to be on the safe side, can your doctor arrange a CT scan as I read that the ovarian cancer blood test can be unreliable. It’s probably ok but just to be on the safe side.

Hi I take probiotics and I also take milk kefir every day. I’m trying to make my own just now too. I’ve had a CT and it’s normal.

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If trying to be lactose free then look at water based kombucha

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Whoa, kombucha is lovely.... i keep threatening to make my own but never have.

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Shop bought is acidic but not very live else the bottles would explode.

It’s very easy to maintain a culture. There are groups that pass on SCOBYs to people as a new one is produced weekly. Look up kombucha SCOBY share. If there’s nobody near you, you may have to pay postage.

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Kefir grains eat the lactose first so it can be eaten by anyone that doesn’t have extreme lactose intolerance or casein intolerance. There’s also water kefir, but the micro critters aren’t as effective.

I would most certainly check where you’re antibodies are as they DO matter. I was told the same by many quacks, oh it doesn’t matter everyone has them, well it does matter. Everyone has cancer cells in them, doesn’t mean they have cancer. Something has to happen for them to multiply. Something happens when we have too many thyroid antibodies and it’s called Hashimotos disease. The thyroid antibodies start attacking your thyroid and that’s what actually gives you hypothyroidism, whereas some people only have a faulty thyroid and it becomes less functional. If it’s hashimotos you have to find the root cause of the rise of your thyroid antibodies. Could be a good allergy or a past illness. Read izabella Wents book called root cause to hashimotos. That’s the book that taught me a lot and helped me to reduce mine. You CAN put those antibodies in remission. Hope this helps.

hi, I had very similar symptoms - like you, that’s actually how I got diagnosed - I went to the doctor with extreme bloating and feeling full after a salad. I was gaining weight though.You’ve mentioned you’ve been switched to Teva. I’ve been on this from the start, and I have got on well with it, although I have nothing to compare to!

My bloating is so much better now, so perhaps Teva will help. I too had an endoscopy, but nothing abnormal found. I was eventually diagnosed with Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity, IBS and possibly dysmotility.

My TSH is now 0.67 and I feel really good. Unfortunately they didn’t test my T4 at my last appointment but as I feel well I didn’t argue, I’ve got bigger fish to fry at the moment. I still had bad days, still have bloating but it’s really not as bad. Hope you find some answers!

That’s good to know you’re better. Perhaps if I can have an increase to my levothyroxine dose it will help things.

Going gluten free also no malt vinegar or cheap soy sauce

Yep all switched to GF

Have you tried ditching dairy? I have a casein intolerance, not lactose. I felt a lot better after going gluten and dairy free. I also tested high for egg allergies; higher for the whites so I just gave up eggs altogether.

To be honest my head is spinning with everything I should be avoiding in my diet! I’m trying gluten free and lactose free and I’m not finding this combination particularly easy and I’m losing weight that I can ill afford as I’m already too skinny. It’s also not really making any difference to my 9 months pregnant looking tummy.

I know I should also look at low FODMAP but my head can’t take all this in at the moment (brain fog). Yes maybe I should look at dairy free but I’ve had an early menopause at age 43 so I really need all the calcium I can get from my diet so I’m reluctant to cut out whole food groups at the moment.

I think I’ll stick with gluten free and lactose free for another few weeks until my stomach biopsies come back with coeliac results and then if it’s negative I’ll look at other food intolerances. I think my issue is my thyroid levels and once I’m adequately treated I really hope all will resolve.

This is really getting me down but thanks for your help-I appreciate it.

You might have SIBO, I just got diagnosed with it but I paid for private tests.

I’ve been taking microbials and doing a SIBO diet, I feel a million times better.

I have been bloated for years and I am happy to see my stomach looking more normal.

I have had gut issues before thyroid issues. Our gut health is probably the key to most illness.

I’ll need to look into a SIBO diet

If you feel more bloated with probiotic foods and fruit then it’s a big sign you have it

This is rough. SIBO is identified with a methane or hydrogen breath test. Have you had food poisoning that you can recall? If the bacteria gets into the small intestine you try to avoid eating foods that need a lot of digesting so you don't get fermentation in the gut. In fact the main treatment is eating predigested food or similar to what they give people who need tube feeding. I doubt a ppi is helpful in that case.

