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T3 trial prescription success!!!


Just had GP appointment and, after scanning PC screen for some time, said "you're prescription was done last night - check with reception when it was sent to chemist". Jaw dropped. Was anticipating a struggle. Am in Scotland. Look forward to starting this on Thursday, once I've got pill cutter and collected tablets.😀

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Brilliant. Do let us know how you get on and any tips. I am seeing endo on Thurs. I have requested t3 trial so will see what she says. Thanks to folks on here I was able to show in black and white that I was not converting well. Fingers crossed for you and your new regime.

notpink in reply to Lalatoot

Thanks for response. Good luck on Thursday....sounds like you're well prepared. Shouldn't be such a precarious, breath holding event - crazy that we feel like this. And dramatically grateful for the tablet we need! x

Lalatoot in reply to notpink

One thing to thank our wee bittie parliament for!

notpink in reply to Lalatoot

Too right.

jgelliss in reply to notpink

Your so right . We shouldn't have to do all sorts of things to prove that we need some T3/NDT . It should be up to the patients what feels right and not some sort of paper . Cellular symptoms should be respected by Dr's over paper .

jgelliss in reply to Lalatoot

Good Luck . Go from Strength to your appointment Thursday .

Lalatoot in reply to jgelliss

Thank you. X

YAAY!!!! Your on your way to in betterments .

Wishing You Much Success .

notpink in reply to jgelliss

Thank you so much for your good wishes. x


Congratulations and I am sure you will begin to feel a lot better and eventually have a 'normal life' i.e. symptom-free.

notpink in reply to shaws

Thanks so much.....it’s certainly a strangely interesting journey!

Congrats NotPink, another swallow comes home to Capistrano. I too collected my NDT from a hospital today which hitherforto has stated that "my" medication is "very unusual", Today THEY HAD IT IN STOCK! Wow, what is happening? Normally I have to wait three days for a more enlightened hospital to send this hospital the pills. So make that half a dozen swallows back at Capistrano. I think common sense is finally trickling through. Keep fighting guys, just tell 'em the truth and how stupid dosing makes us ill while sensible dosing makes us normal again.

What does this mean to me? Well, instead of a 400 mile round trip I only have to drive 300miles round trip - every little bit helps. It means that I can get my pills and return to eat my dinner with a glass of wine instead of getting my pills, returning and collapse into bed unconscious and sleep until dawn. Like I said, every little bit helps.

Brilliant! But that's some journey you still have. As you say every right step in the journey feels like something to celebrate. I went to chemist once prescription sent from GP only to be told it would have to be authorised by the NHS Health Board before they can order it....another nail-biting day, but, approved and now just waiting the 3 working days it takes to obtain it. Enjoy your wine! x

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