Have you tried eating more pre & probiotics?

Take a look at Chris Kresser’s website for excellent free advice re gut health.

It sounds very like gastroparesis to me. It seems to be becoming more common. I know someone who has it. Basically the vagus nerve which stimulates the stomach to empty its contents into the intestine doesn’t work properly. So it feels like you have a brick sitting there, you feel full and don’t want to eat. Drinking coke can clear the bezoars ( lumps of undigested food) so worth a try, and she also switched to the opposite of a high fibre diet which has really worked as food isn’t sitting around so long. She eats white bread, white rice, pasta, softer or well cooked veg rather than raw or fibrous ones. Does not take meds for it now

It certainly feels like gastroparesis so I’ll try the coke tip. I don’t/can’t eat any bread or pasta at all but I’ll have a look at the rest of my diet for fibre. Unfortunately most medicines for increasing gut motility can’t be prescribed for long (UK) due to cardiac side effects

I dealt with this for nearly a year. It was my very first indicator that something was terribly wrong. My wellness doctor attributed it to poor T4 to T3 conversion, high reverse T3 (a contributor to poor conversion), high antibodies, and high inflammation in my body. I did have testing to confirm these issues.

The best solution in my case was to eat only anti inflammatory foods which includes the elimination of gluten. I also decided to go from levo only to a levo and T3 combo. If you have high inflammation, poor conversion, high antibodies, high reverse T3, adding T3 is a life saver, as is the anti inflammatory diet.

Eating anti inflammatory foods will benefit anyone even without these issues. I recommend it. But it would be a good idea for you to get more extensive testing so you can find the underlying issue.

I will tell you again... the bloating was my body's first response to poor conversion and high reverse T3, inflammation. I didn't listen. I tried to deal with the bloating only and my body continued to decline, ended up with a whole host of other terrible issues related to the inflammation and poor conversion. Please get some tests done now and address this. Do not go on as you are, your body is telling you right now that something deeper is going on that needs addressed. Good luck to you.

I will do but I suspect my GP may be reluctant to carry these out as my T3 is classes as normal now

I fully understand. My GP was completely against further testing because my T4 and T3 were technically in a "normal" range. I had to see a wellness doctor in order to get the extensive testing and learn how to heal my body. I'm in the US, so I don't know how common wellness doctors, functional medicine doctors are in the UK. If uncommon, maybe you would be able to order some of the testing online? Either way, your type of bloating is the classic first symptom of the conversion issue and reverse T3 issue. I've since spoken to many people who started out with bloating and then progressed into the other conversion issue symptoms. Best of luck to you, I certainly hope you are able to find the cause and solve the issue.

That’s really useful thanks. And no we don’t have any such doctors where I am (Scotland) but I think I’ll order some thyroid blood tests privately and take it from there

I agree with SlowDragon that Low T3 could be the issue. The brain has first call on the T3 circulating followed by the gut/immune system. So when T3 is low in range there is not enough to go around ! A bit like trying to spread a teaspoon of butter on a loaf of bread 😎

I had Gut TB followed by Crohns - then Hashimotos. My VitD tested insufficient whilst living in Greece - no Terminal Ileum so live with the consequences of low B12. Am now T3 only and doing well - also a stack of supplements .. !

Hi, we do actually have functional medicine practitioners in Scotland but I think all are private. They tend to be found under nutritional health. Hope you find an approach that helps you.

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Your Ft3 is anything but’s ridiculously low and likely cause of poor gut function

in reply to ReneeC76

Wow! Your comments is a life saver to me as well!

I'm in the US and, my endocrinologist stopped my T3 meds stating that it was bad for my heart. And, after 1.5 months I got very ill. My face is swollen, my stomach is huge and, my legs hurt.

Just got back my test results and, my inflammation is very high, my T3 is below the range (Dr thinks that's ok) my T4 dropped from 2 months ago but, my TSH is low...therefore she believes everything is fine. I know it's not. I'm switching Drs. At this point and was very worries about the high inflammation but, now based OJ n your story, I realize that it could just be the T3!

So thank you, for helping me and others with your feedback.

I did start taking my T3 again, without her "permission" since I have a bottle left.

Hopefully a new Dr will agree to continue me on T3.

Thank you!


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You're very welcome. It's great to know the comments are helpful. I would never want anyone to go through what I went through. Hopefully you can continue with the t3. If it helps us to feel our best and keep our bodies regulated, then our doctors should be more sympathetic! Best of luck finding a better doctor. It can be a challenge!

If your symptoms could suggest ovarian or another abdominal cancer as a possible diagnosis you should ask for an urgent ultrasound.

If the blood test you had was the CA125 test you should know that a negative result can occur in women with quite advanced ovarian cancer. My late mother-in-law had four negatives on the CA125. Eventually her advanced ovarian cancer was finally discovered when her cancer metastasized. I don't think she ever got a positive result on the CA125, but I could be wrong.

You should read this article :

Good luck.

Hi thanks for replying. I’ve had a CT with contrast of my abdomen and pelvis which looked at my ovaries and it was all clear.

Sounds like parasite infection from what I've been reading up on lately. Did they test comprehensively for parasites when they did the other exploratory tests? Pretty sure a comprehensive stool test (not basic one) is needed to identify parasites. They can cause bloating/weight gain from inflammation, and fat accumulation around the middle due to hormone disruption.

Hi there, just putting my 4 pence worth in. I had really bad bloating and mild gastritis for about 6 months along with lots of other more obvious thyroid symptoms. Personally I think it's part of the thyroid issue, either acid or something else. Omeprezole does help a bit but I got some really nasty side affects, so I advise don't take too much. My bloating just seemed to get better on its own after a few months, I don't eat a strict gluten free diet, just avoid potatoes, rice and pasta. I think if you get your thyroid etc. sorted you might find it just goes away, or only recurs infrequently. It's annoying though.

I feel it’s due to my thyroid too. I’ve been on levothyroxine now for 5 months so I would have expected an improvement. However my TSH was 69 (Range 0.27-4.2) when I was diagnosed so as it was so high I perhaps need to give it more time to work!

Another possibility for your symptoms could be food allergy, which can be difficult to determine. I had similar symptoms, had a colonoscopy, and was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Was put on low FODMAP diet, then gradually introduced various foods and monitored the symptoms. Discovered that tree nuts really bother me, and I am so much better if I avoid them completely. It's not the kind of allergy that shows up on IgG skin tests, ie it's not hives or anaphylactic shock, but rather T cell mediated, more like poison ivy of the gut. I also took a Mediator Release Test, a blood test, which observes how the white cells react to different foods. Foods listed as inflammatory for me were gluten, soy, black and green tea( if I eat just a small amount I'm OK.) Also, no longer being hypothyroid has helped my digestion immensely. Hope this gives you some more ideas.

I hear your pain, and wanting to improve. I was not going to suggest this, since you've got so many suggestions to consider. But after reading legsgran's input, I just wanted to toss out that sometimes the nightshades can cause bloating, gas, etc. Not an allergy, but a sensitivity; tomatoes, white potatoes, peppers, eggplants, goji berries can all cause inflammation to the digestive system. Discovered it the hard way one day after munching on 3 olives stuffed with pimento. Thought I was going to die! Ruled out a heart attack, because I had no respiratory problem, no sweating, etc and the epigastric pain was slowly starting to move down. After loosening the bra, and eventually the waist band, I ended up evacuating both ways..., And then got online to research.

But it was the next day, when my knees swelled up, that I realized what inflammation caused by nightshades was. So just like gluten, nightshades are now eliminated. Surprisingly, I find I don't miss the potatoes etc because I have no pain, no swelling, no wind (gas) and it's wonderful.

But just like with gluten, potato starch is in a lot of prepared foods. I either bake my own bread, or find the few that taste good and are safe.

I keep saying that one day I will talk with a dietician, but not so far.

Good luck. (oh, I take NP Thyroid, btw for Hashimoto's.) And supplements.

Hi I don't often reply but here are some suggestions that might help. Sorry but I was called away.

So here I go again. These arise out of my experience. I noticed that a lot of people with thyroid problems also have allergies. I get bloated if I eat something that I am allergic to. For me these are: any spicy foods, yeasts, (and any foods that contain yeast, e.g. fermented foods such as beer, wine, soy souse), mushrooms, pork, cheese, milk.

These sometimes also give me heart burn as well. Also mouldy air such as gardening, due to breathing in mould spores. The spores can grow in the gut and cause bloating. Yoghurt helps but I cannot eat much of that because I am on a reduced calcium diet. (I have 2 teaspoonfuls in cereal at bed time! )

Now I seemed to be almost free from bloating, but we are all different.

Do you have allergies?

I hope this helps.

i would suggest that maybe you get tested for MTHFR mutation. I had the same problem for a lomg time and once I started the right supplements my bloating went away. I. did also start thyroid medication around the same time so it might be that once your body is optimal on thyroid meds it will go away also. But i would suggest that you get tested and see.

Wow, this reminds me of when I also had a high TSH. Could you categorize the condition as as a rigidity of the whole gut rather than bloating? A gastro doctor gave me a pill called donnatal and poof everything softened up immediately. Thyroid has a lot to do with smooth muscle specifically and your gut is mainly smooth muscle. It was a spasm.

The Vagus nerve idea is also a possibility.

Try looking into a low fodmap diet, really helped my bloating. its basically eliminates fermentable carbs from your diet that sit in your stomach and ferment producing the gas and hence the bloating....... google Fodmaps and have a read one of my biggest triggers is garlic I love garlic but can no longer have it... the first phase is an elimination phase. Then you gradually add in the medium fodmaps and then the higher fodmaps. I would get symptoms very quickly so always knew what foods were a trigger.. gluten grains beans liquid dairy and garlic are my main no no’s

I had all sorts of stomach issues misdiagnosed by my GP & was given all the usual medications for it like yourself, I looked 6 months pregnant & couldn’t sit with arms crossed it was so uncomfortable,eventually I was diagnosed hypo & put on Levo (not because of stomach but private bloods with high anitbodies) no change in stomach problems, I had further private blood tests done & found I wasn’t converting well so started to self medicate with NDT from Thailand (T4 &T3), all stomach issues once dose stabilised disappeared, I hadn’t even realised how good I felt until the GP said it was time to come in for repeat blood tests (18 months later), I was nervous as self medicating & so delayed his blood test while I foolishly weaned myself back off NDT & then back onto his Levo so he wouldn’t know, ALL of my symtoms were back with the stomach issues being the worst, I’ve now done his blood test & gradually starting the slow process of getting myself back to normal again on NDT, I won’t do it again, I’d sooner take the risk that he might dismiss me as a patient.

I am gluten free (with both types of meds)

Hope you get if sorted 🤞

That’s really good to know. Thanks for posting and letting me know of your experience. I really feel all my bloating is due to my thyroid issues. I’m hoping once all my levels are stabilised it will resolve because if not I fear I will have to go down a huge rabbit hole of tests and meds and diets.

Just out of interest how do you get your NDT?

On the internet, you could pm me if you need further info, it is getting harder to get though 😏

Caffeine is also not good for me.

That’s good to know thanks. I’m going to try and get my levothyroxine dose increased. If that doesn’t help I’ll maybe look into NDT in a few months time. Thanks again

I suggest looking Ray Peat - endotoxins. Danny Roddy and Georgi Dinkov colabs on YouTube are also really good.

Briefly, endotoxin is the protective cellular walls of the bacteria that digests the cellulose that we can’t. It causes a lot of health issues, one of which is bloating.

An excess of estrogen (very common) is an irritant to cells, and allows water to be brought into cells, which causes a lot of health issues. Women with high estrogen, indicating low progesterone, will experience bloating around the same time of their menstrual cycle.

Estrogen in the liver interferes with T4-T3 conversation.

Thyroid is needed to convert glucose into carbon dioxide, and carbon dioxide is needed to produce stomach acid. Baking soda helps, because of the carbon dioxide it contains.

Low salt is also a cause of bloating. It is necessary to support the thyroid, and a healthy thyroid is needed to utilise the likes of salt, glucose and magnesium. Salt is also needed to form hydrochloric acid.

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